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Police have confirmed that a body was found Wednesday afternoon in the Byera area.

They were, however, unable to say, at this time, whether the death is a suspected homicide.

Manager of NICE Radio, Douglas De Freitas, said via WhatsApp Wednesday afternoon that body is that of a female friend of the station, who has been missing for two days now.

He said that the body is that of a Byera woman, who he identified by name.

De Freitas identified the woman by name, but iWitness News is withholding the name, pending independent verification.

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One reply on “Body found in Byera area”

  1. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Well, not sure what obtains in this jurisdiction. In others, as in Antigua and Barbuda,
    law enforcement treats every death, particularly where the ‘…Cause is not
    known,’ with suspicion.’

    The initial investigation takes into consideration a ‘…possible homicide until the
    contrary is proved;’ that is to say, until a ‘…pathologist performs an autopsy or
    post mortem.’

    Through a report the ‘…Coroner and Police’ would be advised of his/her findings.

    If ‘…Natural Causes,’ then ‘…Warrant to Bury (where Inquest is Unnecessary)
    would be issued. Investigation ceases.

    If a ‘…violent or unnatural death,’ then investigation continue to find and
    apprehend the murderer or murderers.

    Let us hope it is not one for the dreaded statistics – murder.

    My relatives at Colonarie who knew the deceased,(but not sufficiently familiar) gave the name

    Condolences to the bereaved family, loved ones and friends.

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