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Kewan Prince 1

In this iWN image, captured from video, Kewan Prince,15, argues with police officers outside the Serious Offences Court on Friday. (iWN photo)

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The mother of a 15-year-old youth on a burglary charge last Friday, Dec. 29, 2017, begged the court to allow her to surrender his bail, saying that she did not want him to cause her to end up in prison again.

The mother, Marva Prince had, seven years ago, spent 17 days on remand on a charge of grievous bodily harm resulting from she having burnt the boy, Kewan Prince.

However, Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle decided to give the woman a second chance after the court found out that she had acted out of frustration.

Last week, the woman told the Serious Offences Court that she also wants her son to have a second chance but that she can no longer tolerate his rude and violent behaviour.

“I don’t want to go back to jail again for him,” Ms Prince told Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias at the Serious Offences Court.

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She said she decided to surrender her son’s bail after he attacked his 23-year-old sister while holding a cutlass, destroyed the vegetable garden, destroyed their rabbit pens and threw away his sister’s clothes that were hanging on the clothes line the previous day.

Shortly after the magistrate granted the woman’s request, the youth displayed some of the behaviour that he might have been displaying at home and threatened to box a police officer in the face and called them “b****r man”, a derogatory term meaning gay.

Kewan Prince 3
In this iWN image, captured from video, Marva Prince scolds her son, Kewan Prince, 15, as police officers restrains him outside the Serious Offences Court on Friday. (iWN photo)

After hearing the mother’s plea, the chief magistrate asked the youth what was wrong with him.

“Nothing ain’t wrong with me,” the youth told the court.

He said that last Thursday, he asked his sister for the cake that she had offered him and he had rejected three days earlier — Christmas Day.

He said when he went back on Thursday to ask for the cake, his sister was ignoring him so he pound down the door– because he was hungry.

He told the court that he lives in the yard in a small house by himself.

“So you feel you are a man?” the magistrate told the youth who had earlier told the court that he couldn’t tell when last he went to school.

He said he “didn’t reach to the fullest in school” after passing Common Entrance Examination and reaching only Form 1 (Grade 7) before he was expelled for fighting.

He said the principal had sent a letter for his mother to come to the school and she didn’t go but rather his mother burnt his school uniform, books, and laptop.

The magistrate noted to the youth that the woman had said that she wanted him to have a second chance, like she had and noted that she had responded when he was arrested.

“She was present and basic manners and respect you cannot apply just for a few months ‘til the matter is disposed of? Basic common courtesy? Simple training?” the magistrate said.

The magistrate noted that the youth’s family had considered it was the Christmas season and had offered him some cake.

“I can just imagine the way in which he rejected the offer and three days later they should be at his disposal to give him the cake,” she said.

In retaliation for not getting the cake three days after he rejected it, the youth had also kicked down a water tank at the family’s home.

He told the court that he had thrown away his sister’s clothes because she had burnt his clothes.

“But for a while me ain’t been washing them,” he said of the clothes that he said his sister had burnt.

He told the court that he does not depend on his mother for food because she has told him that since he is acting like a man he shouldn’t ask her for anything.

Ms Prince told the court that she normally feeds her son but he is “very disrespectful”.

Kewan Prince 2
In this iWN image, captured from video, handcuffed prisoners look on as one police officer restrains Kewan Prince, 15, as he gets physically aggressive to another outside the Serious Offences Court on Friday. (iWN photo)

She said she had summoned the police the previous day because her son had broken a lot of bottles in her yard

“And, ma’am, his charge sheet is long from here to Owia. The amount of charges that this youngster has as a 15-year-old is a love.”

The mother said that when she was pregnant with her 2-year-old child, the youth, then 13, pushed her down.

She said that whenever he gets in trouble with the law she responds.

The youth said that he did not push her down, but that his mother had held on to his jersey and he pulled away.

“Yeah. I love she but like she doh (doesn’t) love me. She break down my shanty all kinda thing,” he said when the magistrate asked him if he loves his mother.

The magistrate, however, told him that he is not supposed to have a shanty.

Asked if he loves himself, the youth said yes.

The chief magistrate told the mother that she would allow her to surrender her son’s bail “because we would have two people in trouble.

“Initially, I wasn’t going to allow you,” the magistrate said, commenting:

“And these things grieve parents. You all don’t know how much you make parents [grieve].”

16 replies on “Youth turns on cops after mom gives up bail bond (+video)”

  1. Things happen to all of us and all of us at one time or another was less than perfect. I’m disgusted with the boy’s behavior but more so with the publicity of this incident. Let’s find a way to help the mother and son to refocus in a society that we all share.

