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By Vinci Vin

As the political parties, trade unions, commentators, and potential entrepreneurs of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) appear to be bankrupt of ideas to develop the nation, allow me to suggest some radically-immoral ideas that might work.

Legalisation of Prostitution

It appears that prostitution is already widespread in SVG. In fact, there are stories attesting to the selling of sex by members of all segments of the society — from school children to housewives. But because the trade is illegal, prostitutes are underpaid and fearful of demanding a good price for their services. Here is how a legalised sex-industry could work:

  1. The government would issue licenses to Vincentian co-operatives to develop areas in the interior of the country specifically for the sex trade. This would include the construction of brothels, restaurants, health clinics, marijuana cafes, and gated communities guarded by police officers.
  2. Vincentian males and females would be issued licenses to operate as sex-workers after passing age, health, educational, and character examinations — no criminals, drug addicts, ugly hags, or illiterate persons should qualify. In other words, we are looking for a reputable, high-end product — one wherein the workers, the consumers, and the country could be proud. Many of the scantily-dressed young girls whining down Kingstown this carnival season would readily qualify. Seems like shame has deserted our people these days. So why not exploit it for national benefits?
  3. Sex-workers and the managing companies would be mandated to pay at least a 30 per cent tax on all sales/income. Compliance would be ensured by registration of persons entering the gated compounds, cash-register receipts, and ledgers kept by each sex worker as to the number of customers that they serve. And taxes collected would be dedicated for the development of the industry, education, and healthcare.
  4. The country already has sexually attractive males and females who would form the foundation for the industry. However, these nationals could be supplemented with imported workers from neighbouring Columbia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, and Western European nations who have legalised prostitution, etc.
  5. Importation of sex workers would be heavily regulated and limited to prevent an influx of criminals, unhealthy persons, and pimps (including smart and educated retirees). As these workers would be protected under Vincentian laws, all precautions must be taken to prevent their exploitation by third parties for their economic gains.
  6. Confidentiality of customers’ identity: Since the trade would be legal, incentives for blackmail of customers would be discouraged by strict prosecution of persons who publish, leak, or otherwise attempt to exploit customers. In fact, ministers of government, religious leaders, and others who can pay the price of the service and would not be harmful to the industry and the workers should have no fear of partaking of the services rendered. Some people would suggest that they already do so secretly.

Legalisation of marijuana

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There is already a good chance that marijuana would be soon legalised for medical uses in SVG. Although I do not support that movement because of the implications for exploitation by foreigners and powerful politicians, and potential harmful psychological effects, I accept that it is a foregone conclusion that it would happen. So how should we exploit marijuana in the interest of the nation?

  1. Local Control: There is a good chance that legalisation of marijuana under the present political regime, or for that matter the other political party, would overwhelmingly benefit the politically-connected and foreign investors. This must not happen. First of all, the Rastafarians and those small farmers who have lived under brutal police oppression must rise to the forefront of the legalised industry. In other words, this should present opportunities for these citizens to lead respectable lives while reaping the lion share of profits from the industry.
  2. Local marijuana co-operatives: To promote investments, good production, marketing, and income distribution within the legalised marijuana industry, local co-operatives owned and managed by the farmers and workers in the industry must be established. These co-operatives must co-operate with each other, especially in setting production and supply quotas, marketing, pricing, storage, and research/developments goals.
  3. Re-investments of marijuana profits: At one time the banana industry earned substantial profits in SVG. During the Mitchell regime, banana was in its heyday. But the earnings were squandered on the purchase of imported consumer goods and salaries for connected political appointees. There was a lack of leadership and vision to guide the stakeholders into investing a portion of the profits into other industries, and research and developments. This should not be allowed with any legalised marijuana industry. Like all things, the industry in its raw form would likely suffer from fluctuating profitably and eventual phase out. We must prepare for this eventuality by channelling a portion of the income/profits earned into alternative investment vehicles. Such alternatives would not only stimulate new businesses but produce dividends that would add to the national wealth.

Gambling, prostitution, and nude/LGBT beaches, etc.

Our existing national tourism plan appears to be tailored toward a most rudimentary and simplistic approach to the industry. We have built an airport, sold off properties to foreign investors, engaged in specious hotel developments, and hope that tourist will come. Much more is needed.

