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Jevon Brown and Romario Westfield

The accused men, Jevon Browne, left, and Romario Westfield, right, are escorted to court by the arresting officer, Detective Corporal Philbert Chambers on Monday. (iWN photo)

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Two men charged with possession of 76 pounds of cannabis had their guilty plea changed to not guilty on Monday after the Serious Offences Court heard their explanations.

Police have charged Jevon Browne, 28, and Romario Westfield, 22, both of Campden Park, with possession of 34,504 grammes (76lbs) of cannabis with intent to supply to another.

They were also charged with cultivating 30 mature marijuana plants at Mt Yorke, Campden Park.

Both offences were allegedly committed last Friday, Feb. 16.

Jevon Brown was additionally charged for having in his possession 75 grammes of cannabis with intent to supply to another at Yorke Mountain.

The men pleaded not guilty when they were arraigned before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias.

However, on hearing the men’s explanation, the chief magistrate entered a not guilty plea for them.

The men were granted EC$20,000 bail each and are scheduled to return to court Feb. 28

The men were arrested by officers on foot patrol, led by Detective Corporal Philbert Chambers.

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2 replies on “Court changes plea of men charged for 76lbs of weed”

  1. Isn’t this a real contradiction and conflict of interest? You mean to tell me that the government is pursuing vigorously to invest millions to produce and sell medical marijuana and turn around and arrest its citizens for growing and selling the same marijuana? Good for the judge to change the men’s plea to no guilty.

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