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5 replies on “VIDEO: Tour operator speaks about tourism in SVG”

  1. Good reporting Chance. I hope that the government take note and do the work to improve on this attraction. Right now, it just looks like a jungle. A person could literally break a leg when walking there. And, it doesn’t look pretty.

  2. A microcosm of why our mainland tourist industry is such a poor shape because we can’t even protect what few tourism resources we actually have which is why building Argyle International Airport as a magnet for more tourism was an economic blunder at the same time time that it was a political master stroke.

  3. Strange that the top people in government can’t look in the mirror, they instead blame the Private Sector. Captain Wayne is right. People do not go to tourist sites to get robed and raped. What if they have an accident? How can they be EVACed to a hospital? Where are our paramedics?… The government is just as much at fault as the private Sector. We had a good tourist season this year only because the bad weather destroyed the tourist infrastructure of most of the other island nations. Wouldn’t we rather have tourism because we are good rather than from the misfortunes of others?

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