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A geothermal plant in operation. (Internet photo)
A geothermal plant in operation. (Internet photo)

By Lincoln Bowman

I am pleased to see SVG looking at alternative energy as its source of electric power. I am also very surprised that the prime minister is looking at geothermal energy.

The price of solar energy right now is so low and the facilities today are so readily available, SVG with all of its sun and wind should be looking at wind and or solar energies as replacements for their fossil fuel generators.

Right now tenders for solar energies are now asking USD$0.05 or less per kilowatt-hour and bidders suppliers from all over the world are responding.

There are so few geothermal suppliers and the demand for these are still very low so you can expect top dollar for such plants.

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Solar and wind do not require the huge buildings and maintenance that geothermal plants require, they are cheaper to produce and require far less maintenance.

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3 replies on “Geothermal not SVG’s best alternative”

  1. Solar is undoable for large scale deployment in SVG. what we need is renewable base load complimented by solar and hydro. Solar is too intermittent to function reliable and cheaply as base load.

  2. You are of course quite right David, and solar will never trigger an eruption.

    The only problem would be locals stealing the pannels. Remember when they stole the airport landing lights at Arnos Vale? They also stole all the water measuring devices installed by the EU. And regularly they steal the volcano monitorng equipment. It’s all solar [except the airport lights], they love solar.

  3. Moving parts equipment v no moving parts equipment. Any fool with half a brain can see what the preference should be for a government that cannot maintain a child’s yo-yo let alone a thermal generator.

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