In addition to cleaning up the nation’s streets, beaches, buildings, roads, etc., real efforts must be invested into creating new attractions to lure tourists to the country. Some commentators on this site have already posted some of the major shortcomings of our approach and continue to grieve about these problems. However, it appears that the people with pthe ower to make changes are deaf and blind. They cannot see the need to go beyond the initial step of constructing a marina, hotel, road or other facility. In fact, we have a bad habit of constructing infrastructure with much fanfare and then go away leaving them to deteriorate.

We should consider developing some un-inhabited small islands in the Grenadines for gambling, prostitution, and nude beaches. But in the planning process, accessibility, utilities (water, electricity, and waste management), and local control/investment must be seriously pursued. It is not enough to bring in foreign investors who would only employ our people as maids, guards, and cooks—not that I have anything against such jobs. Only through local ownership can we expect significant and effective national wealth creation from targeted economic development initiatives. So, am I suggesting that we turn our Grenadines into Sodom and Gomorrah? Well, …

Introduce chain-gangs for criminals, juvenile delinquents, and school drop-outs.

So, we have some nice prisons in SVG — if a prison could be considered nice. The government is proud of its prisons. But crime is rampant, the rate of recidivism is great, and the cost of incarceration robs us of monies that can be used in establishing a national university, maintaining our roads, pay our foreign debts, etc. One way to punish and rehabilitate offenders is to put them to work on very restrictive chain gangs.

Prisoners should clear crown lands for food production, work on cthe onstruction of feeder roads in the interior, dig tunnels to connect the windward and leeward coasts, clean the roads, beaches, and ports; paint and maintain government buildings/equipment, etc. Keep them busy and tired throughout the week, mandate 5 hours of schoolwork on Saturdays, and reserve Sundays for religious worship, rest and a big meal. Prisoners who show promise would be channelled into programmes where they can earn professional certification (building trades, healthcare, IT, transportation, agriculture, etc.) And those who comply would have their sentences commuted.

National Benefits

As we consider ourselves a “Christian nation” with a “loving and moral” conscience, the ideas set forth above could be rather shocking, regressive, immoral, and downright ridiculous for a modern society. Some might say that Vinci Vin is a hard-hearted devil with too much time on his hands. Yet open-minded persons might realise that our nation has sunken to its lowest level in terms of economic activities and must be shocked out of its economic stupor.

Despite their otherwise negative impacts, legalising prostitution, marijuana, gambling, and nude/LGBT beaches could provide an influx of tourists to increase the revenues of the Argyle Airport, provide jobs, and distinguish SVG from other tourism destinations in the eastern Caribbean. Reforming prisons through use of the chain gang and other harsh methods could reduce the nation’s financial stress, reduce the number of incarcerated persons, rehabilitate offenders, and reduce the overall rate of crime in SVG. And, if developed and executed with vision and efficiency these ideas could reap wealth for the nation.

So, what do you think? Should Vinci Vin be sent to the mental asylum for an evaluation? Has he lost his moral compass and sense of reasoning? Be kind!

The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the opinions or editorial position of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].


The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

40 replies on “‘Immoral’ ideas for economic development in SVG”

  1. Was this post of yours Vinci Vin intended to be a “tongue in cheek” dig at our very sad and miserable plight man or have you truly lost your moral compass, if you ever had one that is? What new outrage is this?

    Here is a thing Vin! Detailing the story that is called “human evolution”, a monkey when once told that the word about, was that we humans as a group, “descended” from his species, that of apes and monkeys, was quite resentful and thoroughly offended.

    His reply was “I know that man as a species have “descended” all right, but what an insult to us apes and monkeys, to insult us by saying that he “descended” from us”! Just how insulting to us can these humans get?

    The Monkey’s remark Vin says a lot about who and what we humans are already. Indeed, if you are serious Vin, are you there encouraging us into even further gross depravity? Yet I am however inclined Vin, to think that you are just simply being playfully mischievous with what is a very, very sad state of affairs with us, our dreadfully bleak and depressing economic situation.

    1. Hello James H. Would have been surprised if you did not react to my “Immoral Ideas” for making money in SVG. How come you did not say “Man cannot live by bread (money} alone?

