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Ralph Gonsalves

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)

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Acting Commissioner of Police Renold Hadaway proceeded on pre-retirement leave on Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018, paving the way for new leaders to emerge within the police force.

The head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Ruth Jacobs, the nation’s first female chief detective, also proceeded on pre-retirement leave on that day.

And last week Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017, at the annual police awards ceremony, Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Ralph Gonsalves warned the upcoming leaders against a totalitarian approach to leadership.

Gonsalves noted that Hadaway is passing on the baton to a younger man.

Colin John, acting deputy commissioner of police, is now acting commissioner.

Frankie Joseph is the most senior assistant commissioner of police and will become deputy commissioner of police, iWitness News understands.

“But I want to say to the younger generation of police officers who are going to lead that I’ve noticed that the deputy commissioner is going to be 60 in the year 2028. I notice that … Frankie is going to be 60 in 2028 and, of course, by then, the retirement age in the top ranks might be a little further than 60,” Gonsalves told the event last Thursday.

“Now, the old police style which they grow up under, they have to change with the time too,” the prime minister said.

“I know in the older days when the commissioner spoke, like when Eric Williams used to say in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, ‘When I talk, no damn dog bark!’ Well, if the new leadership, if they have that attitude, they would come to grief very quickly.

“They have to listen and they have to learn. They have to go and see and they have to go and do,” the prime minister said.

Putting his comments into perspective, Gonsalves said that that the shepherds went and saw when the star of Jesus’ birth appeared, and added that in another story, the Good Samaritan says to go and do.

“The deputy [commissioner] is a good man with a good wife, good family; bright. But I tell you this, brightness is only part of it,” Gonsalves said, reiterating that there is brightness which blinds and brightness that illuminates.

“And I am saying it for everybody because sometimes as soon as you see a man in the police force, some of them get a university degree, they become an authority on every subject under the sun and you can’t talk to some of them. You understand what I mean? And they bright.”

The prime minister said that communication in the police force is very important.

“It can’t be just your way and any other way is the highway,” Gonsalves said.

“No! You have to listen and you have to communicate. You have to possess the humility to admit when you are wrong and you have to be able to say sorry. And you can’t have malice in your heart. You have to forgive.

“And when you are on your way up, some persons might have done you wrong. Don’t hold a grudge because if you hold a grudge, it’s a bad mind you have and it will help to bring you down. I am talking here for everybody but I am talking especially for the young men who are going to succeed in leadership and I hope they listen to what I say here tonight, because I am talking to them as though they are my sons, because I can be their father.”

Gonsalves said that as the commissioner demits office, his administration has to make sure that people like him and retired commissioner Michael Charles “do not stay at the wayside

“We have to make sure that people like Michael and our current commissioner that all this experience and knowledge which they have just don’t stay by the wayside because they have important work still to do and I’m always interested in making sure that they continue to do important work,” he said.

He said an appropriate event will be organized in appreciation for Hadaway’s service.

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2 replies on “As police chief retires, PM warns top brass”

  1. Ricardo Francis says:

    Ralph Gonsalves is a man full of malice and a victimizing mentality. It is his way or the highway. He is political gangster of the highest order. Lie detector: how credible? There is more than what the eyes can see. Frankie Joseph is just going follow what PAPA says.

    Ralph Gonsalves authorities every police promotion. It is the Ralph Gonsalves Show: He is the actor, the director, the writer, the producer, the editor, the promoter, and the any all final decisions remains with him. In my view, Pace Developments shall be the new Buccament, but when I am Prime Minister the contracts will have to be re-negotiated and lands shall be returned to the people. We welcome your business, upon our approval, but the lands shall always remain in our hands. There are lots of questions.???? The Ralph Gonsalves SHOW and the ULP SHOW will be looking for a new channel. I wonder about the opposition and POOR Friday.

    You see, I have already established a channel. Ralph Gonsalves, I remember our conversation of February 13, 2017. I remember what you told me: “YOU GET A LAW DEGREE, SET UP A POLITICAL PARTY and BECOMES PRIMIE MINISTER. I CAN”T HAVE THAT.” You may not have it, but the people of SVG will decide that someday in the future, You can slow me down, but you can not stop me. It is the will of the almighty and the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will make that decision. The Good Lord shall let them see the way.

    Time is longer than Twine as old people, use to say. We all have our time and time waits on no-man. The only fear that I have is fear for the creator. The political show in SVG, right now, is about fear.

    Ricardo Francis, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and Grenadines in Waiting and in the Making.

  2. The police force has been plagued with gross incompetence at its leadership since the reign of Miller. I hope that Mr. John has the capacity to change all that. He has youth on his side and I hope that he has wisdom on his side also. He has to start by commanding the respect of his subordinates, and that begins with showing concern for their well being, unlike his predecessors. He should also aspire to concentrate on policing and leave the politics to the Politicians.

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