The deceased, Akeem "Tallman" Bess.

Carnival celebrations in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have been marred by the shooting death Monday morning of a man in the heart of the nation’s capital, as revellers were going home from J’ouvert celebrations.

Akeem Bess, 27, of Ottley Hall, died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in Kingstown around 11:20 a.m. Monday, where he had been taken after being shot several hundred yards away more than an hour earlier.

The shooting took place at the entrance to Plant Shop in Kingstown. (iWN photo)

Witnesses say that Bess was shot multiple times just outside Plant Shop, an entertainment spot near Lower Bay Street and Rose Place, that has the scene of a number of shootings over the past few years.

One witness said that a man wearing a blue hoodie shot Bess then in the direction of the beach in Rose Place after committing the crime.

When iWitness News visited the scene Monday morning, Bess had already been taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, and there were reports that he was dead.

Mother of the deceased, Roxanne Bess-Johnny, second from left, is consoled at the scene.

However, his mother, Roxanne Bess-Johnny, told iWitness News that her son had been taken into emergency surgery and that he was “fighting for his life”.

A senior police officer told iWitness News shortly after noon that the constabulary had been informed that Bess had died.

Bess’ death comes just about 18 months after police had issued a wanted-person bulletin or him in connection with a January 2017 robbery in Edinboro.

On Monday, as police began their initial investigations, homicide investigators went to the home of a man who himself had been shot and injured inside Plant Shop a few years ago.

Police left the home without apprehending anyone.


  1. Isn’t time they close down that place!!
    Any one who knows Kingstown and the owner of this place know a what goes on there …
    Man must live , but it’s time for this place to go


    This appeared more of a ‘…Targeted Killing’ than it was with ‘…Carnival reveling.’

    Last month, it was a vendor who appeared to have ‘…lived and died by the sword’
    [Sister wants justice: Searchlight News]. This month is another victim of gun violence.

    These speak to ‘…gun proliferation; …easy access and frequent use by ‘…trigger-happy
    gunmen, resulting in sorrowful consequences.

    Moses Law dictates the declaration of war on ‘…reckless gunmen and cold-blooded killers.’

    Law enforcement may wish to use every available means ‘…lawful or unlawful,’
    in removing these ‘…dangerous elements’ from the rest of society.

  3. Every Monday morning police raiding that business place and every Tuesday morning some kind of killing going on around there what happens kisses goes by favor. Time to step in before more lives lost.

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