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Graduates Calypso Tent

Maxwell “Tajoe” Francis
Maxwell “Tajoe” Francis (iWN Photo)
Kingsley “Hero” Roberts
Kingsley “Hero” Roberts (iWN Photo)

On Tour Calypso Tent

Kenneth “Vibrating Scakes” Alleyne
Kenneth “Vibrating Scakes” Alleyne (iWN Photo)
Adolphus “I Come” Miller
Adolphus “I Come” Miller (iWN Photo)
Elvis “Abby Jah” Abby
Elvis “Abby Jah” Abby (iWN Photo)

Upstage Xperience Calypso Tent

Fitzroy “Bro Ebony” Joseph
Fitzroy “Bro Ebony” Joseph (iWN Photo)
Shaunelle Mc Kenzie
Shaunelle Mc Kenzie (iWN Photo)
Zamfir “Man Zangie” Admas
Zamfir “Man Zangie” Adams (iWN Photo)
Cleopatra Hendrickson
Cleopatra Hendrickson (iWN Photo)
Shena Collis
Shena Collis (iWN Photo)


Shernelle “Skarpyan” Williams
Shernelle “Skarpyan” Williams of Upstage Xperience (iWN Photo)
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6 replies on “IN PHOTOS: SVG Calypso Monarch Finalists 2018”

  1. All the finalist sound like two well known literature books that I used in school to kill a Mocking Bird and far from the madden crowd. They are very vulgar and lacking a real story as one would expect of calypsonian such as the Might Sparrow, Becket, Soso and the likes.They are shallow in depth and demeaning to women.

  2. The finalist are old men who sing like teenagers, their story fall short of the moral litmus test . They need to reeducate themselves as to the objective of real calypso as it relates to culture.

  3. The Calypsos for this year as a collective, have been the best I have heard in the past ten years. Granted these songs will not be remembered beyond this carnival season but lawd the calypsos in the past years were insufferable.

    I think abbyjah was lucky to be in the finals, Skarpyan should have been in the finals. The only lady I would have picked is the one who had the “party” song, can’t remember her name.

    Whoever has a reasonable strong second song, will win the crown. These first songs can’t put anyone over the top on its own. Front runners for the crown thus far: Scakes, bro Ebony, I come. Tajoe’s song is not as clever as some are making it out to be and in my humble opinion ruled himself out from winning the crown. This is as far as he should go. The song should be restricted for after hrs airtime. But then again, it appears we have lost our sense of decency in Vincyland since the 2001 epidemic of Gonsitis.

    @ Ulp member, apart from tajoe song, what other song in the finals would you consider “vulgar” and “demeaning to women?”

  4. To preserve the integrity and improve on the quality of our carnival on a whole. SVG needs to form a committy of veteran calypso artists and musicians e.g Becket, Winston SoSo , to study and come up with solutions that an improve our festival. Since the early to mid 90s carnival have not shown any improvements and the quality of music has went down in my view. I remembered when our festival used to be second behind Trinidad but now Barbados and Grenada has taken over and competing with Trinidad toe to toe. Part of this has to do with investing in great song writers and producers no matter what country they from in order acquire the best music and stay current with the latest trends. The leaders in control in our cultural department and other offices need to take more pride and step their game up and serve our country.

  5. Society has degenerated when it is deemed as acceptable to sing song that are degrade women. Is this culture? If so when and why it had become part of the norm?

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