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Attorney General Jaundy Martin at his swearing in in September 2017. (iWN photo)
Attorney General Jaundy Martin at his swearing in in September 2017. (iWN photo)
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By Legal Analyst

Dear Mr. Martin,

As you embark on your new appointment as Attorney General and as I vacate my position at a local law firm, I must apprise you of your greatest challenge and the chaos that exist at the Registry Department under the total incompetency of an unremorseful and mercurial Registrar.

Andrea Young is by far the worst Registrar that this country has ever seen. She is inefficient, ineffective and lacks the dedication required for such an important role. Her lack of performance of basic duties and functions has created a voluminous backlog of events that is hurting this country in many ways. Hundreds of complaints have been lodged at the Ministry of Legal Affairs by lawyers and the general public, who cannot have their matters done in an expeditious manner and are pleading for an official intervention.

This situation has obliterated any sense of due process. From incarcerated individuals languishing while appeal processes lie idle to probates and letters of administration stuck in limbo and other matters of judicial importance held in abeyance; rigour mortis has set in at the department.

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In an atmosphere where John Public are charged significant fees and penalties on late payments on liquor licence, income tax, vehicle licenses, land tax, CIPO returns, Customs overtime, warehouse rent, etc. it is unconscionable that the Registrar can have people waiting for simple documents for up to one year.

Instead of an attentive Registrar, we have an attitude of rudeness, foul behaviour, unpleasantness, unapproachability, belligerence, bravado and bombast. Any aspect of securing an appointment or contact through the telephone, email, fax, carrier pigeons or smoke signals are virtually impossible. A situation akin to a Kafkaesque reality.

The time has come to remove this reprobate from the Registry.

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The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

4 replies on “Mr. Attorney General, please remove the Registrar”

  1. Dear Legal Analyst,

    Can you actually name any other government department where there are high levels of competency and efficiency in administration and operation?

    Unfortunately, what is happening at the Registry is symptomatic of the entire public service operations under Ralph’ ULP Government. Incompetence is the order of the day! Square pegs who do not know their a– from their elbow abound in almost every department. They are like clean slates- you simply write anything on them and that becomes policy; they don’t have a clue!!

    This bad minded and evil bunch of vipers called the ULP government is not interested in performance, productivity or professionalism; so long as their party warriors and ninjas are strategically placed in the key departments to do their biddings- Service Commissions, Audit, Hospital, Social Welfare, Labour, Tourism, Health, Education, Police. Just check out the heads of these departments and you’ll get a sense of what I am writing about. Its pathetic!

    Good luck SVG!

  2. It is written. Fret not thyself of evil doers, nor be thou envious of those who prosper in their ways. My grandmother words were – “our dying days will tell on us”. A DAY WILL COME. A visit to a grave yard and ask the question, how long is time?

  3. When people have their own personal grievances and vendettas, it should remain exactly that. Have you ever truly researched to find out why there is such a backlog? Slandering someone’s name for what? So you can get the position? This slavish, hogish,dogish mentalitiy has got to stop!!! STEWPS…move from yah with your waste man article!!!

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