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Criminal Charges

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Three teenage boys are scheduled to appear before the Family Court in Kingstown today (Wednesday) charged with unlawful sexual intercourse with a female schoolmate.

The boys, aged 15, 16, and 17 are accused of raping the 12-year-old girl at their school last Wednesday, Jan. 31.

Reports are that the youths mobbed the girl as she left the restroom at the school, while classes were in session.

The savagery of the violation led to the girl collapsing after returning to her class.

She is said to have revealed the crime after having been taken to receive medical attention.

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If convicted, the youths face a maximum penalty of life in prison.

23 replies on “Teens charged with rape of schoolmate”

  1. Rafael Stefania says:

    life in prison? Isn’t that a bit much for a child under 18 years old. This would never happen in England where your laws are made.

    1. They should get life. This little girl has been sentenced for life because of what they did. Considering the growing lack of morality in many Vincentians, I hold no hope they would return to the straight and narrow should they be returned to society. You can’t wash dirty clothes in dirty water and expect them to be clean. They were raised by our society; they learned that this was okay from us. Until we change, this behaviour will continue.

    2. It’s exactly what they deserve ,they are rapist in the making and deserve to be lock away from society before they victimized anyone else ,next thing you know they are murdering women to cover up their crime but unless it happens to anyone in your family that’s when you will feel differently ,maybe it’s not even their first time just that this time they got caught lock their asses away and make an example out of them .

  2. The law seems a bit harsh with this decision. However, the other side of the coin is taking into consideration that there is a broken young girl who now has a lifetime of dealing with this inhumane act committed against her will.
    Still, though there is a cry for mercy, there must be an example set to prevent potential offenders from considering doing likewise. I would hate to live in any fear of having a daughter going off to school and being preyed upon by uncontrollable teens with fired up passions.

  3. Why should it be public David, you want to hang around the school gate.

    It should not be public knowledge exposing children to being exposed publicly can never be right, that is a Gonsalves type procedure.

  4. @ Rafael . A bit much you say!! What about the victim. Why should they get the easy way out becuz of there age.. 1st offence or not a lession has to be do a crime, you do the time. And I hope is “life in prisonment, for each”. Just imagine what would of happen if the parents of that child get there hands on them. What would you say then. Food for thought!!!.

  5. Calvert Baptiste says:

    Read this story one must consider the following:
    1. No where is it reported that the girl, the victim of rape by three male students agreed to have sex with one or all of them. She gave no consent hence the reason it is called rape.
    2 . The girl was attacked on her way from the bath room which suggest the you men may have watched and waited for the female student and molested and raped her.
    3. The 3 perpetrators ages range from 15-17 showing that they all are 3,4 and 5 years older than the victim.
    4. The perpetrators in question all were or are in possession of their mental faculties and command of their reasoning or senses, thus they knew what they are all doing.

    Now not one, not two but 3 of them while their respective classes was going on could put sexual passion and gratification over their schooling/education. The Ordeal according to Iwitness News was so savage an experience that the victim collapsed after returning to class after what transpired.

    How in heavens name can the punishment be deemed as too much? Not one, or Two but three young men violated her raping her to their gratification. Was not three sets of sexual violation/penetration way too much for one young 12 year old girl? They have destroyed the life of this young girl, she has to live with this scar for the rest or her life. For all we know she can live the rest of her life afraid of men of hating men etc. The only victim here is the young lady.

  6. Professor King says:

    “…the maximum penalty”… This doesn’t mean that the boys will be awarded life in prison. There is also a minimum penalty. The maximum penalty for murder in SVG is death by hanging. Think, when was the last time we had a hanging in SVG?

  7. By the looks of all these comments like non of you have a son in that age range a penalty is needed yes a example is need ofc the young girl is scared for life ….but just like how she is s child for some one the boys are still human and are owned by parents “think about it if it was your son as mad as you would have been at him would you agree to that penalty “??

  8. C .ben-David the school where the incident happened is not important . Identifying the school would not add anything to this debatUe. This is further evidence that your contributions are very much of a suspect and is debatable.

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