      But james, doesn’t the Bible teach that “There is a time and season for everything under Heaven”?

      How about my reference to Sodom and Gomorrah? Is there a law against Sodomy in SVG?

      And James, there are lots of things I am being with this article. But “playful” is not one of them. Yet, I thank you for attempting to give me a route to escape the wrath of the RIGHTEOUS People.


      Yet it is REALISTIC!

      Don’t go away James. Tell me why these ideas are so immoral? After all I named the piece “Immoral Ideas”.

      Thanks for being kind. You are a person of reason.


      PS: I thank Mr. Chance for having the guts to print it.

  2. C. Ben-David says:

    Could this be the same Vinci Vin Samuel living in America who used to roundly condemn me for saying that SVG had little potential for economic development but has now finally conceded that I was correct all along in proposing this list of unworkable proposals our people and politicians would never countenance?

    As for legalized prostitution, it would never prevent or displace informal “fare picking” because both exist side by side wherever prostitution has been legalized.

    Legalized gambling was tried several times at the Emerald Valley Casino in the Buccament Valley but always failed after a short time. Also, there would be a lot of competition from other Caribbean countries as well as from the cruise lines.

    As for recreational marijuana, we could never compete with the many producers already years ahead of us all over the world. New ones are emerging every day. Indeed, far superior weed is now being imported from Venezuela.

    As for legal crops, we will soon be importing bananas, pineapples, and perhaps other items from far cheaper producers.

    So that leaves the chain gang and perhaps the cat o’ nine tales as steps towards the re-ensalvement of our Black men.

    Back to the drawing boards my addle-minded friend.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you Ben. This is not about you. You crave validation so much that you see everything written here as a sign of support for your negativity towards SVG and Vincentians. This article is directly opposed to your negative thinking as it suggests that there is hope for SVG even if immoral ideas could be embraced. Yet the question remains – do we really have to go to such lengths? Could the pendulum swing the other way?

      You appeared to been so badly hurt and/or disappointed on your personal and professional pursuits that you have descended into a pit of mental fear and degradation. You cannot reveal your identity, alleged academic achievements, or purpose in life. What a pity!

      But you can redeem yourself. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Yet he sent his son Jesus Christ to bring us salvation if we would only accept that we are not omnipotent and repent for our sins. Talk to James H. He can help you to see the light.

      So since it is already stipulated that the ideas in this article are immoral, moronic, addle-brained, filthy, etc. where do we go from here? Do we give up? If so why? If not, how do we proceed?

      How about a new article – The Moral High Ground to the Economic Development of SVG? Are there morally attainable possibilities? Don’t say NEVER.

      Vinci Vin

      1. C. ben-David says:

        Obviously you didn’t understand that I was implying that your bottom-feeding ideas, none of them remotely practical, suggested that you had at long last accepted my factually-based premise that SVG,or at least the mainland, has very little potential for economic development.

        Yes, I must repeat NEVER unless we discover gold on the mainland or oil under our inshore waters.

        And why do you have to question my sanity? Don’t you know that calling or implying that someone is unhinged is simultaneously an attempt to degrade them and a thinly veiled admission of being unable to challenge their facts and ideas head on?

  3. Perhaps I am too moral but I see none of your suggestions as being the way to better our economical situation in SVG. The argument that its too late, as its probably going on or other countries are doing it means nothing to me. Monkey sees, but monkey does not need to do.

    There are other ways….We must find them!!!!

    There is no need for sanctioned immorality regardless…

    I strongly disagree with your suggestions.

    1. C. ben-David says:

      What other ways? And why can’t we ever find them?

      The answer is simple but most of our people refuse to accept it: there are no other ways and we are destined to be a have not country until Kingdom come.

      1. Vincy Lawyer, unlike 99.9 percent of Vincentians at home and abroad who are never shy of proposing various solutions to our intractable problems, I have none to offer. None, except getting the government to stop funding so may useless projects and to lower import duties, VAT, and income and business taxes.

    2. Hi Vincy Lawyer: Congratulations on your hard work to reach the bar. I have much respect for lawyers. Now, enlighten me about what is wrong with those “Immoral Ideas”. Give me some “Moral Ideas” that might work.

      No vexation just reasoned suggestions.