  2. This 15 years old need a good cut ass he playing man and he need to feel man , wait what a shame on you youth think before you act a mother’s love you cannot for get the wrong things you do you will have to regret
    A mother’s love is the master key of this world

    1. That boy just need to be love by his family u all don’t know how he feel but just running off ur mouth pan the boy u can’t even pray for him

  3. What we see here is clearly a break down in family life. This young man is heading in a wrongful direction where he would clearly committ serious offenses if not intervention in family court and be remanded into some youth program. He has no fear for uniform police so clearly the mother is right , give him to the court might help after a few days in jail.

  4. There is certain things we really need to realize in life, its not about what the kid is doing wrong but that which is the example that was set for him.
    There is a vinci saying that i really like from since i was a kid growing up, everyone is not the same but we can help each other to have the same purpose in life.
    Let us not condemn or make the problem bigger than it seems to be, but help our youths to do better, and remind them of the principles of life.
    Be thou loving and kind and share the love of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

  5. Here we go, This is a clear case of Vincentian mouthing off on something they know nothing about. If you don’t know about the issues at hand, then shut your mouth, listen and try to learn before you polute our society. I know Kewan from a baby. When He was Six years old, I said, he will be one of this country’s most wanted, yes people he was only 6 years old, and I am not crazy. Before you mouth off, try and find out the things he did from an early age and how his mother did everything (and more) she could have done as a poor mother. I Vincent S Reid personally tried to help that young man to a path of honesty, good and proper, straight way of life, I GIVE UP, after all that I tried to do were of no use. Kewan employed high tricks and lies as a child, and his applications are not those of a innocent child. Which child, would move from looking intently around on the ground (as if searching for something), and on seeing you, in a split second, start a bawling fit akin to the result of a fresh beating. Which child goes to the neighbourhood shop and collect money using an excuse that his mother send him and the money will be returned by his mother later in the evening. Which child would quietly, (when he things no one is looking) beat his little sister and attempt to push her into a gutter when she is on her way to school, little sister screaming to leave her alone and he hiding and continuously hitting her behind her head. Which child breaks into a house at that age, so young that it surprised the owner into silence. Kewan burn up his schools clothes twice, yes TWICE. I THINK ALL OF YOU SHOULD SHUT UP IF YOU DONT KNOW KEWAN, the above mention display is but 2% of the things Kewan has done. Leave his mother alone, because she tried her utmost best. In my informed view she did not fail. There are other children, non of them are like kewan. Years ago, I foreseen he was coming to this. So if you don’t know Kewan, don’t say thing about his mother.

  6. Deboroah Samuel says:

    This child had all the help he needed he just wanted to be like this trust me. He had social worker working with him for years and he just wanted to be a bad boy and his mom tried she really bent over to help him she sat in parental conferences to learn how she can help him but he was always disrespectful to her and her home. He choose this life and is not because of lack of discipline so maybe he will change when he face the harsh jail cell.

  7. we are blaming the 15 year old child for his behavior but what about …. the society he grew up around ..
    1.why did his mum burnt his clothes , and all the school stuff ( that’s a sign to show that she giving up on the child ).
    2. why is he living in a shanty at age 15 ?……(that’s can have him feeling like an outcast in the family )
    3. all the young man is talking about is how he is living and getting treated at home ….

    theses are things that we need to focus on there must be a reason where the child have all that anger inside him ……..his brain is still of a 15 year old .he wants mother and father love if a child have to feel like an outcast and do everything for himself he will be angry. i expect a behavior like that from hi if what he saying is true .

  8. Rafael Stefania says:

    This is a very sad story. I hope that there is a place for these juveniles delinquents, who clearly need guidance. Judging from the boy’s behavior we can see clearly what his future could be. Sad really sad.

  9. Alyo just running off alyo mouth pan the boy if he not getting live from his family how alyo want him to behave but alyo just talk mom need to love her son than he go have respect for her alyo need to go back a school man cause alyo nah understand the boy feelings none what so ever lord have marcy on him I gave him in my prayers just keep the faith my child

  10. Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, wife of Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves, at Prospect, on Thursday. I’m s still a dutty €itch and the failed Judge needs to fix up and this is clearly a candidate for the mental faculties but he is a crab with.2 big hands that require filling

  11. Pray for mother and child and stop critizing, nobody knows their living away from media, so don’t judge. I see a lost child and i also see a mom who wants her son to get better. So praying for our vincentian families is what we should do. Our country need prayers. Lord have mercy on SVG.

  12. that same youth me he want a dollar when I was pasting down. PH .co as a big boy now. he can make things. better in his like. he want to live the bad man way so take what you get I am a big boy now. and I got to work for my own money my mom give me sometimes. boy u making a mistake when u come out of person tell your mom you sorry and give a second change because when god take her. boy you will cry.

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