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Georgetown family
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A mother of three in Georgetown is ringing in the New Year on a higher note after receiving some much-needed assistance just before Christmas.

Davenet Blake and her sons, ages 1, 3, and 7 years old — one of whom has Down Syndrome — were treated to some Christmas cheer and hands-on assistance as staff from CIBC First Caribbean International Bank came together to paint the interior and exterior of her home.

They also decorated the interior of the house and gifted the home with a stove, some chairs, linen, a food basket, a Christmas ham and other presents.

Blake expressed her thanks and gratitude to the management and staff of CIBC First Caribbean.

Country Head of CIBC First Caribbean, Shelly-Anne Samuel, said, “We know the holiday season can be a difficult time of year for anyone, especially for those who are in need. We at CIBC First Caribbean are proud to be the champion of such a programme, where cooperation and human effort — rather than purely financial resources – are employed to make a positive difference and give back to our communities.”

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She said the bank lists legitimate causes that donors choose to adopt and encourage staff involvement in many of its community activities.

“… but through the unique Adopt-A-Cause programme, employees get the opportunity to identify projects in their immediate surroundings that they can become involved in,” she said.