      Vinci Vin

      1. My career has no bearing on my morality. I would hold the same views if I held any other profession.

        Many moons ago, when I became a lawyer, sourcing employment was not easy. I started by working from my home until I was able to be retained sufficiently. I didnt blame anyone nor did I engage myself in anything immoral in lieu of income. I started somewhere and stuck it out until better came.

        No matter what happens, personally, engaging in immoral activities will never be the solution to my own economic situation. I did tutorials, clerical duties etc. during the hard months and years to ensure that my family’s needs were met and my financial obligations fulfilled.

        A moral lawyer sounds like an oxymoron right? We do exist 🙂

  4. Although the first half of this was a little out there….i do believe in the part about chain gangs for prisoners! That would help clean up SVG and cost the government next to nothing!

    1. At last, one person dares to agree with one idea!
      How about saying why you disagree with the others that appear to be so far off?

      You don’t have to be just curious. You can also be pro-active. Can you think of alternative solutions to our socio-economic problems? Think, is there anything we can do beyond the anemic reactions to economic development that we have become used to? Come on, let’s step up our game!

      In any case, I do appreciate your courage.

      Vinci Vin

    1. Marilyn, is that all you can say? Tell me what you find so obnoxious about my “immoral Ideas”. Don’t hold back. If you say I am dotish, tell me why. If you think I am a candidate for the mental asylum because a young Vincy woman has been locked up for less, tell me why. In other words, I value your opinion.
      Vinci Vin

  5. I’ve always been a believer that prisoners should be put to work for the good of the society. Not in a slavery kind of way, but with real benefits to the prisoners; reduction of sentence, skill certification, conjugal visits, earning money to help them when they get out, etc. They could be responsible for farming their own food, plus providing for school feeding programs and other peop relief programs.

    1. Thanks Eco. Yes quite different from slavery – a punitive yet humane way. We want people to have hope of redemption and to channel their anger towards service to themselves and by extension to society. The chains could be used temporarily to keep them from running away and to send a message to would be criminals. But there must be limits to the nice treatment lest it becomes a joke.

      Vinci Vin

    1. Jamaican Larry, me ah as serious as can be even though not in the obvious way. Ever hear about throwing sprat fe ketch whales? Give it some thought Larry. Isn’t some countries now singing the praise of Rastas after treating them with scorn and disdain for decades?

      Thanks for thinking out loud.

      Vinci Vin

  6. I once knew a guy who made a great income by selling used women’s underwear. It kept him out of poverty and 5 years later mine still fits!

  7. Marijuana, gambling and postitution is already rampant and easily source in Caribbean so why would one prefer SVG?
    SVG need our leaders to sit and to develop plans to keep their people working in meaningful jobs.
    If a foreigner can come to SVG and build a hotel or gust house and employ our nationals why can’t we?
    Why must we import things like planting chips can’t we invest in a small packaging plant that will employ our nationals?
    Why must we always hike to our higher points that takes ours can’t we invest in a cable cart system that will employ our nationals?
    My point is, if you look around in SVG long and hard enough we will find something to help our people.

    1. Agreed Vincy. As the boy who was digging through the pile of horse manure said: there must be a pony here with all of this manure being piled up.


      Vinci Vin

  8. Our people have gotten to lazy and are to dependent on handouts they are to brain washed they have become a cant think people. If the barrels stop coming from the USA that might be the only savor for this land that will force them to get up and get force them to think. How could one explain a 30 years old man or woman who have never work and at election time they jumping labor love. madness.

    1. Not quite lost. As long as we keep the faith we will never be lost. Remember the story of Lot and his wife? They were escaping Sodom and Gomorrah. But the wife’s heart was still in Sodom and Gomorrah. She looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. Can the immoral ideas presented here help us to escape the depth of depravity into which SVG has sunk? What happened to Lot after he escaped?

    1. Thanks functionalist. Interesting even though provoking. Is there a flip side? Can these immoral ideas help us to see possibilities? Can our sense of moral outrage force us to see alternatives?

      There Is a story that the Kennedy fortune was built on the smuggling of Canadian whiskey at a time when selling whiskey was illegal in the USA – prohibition. Could these immoral ideas be our “Canadian Whiskey”?

