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Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. (iWN file photo)
Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. (iWN file photo)
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By Very Concerned

“The floors and walls of this place are unsanitary, so filthy!”

So said a visitor who was at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) recently as she came out of a washroom.

How embarrassing it sounded to my ears! The MCMH is crying for help! After all, this hospital is the major health institution in the country. Therefore, persons, including tourists, would rightly expect that it should have a high standard of cleanliness that is maintained throughout each year.

At Deuteronomy 23:14, God told the Israelites that he did not want to see anything unclean in their camp; it was to be holy, pure, clean. Can the hospital benefit from this Bible text –health personnel ensuring that the hospital is clean and attractive? (Psalm 18:26a)

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Further, MCMH does not have sufficient medication for patients, which has been so for a long time. They lack basic items such as toilet paper and soap at times. This seems utterly ridiculous! Is health really a priority in St. Vincent?

Jesus Christ had health as a priority. No wonder he healed so many during his ministry on Earth as Matthew 15:30, Mark 10:46-52, Luke 5:12, 13, and John 5:5-9 indicate. Can the Ministry of Health and any other relevant authority ensure that good health becomes a priority here? Can’t more be done to equip the MCMH with medication and other basic needed supplies, including cleaning materials? The hospital cries for help! With Jesus’ attitude, please assist the hospital for the health benefits of all patients!

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The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

15 replies on “Milton Cato Memorial Hospital cries for help!”

  1. Are you sure? Where were you when the workmen were painting? I’m pretty sure (MCMH) is cleaner than this individual home. Yes we have issues, we are not perfect, why didn’t she wrote a cheque and present it to the hospital? When these people come with negative comments, run them away. Had I been present, I would have put her in her place. We must not believe everything that comes from a foreigner’s mouth, most of them are deceivers.

    1. You are by far the biggest deceiver on this site. Shame on you for defending the nastiness at the MCMH.

      You keep harping on foreigners only because most come from countries with adequate medical treatment who are shocked to see the primitive, unsanitary conditions at MSMH which many of our people take for granted because they don’t know any better having never received good medical treatment in their lives.

      1. If not for your condescending and abusive language and, very often insulting nonconstuctive remarks, I am inclined to agree with you on a lot of the issues that you bring to this forum. However, I view most of those issues differently. We, as a country need to do better in many areas. From reading the comments on this site alone. I notice that some people of St. Vincent are well educated, at least in use of the English language. But, let us not fool our selves, we are far behind, even our neighbor islands, on a lot of things. And, frankly, I see no end in sight. I root for the children of SVG, the good people of the country and the future generations. This is a good thing, this forum. It allows people air their grievances. I only hope that it will cause change for the better.

    2. Observer;
      You are exposing your incredulity by conflating painting the hospital with addressing the critical issues dogging the institution! I can speak from experience: three of my family died because of misdiagnosis and inadequate care… I read your many rebutals; you come across as someone lacking intellectual curiosity

  2. who is dirtying the bathrooms? simple if you make a mess you clean it, we like to put everything on the authorities backs when last did you see a government minister using one of them we need to respect public places, stop blaming the authorities for our dirty jobs

    1. Totally agree. I was there multiple times and had to beg the cleaners not to clean so often. Most times, its the patients or visitors who make messes.

    2. Yes, patients and their families should be expected to bring mops, brooms, sponges, rags, cleaning supplies, bedding, food, medication, bandages, oxygen tanks, etc. when they seek medical treatment at the MCMH.

  3. No need to get personal about anyone’s home, not cool. However, I do understand your point of not being perfect. I was born in St Vincent, but move away in my early teens. I am not in a position to cast stones on the health of the hospital because when I was a child growing up there, when I get sick my grandma will take me to the hospital they did the best they can for me with what they have. Yes when we travel we tend to see things much differently, however, we cannot compare st Vincent health care to the US or Canada.
    Just saying

  4. While I will agree that the hospital and its services can be greatly improved, as a past patient several times at MCMH, the hospital cannot be solely blamed. I have seen patients damage property, steal items; I have seen members of staff steal items; rude workers etc etc. How can we blame the government for this.

    I do not believe in comparisons but I think it is necessary to highlight that in most other Caribbean jurisdictions, one must first pay a fee to even be seen. I have never heard of any instances where a non-Vincentian is refused care, is first mandated to pay a fee etc. Yes, this happens in many Caribbean islands.

    As to the issue of non-payment of hospital bills….PEOPLE DO NOT PAY THEIR BILLS YET THEY EXPECT IMPROVEMENTS. WHERE WILL THE MONEY COME FROM? $5 stamps for medication and some people don’t even want to pay this small fee.

    Yes, better should be done by the government but that will extend to everyone who goes to the MCMH i.e. patient, staff, visitor!!!

    1. You disbarred or fake lawyer/liar, so the government can’t be held responsible for the bad behaviour — theft and rudeness — of the staff they hired and are obliged to pay?

      The Honourable Prime Minister, who has strongly condemned theft in the hospital and bad behaviour elsewhere in government but condemned for not doing enough to stop it, would never make such an assinine comment. Idiot!

  5. Didn’t Gonsalves once tell us how wonderful the hospital is? Yet he is the first to run to Barbados and Cuba for treatment […].

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