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7 replies on “HIV+ woman struggles to feed herself”

  1. Can she not do some farming or do some retail selling? People may not want to entertain the idea of buying from her given her status. The government can assist without a doubt. What happened to all the election goodies that were handed out? Goodies as follows:
    Galvanize sheets

    This may also a case of irresponsibly on her behalf since she was or is an alcoholic. Falling on hard times could be a a result of behavioral and lifestyle choices.However, I admire her honestly in not wanting to infect others.

  2. Very sad situation for Jillian, nobody seems interested to care. My heart burns for her. She is a positive woman however, but seem to have been terribly duscriminated against, so she has a fear of approaching people. Why is this world so cruel?
    Kenton if you can send me her correctly spelt name and address l would like to send her some money for groceries.
    I commend you for publishing her plight, she doesn’t deserve to live like that.

  3. What a beautiful woman and person … my heart goes out … these are good stories of good people Kenton.. hope she get the much help needed and hope the women groups step in to assist..

  4. Caribbean Pete says:

    Sorry to hear about your situations, hope things get better for you. I know Vincentian can be very judgemental, but keep the faith, stay strong

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