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E. Glendford Prescott died on Jan. 30 of cancer. He was 59 years old.

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Journalist and social commentator, E. Glenford Prescott, died in hospital around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, after a brief battle with cancer, his family has told iWitness News.

He was 59 years old.

Prescott, up until the time of his illness, was the main sports contributor to iWitness News.

“Pressy”, as he was commonly known, had some 30 years of media experience, dating back to his years at the National Broadcasting Corporation, where he worked from 1989 to 2009, attaining the post of Sports Editor.

Locally, Prescott, who was also known as “Knowledge”, also worked for The Vincentian newspaper, Hot 97 FM, and Xtreme FM.

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Glenford Presscott died of cancer on Tuesday.

He had also been a correspondent for the Barbados-based Caribbean Media Corporation and the Associated Press.

At the time of his death, he was media liaison for the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation.

Kenton X. Chance, executive editor of iWitness Ness, who, in addition to being a colleague, was a personal friend of Prescott’s said:

“We at iWitness News are deeply saddened by Pressy’s death. Pressy came on board with his wealth of knowledge as a sports writer shortly after iWitness News transitioned to its current format in 2013.

“Notwithstanding our meagre resources, he was a faithful contributor to our website until the time of his illness. Pressy understood the vision and challenges involved in ensuring that iWitness News remains a free-to-read publication whose only editorial commitments are to the principles and ethics of journalism and our readers. He has made an invaluable contribution to the reputable media entity that iWitness News is today and I thank him for his contribution.

“I extend deepest condolences to his widow, children, grandson and all those who mourn his passing.”

Kenton Glenford
Prescott, left, and Chance walks in Chance’s brother’s funeral procession on April 12, 2015. (Photo: Jamali Jack)

In a post on Facebook on Tuesday, NBC Radio said:

“Today we are saddened to learn of the passing of E. Glenford Prescott. He was [a] man known to most of us at NBC Radio as simply ‘Pressy’. He joined NBC Radio in June of 1989 and left the corporation in September of 2009, spending twenty years at the corporation.

“Pressy continued to be a regular caller to our Let’s Talk Sports programme on Saturday nights and held sports close to his heart. Today we remember his contribution to the corporation as a Sports Reporter and we extend our heartfelt condolences to his immediate and extended family. May his Soul Rest In Peace.”

In his latter years, in addition to sports journalism, Pressy became more of a social commentator, also commenting primarily on NICE Radio on current affairs matters.

He was, at one time, a regular guest on the station’s “Keeping it Real” programme until he parted ways with the station after a particularly scathing commentary of the Gonsalves administration.

Some listeners felt that Prescott’s commentary bordered on defamatory.

Leader of the Opposition Godwin Friday was among the persons paying tribute to Prescott on Tuesday.

In a call to NICE Radio Tuesday night, Friday said Prescott was “a good friend of ours in the New Democratic Party”.

He said that he and other members of the leadership of the NDP had a chance to visit Prescott last week and “knew that things were not looking good.

“But he was still in good spirits, he chatted with us and so on. We remembered some of the things that we had done in the past. So, my condolences to his family; we know that it is going to be very, very painful but they should know that we are all sharing their loss today, because he would be truly missed.

“He was a strong personality. When Glenford had his views, everybody knew what they were but he didn’t hold grudges or anything like that. He just simply told you what he believed then moved on. And I benefitted a lot from his counsel, so I just want to thank him for that and to, again, say how sorry I am at his passing, but God knows best,” the opposition leader said.

Prescott is survived by his widow, Jennifer Douglas-Prescott, three daughters, two stepchildren, two step granddaughters, and a grandson.

4 replies on “iWN sports writer E. Glenford Prescott has died”

  1. Guy Ellis St Lucia says:

    Sad to hear this piece of news. Although I never met him we knew each other by name having worked with both CANA and Associated Press at the same times.

  2. Kelson Mc Dowell says:

    Condolences to the Prescott family on the passing of Glenford. He was former working colleague of mine at NBC Radio
    I will remember him for his jovial nature and his wealth of knowledge in regional and local sports and the preciseness of his writings

  3. Oh wow! This is hard! I have known Glenford since we were kids, he and his late brother Lesley. I just saw him in June while I was visiting St. Vincent and we had a long conversation because it had been such a long time since I had seen him. This is so heartbreaking! My sincere condolences goes out to his entire family and friends. R.I.P my brother!

  4. michele andrews says:

    sad to hear this news. i have known him for the pass 14 years now, he was my very good friend, he would gave me words of encouragement, my condolences to the family. R.I.P my brother.

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