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Karen Duncan Gonsalves 1

Karen Duncan-Gonslves, wife of Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves, leaves the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday. (iWN photo)

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Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, wife of Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves — with whom a former model half his age says she had an extra-marital relationship — was stoic on Monday during her court appearance relating to a charge of abusive language which she has brought against the model.

It was the first of the three times that the matter was called that Duncan-Gonsalves appeared in court.

The former model, Yugge Farrell, who is 21 years younger than Mr. Gonsalves, is charged that she used abusive language to Duncan-Gonsalves by calling her a “dirty b***h” on Jan. 4 in Kingstown.

Farrell pleaded not guilty at her arraignment on Jan. 5 and was sent for two weeks of psychiatric evaluation, although the prosecutor gave no reasons to support their application before Magistrate Bertie Pompey.

Duncan-Gonsalves was also not in court last week Monday, Jan. 22, when Farrell reappeared in court after the two weeks of evaluation.

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Farrell was sent back to the psychiatric hospital for a further week while the magistrate considered legal arguments presented by the prosecution and the defence

And, on Monday, when the matter was first called, Director of Public Prosecutions, Colin Williams, told the court that Duncan Gonsalves was not summoned to court and had only been informed that morning that she was required to be in court.

The magistrate stood down the matter to allow the complainant to arrive.

However, as Duncan-Gonsalves was still not in court, the Magistrate asked, “Mr. DPP, how long am I expected to wait on the complainant.”

The chief prosecutor then told the court that he had been told around 9:15 a.m. that Duncan-Gonsalves was at Ratho Mill — about six miles from Kingstown.

Shortly after, the DPP informed the court that Duncan-Gonsalves had arrived, and the hearing went ahead.

The court, having received a second medical report indicating that Farrell can be released from the psychiatric hospital as an outpatient, granted the woman EC$1,000 bail with one surety and ordered her to return to court on Dec. 17.

Sometime after the proceedings, Duncan-Gonsalves left the precincts of the court and walked in the direction of downtown Kingstown.
She did not respond to an iWitness News request for comment.

A modest crowd of mainly women gathered outside the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court and celebrated Farrell’s release.

Among them was activist Luzette King and members of her activism group, “Frontline”.

King urged her followers, composed of supporters of the main opposition New Democratic Party, not to harangue Duncan-Gonsalves when she leaves the court.

“Please, nothing to Karen,” King said.

“Please, do not say anything to Karen. We are all victims in this. All of us,” she said.

13 replies on “Camillo’s wife stoic in court appearance (+video)”

    1. This comment is not necessary. She did not make herself. Classy or not classy makes no difference to some men. I deemed that comment irrelevant.

    2. Sharon Matthews, its women like you and your archaic thinking that contributes to the status of the world. You should be ashamed.

  1. No woman deserves to be taking these steps alone. My viewpoint is that we must always look back to the ROOT OF THE EVIL to any situation, then and only then; we will be able to embrace every individual with empathy. What could this lady be feeling through this moment? Surely a great deal of aloneness, walking within the central streets in a foreign country, caught in the midst of one of the biggest scandal in SVG’s parliamentarian’s history, possibly the most embarrassment of experiences she has encountered thus far. All alone due to the deceit entangled through what is called a matrimonial vows!
    Then we ask the question as to why there is the ongoing disrespect for women? Ladies, please hear me out: we tolerated that which has been handed down to us since the beginning of time. We choose to sell ourselves short, our esteem in exchange for stuff, for empty representation, idolizing a falsehood to who we are, paying very little attention to the real meaning to life, to the happiness the being YOU can bring. We taught our men how to treat us! Let’s STOP NOW! Let us start today by seeing the pain in the eyes of Karen Duncan-Gonsalves and the turmoil of Yugge Farrell. Let’s love them as we look deep into the ROOT OF THE EVIL. …..say ME TOO and stand for something! Love to all of YOU!

  2. That selfish

    bastard didnt even show up for his wife…she looked stressed…her husband destroyed that child’s life…what dysfunction! Praying for Yugge….

  3. She looks like a very nice lady caught up in something she does not deserve. The way Yugge has been treated I am sure was not her idea, ‘Ask Ralph’.

  4. Sharon your kind of thinking is archaic and belongs to the days when massa had the last say. It shows us that while chattel slavery was abolished in 1838 in St Vincent, the relic of mental slavery is still wit us and is still Sharon Matthews ‘a dinner table.

  5. A. McKenzie well said!!! Marcus Garvey Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. think outside the box. some of us Blacks need to removed the chattels mentally

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