      Vinci Vin

  9. Vin when making that quote above namely; “Man cannot live by bread alone” you needed to complete the sentence in full with this, “but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.” The meaning there is quite perfectly clear!

    What is being there reaffirmed Vin, is that Man, for his part and for that fact that includes Vincentian Man too, is not independent at all and that the lived life of any “Man”, is at God’s behest and therefore must live according to God’s moral standards. That is what is wrong with your proposal Vin. You are proposing a life outside of the moral standards of God. That for its part Vin can only bring us tremendous disaster!

    In men’s life Vin, there are moral codes which as Vincentians we ought to heed. These “moral codes” Vin has traditionally been the 10 Commandments of God, which according to our Bible, was written by the finger of God on tablets of stone, given to Moses and they continues to be binding on all men, including us Vincentians for all eternity.

    Therefore Vin, your immoral adventure, flies in the face of the almighty’s demand upon us and as such, could only bring down upon us, even more “wrath” leading to even more strife than we are already experiencing. Here is a quote pertaining to God’s Wrath on all unrighteousness Vin: Romans 1: 18. “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness,”

    What we further learn my man Vin, is how that wrath of God is revealed and that the Almighty do not take our foolish behaviour very lightly: We read at Romans 1:24 “Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonour their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” (Herein Vin is the cause for all false religions Vin and also the sodomy that you wrote of.)

    And further “For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality,”

    Therefore Vin, what you are proposing may be expedient but all of it is against the Laws of God and that you full well know. Such lawlessness can only be judged by God as such, Lawless. We already see enough strife and murders here and the judgement there of, in this little SVG of ours and of what it is to be expected, when men depart from the standards of our given Bible. It is there further set out for us at the following.

    Of society and men. Quote: “Wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.”

    For sure Vin there is indeed a time for everything under the Sun and these would include a time for our living and a time of our death. A time in life and a time in judgement! Our said bible reminds us that it is appointed unto men once to die too. Hebrews 9:27 New King James Version (NKJV) “And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment,”

    Therefore Vin, may one reiterate, that your encouragement to lawlessness against God, is totally opposite to what our Bible teaches. It thus flies in the face of our Bible’s prohibition on adultery and fornication therefore, your immoral doctrine is just plain and simply gross for want of a better word, thou you here consider them realistic. Each to his own therefore!

    Truly, one at first assumed that you were just playing the “Devil’s advocate” and being playfully whimsical with us however, you have now assured us that you are indeed very serious about such proposals and that is truly very, very sad.

    In sum, a life in your SVG Vin, would become nothing but a true hell on earth, attracting even more of God’s Wrath upon us all!

    1. Thanks James H. The wait for your response was worthwhile. You provided such a great pushback to the “immortal ideas” for legalized prostitution in SVG that the purely religious readers might stand up and say “Amen” brother! On the other hand, those looking at the topic from a purely secular standpoint might not find your sermon convincing. Remember “There’s nothing new under the sun”.

      Yes James thanks for taking the time to present such a well-prepared moral response. But could you be wrong?

      Vinci Vin

  10. Hi all, I found your article was well put together. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree. But as Vincentians we don’t like change. As like most society.

    We already have these thing existing in little “cobby holes” here and there, and its bring in a little income to feed families. Considering development in that sense to me is making weed, gambling and prostituation safer for participants.

    I am not saying that this is morally right or am I condoning these activities. As a parent I have a daughter and I always say ” I will do what I have to do to provide for her so she wouldn’t have to it”, I guess that’s how mother’s think.

    With that being said I agree that our prison system needs a revaluation. As it is, I think our criminal are being put on “time out”, considering that I also think that most don’t get enough time for their crimes. How I see it once you are imprisoned you should pay back or give back to society. Agricultural and live stock should be a daily task, thus providing for themselves, providing to our hospital and our schools (meats and produce). These are cost that government avoid.

    Our island is little and I don’t think that we are lost or hopeless. I believe that we need to invest in industries and ” hold our own”. We need to find a way to decrease our imports and increase out export. We need to keep our money here!

    That’s my 2cents. Most of these issues can get intense in conversations, but we should use this forum as a means of to discuss how we as people feel about them. NDP or ULP we are the once who are affected when hard times hit.



