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Rohan Primus leaves the Serious OffencesCourt after his arraignment on Monday. (iWN photo)
Rohan Primus leaves the Serious OffencesCourt after his arraignment on Monday. (iWN photo)

The Union Island man who is seen in an April 2018 video asking that monies be paid so that he and another man would not be killed is now facing a drug charge.

Rohan Primus was brought before the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown on Monday charged with possession of 95,794 grammes (211lbs) of marijuana.

Prosecutors are alleging that Primus had the drug in his possession with intent to supply it to another.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias.

Primus was granted EC$50,000 bail with one surety.

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He was also ordered to surrender his travel documents and report to the Union Island Police Station on Mondays between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The next court date is June 29.

In April, a video began making the rounds on social media showing Primus and another man begging persons they called “Abijah” and “Africano” to pay money to secure their release.

The video was reportedly filmed in Venezuela and the other man in the video was later identified as Grenadian Marlon Garraway.

Reports out of Grenada are that the men’s alleged captors had demanded US$30,000 for their release but had released them after receiving some US$5,000.

Garraway’s family is said to have been able to raise that amount with the help of the Grenadian public, which made contributions.

On Monday, Primus confirmed to iWitness News that he was one of the men in the video.

Primus is said to have returned to Union Island sometime in May.

8 replies on “Union Island ‘kidnapping victim’ charged for 211 lbs of weed”

  1. Agustus Carr says:

    I often wonder why the police charge Vincentians for drug trafficking when the Government and the police themselves allow people to grow marijuana freely in the mountains. Take a look at google earth and you would see where a lot of the marijuana farms are located. Just look at the Leeward course from Richmond River up to Owia.

    Many people overlook the fact that the prolification of guns in SVG is a direct result of the marijuana trade. A significant amount of the young lives that have been loss are a result of the marijuana trade. Despite the fact that many people feel that marijuana is a source of revenue for our country, I would never support it’s legalization. The only value in marijuana relates to its medicinal properties.

    Monies derive from the marijuana trade can be considered blood money. Let those who smoke it and sell it pay for their sins. If the Government wants to raise revenue they can do it easily by Introducing a ticketing system for smoking marijuana and smoking in public places.

  2. Lol, it is so funny that the white majority countries that made weed illegal is profiting off it today, while we are jailing our own for young men for the same thing in the coming year you are allowed to plant 4 or 5 trees in Canada it is legal in some US states

  3. Agustus Carr says:

    Have any of you men ever visited the mental asylum in Glen? Do you really know the amount of mental health patients in SVG whose illnesses were caused as a result of early exposure to Marijuana?

    Do you realize that many of the people who traffick Marijuana in SVG do so in exchange for guns? Do you also know that many of these guns end up on the streets and in the communities of SVG? I would like you to tally the amount of murders that are linked to the marijuana trade over the pass ten (10) years. I am sure the numbers are staggering.

    The issue is everything can be less harmful if used in moderation. However, greed and selfishness creates distruction. As I have said Marijuana has it medicinal properties and that’s the only reason it should be consumed.

    Many people measure their life, issues or items in dollars and cents. It is travesty to think that because Marijuana is economically beneficial to the USA and other countries that same can be said for us.

    Do you see how disrespectful people are in SVG when smoking marijuana. Go to a “blako” or a bar in the country or Leeward and I am sure you would be greeted with the undesirable smell of marijuana? Not only the smell by the widespread use of marijuana.

    The point is there is no respect for the law and for people as it relates to the use of marijuana. There are no concerns about the mental health implication on our people as a result of marijuana use. There are no concerns how drug trafficking link to marijuana cultivation has damage the reputation of SVG. There are no concerns about the many crime that are linked to marijuana. There are no concerns about the many murders that are linked to marijuana.

    The only blinking think that matters is money.

    1. yes mr Carr, the only blinking thing that matters is money. i say dis to u mr carr, wake up! All over the world people do what they have to dot to survive. Everyone wasn’t born with the same opportunity, some of us jus had to adapt to this lifestyle. you wont have any idea what am talking about of course, because ur a typical ignorant ‘wana be’ high class vincentian. What you and others of your kind see as a tragedy is what we call feeding our families. so mr carr my advice for you is to get your ignorant thoughts together. i am sure your kids are perfectly comfortable and secure. mines deserves the same, so we do what we gota do. maybe be you should actually try smoking some weed, that might help you out abit.

  4. Agustus Carr says:

    Renegade…there is no need to be hostile. I grew up in a very poor family in a single parent household, perhaps a lot poorer than you but I set my sight in high places and everyone in SVG can do the same.

    I am aware of the economic challenges in SVG. In fact, I am so much aware that I help others where I can. The fact is I love my country and my people. While I do understand the hardship, I think we are not using our talents sufficiently to become economically independent. Our culture is shrouded in pessimism. We need a revolunary change but we must first start by electing the right Government.

    I know of the dangers of marijuana first hand. I have experienced it. This is the reason why I cannot support the legalization of marijuana for everyone to smoke. Think about this, when you grow marijuana to help yourself you are destroying someone else’s life as well. There are many other alternatives besides growing marijuana. Why don’t you try growing coffee or tea. The Government intend to legalize the growing of canabis/Marijuana for medicinal purposes. Perhaps you can grow it then.

    I will support decriminalization of small quantities for medicinal purposes. I will also provide an alternative in cases where a young child is charge for marijuana. I will support any measure to prevent the charge from being recorded against a child. For those children who were charged previously , I will asked that their record to be expunged. Finally, adults who have been charge with minor possession that their record be also expunged.

  5. Mr Carr, i do understand your views but opportunity is very scare in this country for both young and old. I can speak on the behalf on many farmers who wish everyday that they could be given an opportunity to do something else with their lives. believe me Mr Carr, none of these farmers even have a record because they do it merely to support their family. Now you mentioned tea. Let’s be rationale about this. Carrot and tomatoes are very common vegetables that farmers plant. Even more common than tea. The farmers who plant these to make a living have to be infront of supermarkets and stores on Fridays and Saturdays with their produce help up in both hands literally begging for a sale. that grieves me because by days end they could only generate under a $300. you get $300 to $500 from a pound of weed right here in Vincy, so of course people are going to plant the weed and bare all risk. But believe me most of them i know just want out, and we are depending on a prime minster to see things from the weed farmers perspective. implement ways to help farmers because they are they key to a better SVG. Not tourism but agriculture, If we could make use out of this country’s natural resource i believe we would witness a vast change in our economy. Im not a farmer but i can sure be a voice for them if i have to because they need help and support from the government. In my opinion there nothing wrong with smoking weed, its the young generation who abuse rand misuse it because of the foolish music they listen to, for others it just helps to stimulate a more positive energy. So if persons want to smoke let that be their business. My full respect to you mr carr.

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