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A marijuana plant in St. Vincent. (iWN file photo)

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By Shafia London

Travel the world, and Barbados is known for Rihanna, Jamaica is known for Usain Bolt, St. Lucia is known Dereck Walcott. SVG is known for — the best weed.

Is that a bad thing? In my opinion, no. Why then aren’t we using it to our benefit?

There has been much discussion on legalisation of marijuana in recent times.

If SVG continues to pussyfoot in making a firm decision on this matter, we could miss a potential game changing boat. — if we have not already missed it. We are already at least five years behind.

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Legalising marijuana for recreational purposes makes sense from a fiscal standpoint and, truth be told, SVG needs a fiscal game changer. It is my opinion that marijuana presents the perfect opportunity.

For those who argue that there are greater fiscal and other benefits in it remaining criminal, I beg that you take a look around and apply the laws of economics, particularly that which speaks to supply and demand. In layman terms, people will not pay more for Vincy weed if they can get it cheaply and easily everywhere.

If SVG continues to lag behind in the land of criminal marijuana, we are potentially denying ourselves access to an opportunity that could lead to balanced budgets. There are numerous examples of US states that have reaped such benefits. Colorado jumps to mind as they collected more than $6 million in tax revenue in the first two months of legalising marijuana.

Recreational weed could be the biggest cash crop since bananas. This will create jobs and economic opportunities in the formal economy instead of the illicit market. The government can acquire significant new sources of tax revenue from regulating marijuana sales.

Here is how I think it could work for SVG but we do not have much time so we must act fast. We can plant and export organic weed with regulated farming standards as we did for bananas. Where the big opportunity lies, however, is tourism. SVG could distinguish itself by presenting a tourism product as the hub of recreational marijuana in the region — sun, sea and weed. This may sound comical but the historical success of the marijuana business worldwide is sufficient to confirm the great demand. This of course does not exclude those who desire its use for medicinal purposes and facilities could easily be set up to accommodate such persons. SVG could attract hundreds if not thousands of visitors to our shores with this simple brand positioning.

As Holland, we can open licensed shops and cafes. We can even go as far as hosting events such as an annual weed festival. Sounds crazy? It’s not. Imagine a festival attracting thousands of persons to experience music and fun and, most importantly, delicacies made of marijuana, taking tours to our farms and learning about the different strains.

We can procure the services of a well-recognised university or researcher (not a chef — pun intended) to validate what we all have been told for many years that SVG is the source of the “best” weed. With a proper marketing investment and scientific validation, legalisation represents a potential revenue windfall.

On a related note, legalisation presents a chance to relieve the immense burden that our country faces with the cost of law enforcement and prisons. Our prisons are already overcrowded and contributing to an already difficult penal problem over something as minimal in consequence as weed use might not be in our best interest. We could save money.

Further, there are many convincing schools of thought that the criminal issues related to marijuana is directly linked to its illegality and trade control by nefarious individuals who trade in hardcore man-made drugs such as cocaine. We put them out of business.

Note that I’m not saying marijuana should be unregulated. Studies still point to some dangers especially young adults’ brains, up to and including development of schizophrenia, and we should remain cautious until the dangers are more clear. As a trained biochemist (BSc 1st Hons), I’m very much familiar with the biochemical reasons for and against its use just as those for alcohol.

Legalising recreational marijuana across the country would mean enforcing appropriate age restrictions and consumption limits — moderation is as important as it is for anything else. Let us be reminded that alcohol was once illegal and prohibited and is now one of the biggest commercial items, but it is regulated.

To be clear, tax revenue derived from the sale of recreational weed and cash flows from businesses related to the industry wouldn’t singlehandedly close our budget deficits — but it’d be a welcome start. SVG, are we going to bravely catch the boat now or wait until everyone is on it then try to hop on and find a space?

The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the opinions or editorial position of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected]

The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the opinions or editorial position of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

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11 replies on “SVG must catch the weed boat now!”

  1. Many misconceptions.

    1. That we have the best weed in the world is not shared by the world but is only a local myth. Indeed, I’ve had better weed from Venezuela and California.

    2. Allowing the government to control or oversee the weed trade will only raise its price, as in the case where it has been regulated.

    3. We have indeed already missed the boat with larger producers years ahead of us.

    4. Indoor production produces far more consitency in output, THC level, maturity, security, etc. We have no advantage in this area.

  2. I totally concur with all that Shafia London has written here. This is bold and totally workable and a winner. Ask the State of Colorado, as the Government of Uraguay, ask the Canadian government authorities. Its the only edge we have got and dovetails perfectly with our eco-tourism.

    1. Too little too late, as usual. Dead-on-arrival, usual.

      We just never seem to get anything right when it comes to government policy.

  3. Spot on Ms London, lets get this thing going, absolutely no time to waste. I’m in full support of this, our economy would benefit tremendously. Those that said the most were left behind, no room for jokers.

  4. If you want to see the effects of Marijuana in SVG you should visit the mental asylum. We often look at issues in dollars and cents without looking at the broader implications. While we may improve the economic well being of some citizens through the sale of marijuana there is the propensity to destroy many other lives by legalizing it.

    The issues surrounding marijuana have to be careful discussed and considered before any attempts are made to decriminalize or legal it. What is good for other countries is not necessarily the best for us. I am more in favour of decrimilization.

    I highly commend the Government on the it’s approach in dealing with this issue. Let’s be careful about this. We remain a signatory to the United Nation Convention on Illicit Drugs and Psyschothropic Substances. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines also have a very young vulnerable population to protect. We either champion the Edication Revolution or the Marijuana Revolution. The latter has the possibility to lead to our demise if we are not careful about it.

    Finally, any move to decriminalize or legalize marijuana must be done through a proper regulatory framework.

  5. Of all the media I have read on this product, Shafia London recommendations are encouraging. However, while in these discussions, let’s not overlook the opportunity to touch on the topic of those serving time for marijuana charges, the loyalist of that industry during its unlawful period, they have paid the penalties to what has become our vision of ‘tremendous potential ‘for success. I wish to note that the majority of those within our prisons internationally are black men and a progressive law with no modification to regress, would leave those men to perish within the prisons. An appendix by lawmakers would seem reasonable at this point do you think?

  6. Vincy weed is no where close to the best in the world, clearly a local belief. While the old landrace strain may have potential as a tourism attraction, it has no export value to any of the rest of the world that has mastered the best cross bred strains, phenotypes, growing and curing methods. Vincy weed is often harvested too early, before flowers are fully matured, and not cured properly. Also, no respectable grower would ever try to use anything but buds/flowers for sale. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a 5, what we call mid grade in the states.

    1. Avatar Of Rafael StefaniaRafael Stefania says:

      What is wrong with giving SVG a pat on the back. After all, if you are trying to sell a product, you have to make positive statements about it. All major brands do that even when their product is not nearly half as good as they claim.

  7. Avatar Of Vincy In New YorkVincy in New York says:

    All of you weed connoisseur need to stick a pin. It is apparent that you ppl do not know anything about weed.

    Venezuela or California has better weed is a misnomer. Venezuelans and Californians crave for the Vincy stuff.

    “Hydro” weed has a distinct and awful smell and taste.

    With the government not going as far as allowing recreational use speaks volumes to the backward and regressive policies of the ULP. They want to be a position to put government in control of everything.

    It is shame that youths continue to be criminalized over marijuana. Shame. Shame.

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