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Demonstration use of gadget by Sister Sheroline Primus.
Demonstration use of gadget by Sister Sheroline Primus.

The Mustique Charitable Trusts visited Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on June 8th to see the hand santiser dispensers that have been installed in various locations in the hospital with grant funds.

Sixty-six dispensers have been in installed under the   EC$44,000 project, which includes santiser liquid replacements.

Grace Walters, hospital administrator, thanked the Trusts for this generous donation to increase the number of dispensers for use by doctors and nurses.

She said this will assist in the prevention of infections from communicable diseases and also reduce the incidence of hospital acquired infections.

MCMH hand sanitisers donationLavinia Gunn, Administration Director of the Trusts, stated that the Trusts welcomed the opportunity to continue giving support to medical services at the hospital.

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It was noted that the dispensers were already in use.   She thanked Facey Trading for installing the dispensers supplied by Kimberly Clarke, free of cost and for their advice during the project.

Walters, her management team, Andrew Williams, deputy hospital administrator, Sheroline Primus, the infection control nurse, Viola Richardson, acting senior nursing officer and other members of the senior nursing team gave the visitors a tour of several locations where the dispensers had been installed.

The MCT was established in 2008 with the mission to improve the opportunities for children, young people and vulnerable adults while supporting the development of sustainable local communities throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

5 replies on “Mustique Trusts donate hand sanitisers to MCMH”

  1. 1. How long will it take for these dispensers and the refills to be stolen by staff?

    2. How many dispensers were there before this contribution took place? I haven’t visited the hospital for several years — largely because my wife and I fear getting an infection because of its dirty conditions — but never observed any soap, let alone hand sanitizers, in the public areas.

    3. Thanks to the MCT, we have gotten millions in donations plus the millions in revenue from the Mustique agreement over the years. So, why is the Green Party’s Ivan O’Neil — a man who served in the British Army […] — so keen to bite the hand that feeds us by tearing up the agreement?

    1. C. Ben-David says:

      So you deny that the theft of supplies is rampant at the hospital, a claim even the Prime Minister has made several times. Why not call the PM negative when he has something negative to say about this and that on a nearly daily basis?

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