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Two men were shot and killed Thursday night, bringing the homicide count in St. Vincent this year to 37.

Police say that Emery Holder, Mendorra Simmons, and one “Young Money”, were going to the house of Sunil “Ducks” Caine in the Belair-Dauphine area when they were shot by unknown assailants.

Holder and “Young Money” died, while Simmons is a patient at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.


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5 replies on “Two men shot and killed in St. Vincent”

  1. 37 and counting!!!!

    Where do we go from here in SVG?

    Are the latest two among the innocent ones, according to the ULP spokesman, or were they guilty of whatever crime they might have committed and so deserving of their murders???

  2. The wild wild west!
    How many more must die before the authorities make a serious effort
    To stop these weapons from entering the country .
    Time to lock-down block by block and get the guns, tomorrow may be to late!

  3. This area is a tinderbox that should have explored long time ago. There are certain elements in the community that hold the community hostage. Duck was accused of shooting a business man in the area where the incident happened 8 year ago. The business man walked with a crutch for eight years until surprisingly he began to walk again. He was shot and relievedo of $400 the entire business taking.

    Nothing was done to make the community safer. There are several gunslinger in the area, the presence of the four of them run shivers down your spine. It is well known that aka Duck and the likes of aka of aka West are community Dons in the area. What a shame, where is the representative in all this?

    It is well know that a piece of the bank embarkment broke away fifteen year ago and nothing has been done to prevent one from falling into the precipice. What make it even more telling is that it is located school is located some twenty feet from the precipice. School children paraded the area every week. Shame on you local representative.

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