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Senior Magistrate, Rickie Burnett. (iWN file photo)
Senior Magistrate, Rickie Burnett. (iWN file photo)
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The new senior magistrate has warned prosecutors at the Kingstown Magistrate Court that a new dispensation has begun.

“Prosecutor, as you may have realised by now, the old way of doing things must come to an end,” Rickie Burnett said on Monday after the Crown told the court that files for a number of matters were not ready when they were called up for trial.

“I agree, your honour,” responded prosecutor Sergeant of Police Cornelius Tittle, who recently joined the prosecution service.

“I’m always hearing about ‘file’ and ‘not before me’, but the matter is already before me. What is the problem?” the magistrate asked.

Tittle said that sometimes, when the prosecution contact the relevant persons, they cannot give an account of the location of the file.

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“Once the matter is before the court, it ought to be for trial,” the magistrate remarked and the prosecutor said, “I agree, your honour.”

The magistrate added: “The matter can’t be in court and you are still investigating. What is that?”

11 replies on “New magistrate tells prosecution old way must change”

  1. It would be great if we start getting people in our government that believe in efficiency instead of the sloppy mess we have for a government right now…including the “just us” system.

  2. Lol… You call that incompetence! No wonder crime is rampant and criminals walking free…. But I have to say this magistrate loves the spotlight lol

    1. Knowing him personally, he does not like the spot light, the media is just publishing the cases he is overseeing.

      What he loves is justice and efficiency. He wants to see a rapid change in the way that the justice system is currently taking place. He wants to see a decrease (and eventual end) to case backlogs, the prosecution improving their methods and investigations and trials carried out properly. Mr. Burnette told me once that upon becoming a member of the bench, he will do all in his power to ensure that he is part of the change in our judicial system. I commend him for being the start of change, the judicial system desperately needs.

      1. Thank you for the biography and concerning what I said I don’t mean it offensively but you must be mindful that what one say or do will amplify you more that others. So even if you are not deliberate in your actions you must be mindful of the effects or consequences there of. But he is accurate with what he said but the deliverance is what needs to be worked on especially when you’re a important public servant and looked up to for examples.

      2. Barbara C (UK) says:

        I agree with you and I commend Mr Burnette. He is a man of standard, integrity, fairness, equality, he is very professional and don’t compromise. He sleeps with a clear conscience after making decisions. The only thing that will keep him awake is figuring out how to make positive changes to SVG and also Wesr Indies cricket matches keeps him awake.

    2. Brown Boy USA says:

      This magistrate is really doing his job! That’s what is it, standing up and making sure things are done right.

    1. New? He has been a Magistrate for many years in two of the other Districts. There is nothing “new about this broom” but I am sure over time, you will see it sweeps Queen.

      FYI: He was the Magistrate tasked with the charges related to Ms. V. Fredrick and I am sure you remember how he dealt with that matter. Mr. Burnette is as good as it will ever get!!!

  3. “Once the matter is before the court, it ought to be for trial,” “I’m always hearing about ‘file’ and ‘not before me’.
    VERY INTERESTING! This brings my thought back to the Yugge/Karen Duncan-Gonsalves TRIAL. Where we read (as alleged) that the application before the court depicted a curse word (dirty…bitch) but following Yugge’s not guilty plea and her being sent to the mental home for assessment. The gossip on the street alleged of other exclusions from the court ‘file’ .
    I LIKE THIS REMARK MR. BURNETT:>>> “Prosecutor, as you may have realised by now, the old way of doing things must come to an end,” Wow!

  4. I agree, “The old way in proceeding a case MUST GO.” It’s about time. God bless you richly Mr. Burnett.
    Thanks for making a wise decision with that burglary case with the yourhs.
    People open your eyes. Change is a MUST.

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