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armed robbery

Three students were among a number of persons robbed at gunpoint in Richmond Hill on July 6, as the final weekend of carnival began.

Police said they are investigating a series of robberies that occurred at Richmond Hill between 3 a.m. July 6 and 3:30 a.m. on July 07.

The Police Public Relations Department said in its regular bulletin on Friday that reports are that a group of unidentified men, armed with guns, committed the crimes.

The assailants robbed students Shanella Stay, 18, of Diamond, and Celine Ambris, 19, and Kayanna Cambridge, 17, both of Brighton, along with Danielle Gilbert, 23, a clerk, of Mesopotamia; Lesroy Baptiste, 26, a bartender of Ratho Mill; and Alrain Johnson, 43, a joiner, of Mckies Hill.

The victims were relieved of items valued over EC$1,755.

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Also, police are investigating a series of robberies that occurred at North River Road, Kingstown, between 8:30 p.m. and 11:45 p.m. on July 10 — Carnival Tuesday.

According to reports, three unidentified men, armed with a gun, robbed Jason Burnette, 43, of Trinidad and Tobago and Stephen Sam, 26, of Old Montrose, of a quantity of items valued EC$1,057and TT$2,300

The police are also investigating a report of robbery made by Ansil Commissiong, a 56-year-old driver of Lowmans Windward.

Police said that on July 10 at 7:30 a.m. at New Montrose, an unidentified man, armed with a gun, robbed Commissiong of one gold-plated neck chain valued EC$1,000 and EC$550 in cash.

Police are soliciting the assistance of the public regarding information that could help to solve these crimes.