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Brothers Kimron, left, and Akeem George.
Brothers Kimron, left, and Akeem George.

Police on Friday issued a wanted person bulletin for two Layou brothers, in connection with an attempted murder investigation.

Police say that Vincentians Kimron and Akeem George are persons of interest in their investigation.

They say that the men are considered to be armed and dangerous and must be approached with caution.

“The Police are soliciting your assistance in locating the subjects. If seen, please contact any police station or Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime at Telephone # 451-2467 or 457-1211 ext. 217 or Officer in charge South Western Division at 458-7229.

“Calls would be treated confidentially,” the bulletin said.

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3 replies on “Layou brothers wanted for attempted murder”

  1. I am surprised but I would like to know how come we don’t have any Crime Stoppers Hotline and I don’t know how services working in SVG, but what about 119 services..As I know in other countries, you can call their 119 or 911 depends on where you are, and you can use your mobile phone even if it has been disconnected. Just a thought.

  2. C. ben-David says:

    “Attempted murder” of whom, using what means, and for what reason?

    Layou people must known this, so why doesn’t IWNews which could use the term “alleged” or “according to reliable sources” to protect itself from a charge of defamation?

    I’m sure that if I knew anybody in Layou, i could find all this out in a heartbeat.

  3. how come no one hearing anything about the rosebank man that was taken up by the police for sexually assaulting a 10 yrs old two weeks ago the media silent on that why the cover up

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