    1. Thanks Pat Pat. I agree wholeheartedly that we should all be free to voice our opinions- good, bad, or otherwise. Granted, some people will be shy to discuss certain topics in public. But this is a forum where many identities are masked. And, it would be foolish to discard any ideas without looking at it critically from many viewpoints.

      Having a frank discussion of unpopular yet thought-provoking topics may operate to bring forth new ideas for further development. For example, when we venture to discuss the legalization of prostitution for economic gains as is practiced in Las Vegas, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, etc. our sense of Christian purity, moral disdain, righteous indignation, sanctity of the human body becomes conflicted. If we appear to be in support, some might castigate us while others support the idea secretly. But the important thing is not to obtain simple acceptance or denials on the surface. The more useful approach is to drill down beneath the obvious reactions to determine whether there is anything worthy of pursuit. We have to give ourselves the benefit of looking at both sides of the coin before we settle on a firm decision to support or not to engage in the decision. Yet, we must be able to give others the benefit of the doubt and avoid backing ourselves into corners from which it is difficult to escape.

      This is why some people hate lawyers. They sometimes think that lawyers should refuse to defend certain crimes because on the surface the crime might appear to be so egregious that a moral person would not even bother to consider a defense for the criminal. But that’s where the legal profession which originated in ecclesiastical times becomes most vital to society. “There’s a time and season for every purpose under heaven.” Does that allow for the use of one’s body as private property? If yes, does the owner of that property have the rights to enjoy, sell, use, or otherwise employ that private property rights for legally pecuniary gains? Are we free to profit from our individual rights to our body if the manner in which we do so is “legalized”?

      Here is the rub: apart from sexual prostitution, some people already sell their blood, hair, and in rare situations their organs because of necessity. Do we excuse them because it could be a matter of life or death? When do we decide to justify or not justify something that might appear to be morally reprehensible?

      The story of Henrietta Loucks: Henrietta had a rare kind of cancerous cells. They multiplied like crazy. A doctor at Johns Hopkins University in the USA saw the potential to use those cells in the production of vaccines to treat polio and other diseases. Henrietta died from her cancer. But unknown to her family the doctor patented and licensed the cell line to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Billions is generated. Somehow the Loucks estate discovered what had happened to Henrietta’s Cells. They sued on a theory that the doctor had illegally appropriated Henrietta’s rights to the property in her cells. In the final analysis the case was settled and the family donated the rights to a nonprofit organization. They were poor and black African Americans.. I think a book and a movie – The Immortal Henrietta Loucks – documents this story about how doctors and big pharmaceutical companies are exploiting other people’s rights to their body. You can never tell what some of these research hospitals are doing with your cells.

      Now what does this have to do with legalization of prostitution in SVG? Some party or parties might be already profiting from the illegal sex trade in SVG. And the hookers are powerless to assert their rights because the trade is illegal and morally reprehensible. So is that a good cause for legalization? We cannot rule out the idea without further research and discussion even if we have to suppress our sense of morality.

      Throughout this whole exercise you might notice that I have posed more questions than answers. That is because I can never be certain that what I appear to be proposing is the right way to go. That is why you are invited to flesh out the discussions. No one person holds the answers to the solution of our economic problems. Those who pretend to do so have failed miserably. Others are so intellectually dishonest that they would have us believe that there is absolutely nothing we can do in SVG to better our situation. Don’t believe them.

      You and your thoughts/ideas are essential to help Hairouna. Be a contributor to the solution rather than a stuck-in-the- mud obstacle that dissuades others from trying. We will never discover what works if we are brainwashed into lethargy.

      Vinci Vin

  11. Leonard Slater says:

    I do think this person is morally bankrupt, and has no moral conscience or brain. At the same time it may be an idea now being considered by the present administration as a means of developing SVG.. The economy is in shambles, so why not prostitute the citizenry. The scripture states that the fool has said in his heart , there is no God . Corrupt are they,,and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.( Psalm53:1)

    1. I disagree, at least in part. This man does indeed have a moral conscience if only because he would never tolorate his wife or daughter exchanging their bodies for money.

      Alas, as for a brain, he’s always been short by at least one half.

    2. Thanks Leonard Slater. Morally bankrupt eh? How peculiar that “immoral ideas” openly vented would be evidence of moral bankruptcy? So how would you classify those who secretly harbor and/or exercise the immoral activities? For instance Mr.Slater what if it can be proven that a majority of the Vincentian citizenry is already prostituted by their own accord?

      Can you honestly say that SVG society is now so morally pure that it would take external stimuli to lead them astray? And why do you give politicians the power over the citizens?

      This reminds of a common retort my dearly departed friend a Mr. Slater used to say: Boy Vin, if you only know.

      And there’s so much that we do not know about SVG and Vincies.

      Now, how about some moral ideas to counter the immoral ones?


      Vinci Vin

      1. C. ben-David says:

        There you go again with your (and countless others) refraim, this time demanding “some moral ideas” to solve our problems, illogically assuming, as usual, that all human problems have achievable solutions, in the process arbitrarily rejecting my proposition that SVG has little scope for significant economic growth regardless of how hard we try, an assertion that has tons of emprical and historical evidence, including your own decision to migrate to American to better your life because it would have been impossible or difficult to do so back home.

        False pride and empty patriotism are foolish and dangerous forces, my friend. Why not just accept our beautiful God-given country for what it is rather than trying to transform it into something it could never become?

  12. Most of the individuals who have commented on this post are trying to make themselves feel and appear more “righteous/bible bashing” than they actually are in every day life. I won’t be one of those and never claimed to be the conscious of the every day man either. Vin, I 100% agree with some of your “immoral Ideas” for economic growth.

    Idea 1 – Legalisation of Prostitution (Germany). this is a very big part of the German economic model and have been the “bread winning” means for many men and women in that country. however, it works for them because the Government understood the requirement of its nation at the time and swiftly enacted laws for the Adult Entertainment (Sex) industry which boosted a turnover of US$18 billion (Globally – US$186billion). It must however be said the Vincy isn’t the same size both physical and population as Germany. But with the correct rules and guidance, it to can reap the financial rewards.

    Idea 2 – Legalisation of marijuana (Holland & Canada). This is self explanatory and requires primary school level intelligence to see the economic potential!!! It is also expected to be worth around US$30billion in 2019, so why so our farmers and all those involve loose out or receive “peanuts” for their hard work.

    Idea 3 – State Regulated Gambling ( St Kitts and Nevis, Online & Only English Speak). I can totally understand the reservation of building a physical Casino on the mainland of St. Vincent but give the ease in which other islands with the SVG chain is being sold, it would undoubtedly be a very wise investment to use one of those island for such a venture. A foothold in a US$450billion industry, would pay dividends.

    Idea 4 – Introduce chain-gangs for criminal & juvenile delinquents (US Penal System). This is something I supported whole heartedly. There needs to be a visual deterrent from crime and also they must repair the damage they have caused the community. The means of employment your proposed are also well justified.

    The reality however is of a society based on movies, cultures and influences not of our own making. There needs to be a whole Island (Government & People) approach in order to achieve these. The bible bashers will claim, “this is a Christian society”….REALLY?, the educated will moved to carve out their interest in order to line their bank accounts…FACT!! and the poor man will be left to pick up the pieces…ALWAYS!!

  13. Thanks Momesh. Your honesty and practicality are quite refreshing. Some Vincies like to “cut style” in public while leading double lives secretly. When you look at all the teefing, sexual abuse, killings, political victimization, laziness, craziness, religious contradiction, political nastiness, propagation of poverty, and all other signs of gross failure in our society one questions our claim to being a “Christian Society”. Is Christianity being used blasphemously to hide our laziness to act in a scientific manner to solve our problems? Isn’t it immoral to believe that with God all things are possible while prematurely ruling out ideas that might contribute to the debate for finding solutions to our economic problems?

    Here is the crux of the matter: must we consider rethinking what are mostly “victimless crimes” as ways to develop “moral” solutions to society’s problems? Who benefits from keeping our national head stuck in the sand of scientific and economic backwardness? And, how do we get a broad segment of Vincy society to shake off the shackles of “false moral pretense” to usher in a new day of honesty and positive reality? Must we continue to suffer while ignoring opportunities for national development?

    As the saying goes: when given lemons we must learn to make lemonade. Can we transform the ills of SVG into our salvation?

    Thanks again Mockesh.

    Vinci Vin

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