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The Aug. 22 stabbing death of Brenda Layne was caught on surveillance footage in Kingstown. (Photo: Facebook)
The Aug. 22 stabbing death of Brenda Layne was caught on surveillance footage in Kingstown. (Photo: Facebook)

A 48-year-old mother of six died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital Wednesday morning, moments after being stabbed at Lower Bay Street, Kingstown.

Dead is Brenda Layne, of Chauncey, originally of the neighbouring South Leeward village of Rillan Hill.

Police say that they have a man in custody assisting their investigations into the woman’s death.

Layne, a security guard with Humble Security Services Ltd., is said to have been stabbed while on her way home.

She was frequently assigned to work at St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd., in Paul’s Avenue, but iWitness News was unable to ascertain whether she was on- or off-duty when she was mortally injured.

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Police say that they have no evidence that her killing was the result of a robbery, as has been rumoured among members of the public and reported by some media outlets.

Police, however, stopped short of telling iWitness News what theories they are pursuing regarding the killing.

An autopsy was being arranged, and could be performed on Thursday, police say.

Meanwhile, Layne’s eldest child, Grace Layne-Joseph told iWitness News that she was still in shock over the sudden death of her mother.

Layne-Joseph said she has heard a lot of rumours about how her mother met her death.

“It’s really shaken me up,” she told iWitness News via telephone Wednesday afternoon.

“Right now, it’s just like a lot of rumours going around.

“I heard she was on her way home when somebody attacked her, stabbed her in the neck… But I am not sure because when everybody was talking, I was still in a state of shock. Right now, I can’t even focus right now,” the grieving woman told iWitness News.

“Everybody is just in s state of shock and torn up right now,” she further said, when asked about her sibling.

The death of the woman has shocked and angered residents of her hometown, Rillan Hill, where she was remembered as a jovial and easy-going person who joyfully greeted residents when she met them, although she had moved out of the village for some time.

Layne’s death is the second murder and the third killing in St. Vincent and the Grenadines since last Friday and brings the homicide count this year to 21.

She was killed on a day that 24-year-old security guard, Anwar Jack, of Georgetown, would appear at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, charged with the murder of travel agent supervisor Ian Enoch.

Police are alleging that Jack murdered Enoch, 48, of Brighton, originally of Trinidad, at Argyle sometime between 8 p.m. on Friday and 10:40 a.m. on Saturday, by chopping him about his body with a cutlass.

On Monday, police released without charge, pending further investigation, Andrew Knights, a 49-year-old fisherman, who was in custody assisting with the investigation into the death of Maxwell “Bad Money” Nash.

Acting Commissioner of Police Colin John said on Monday that Nash, 40, originally of Chateaubelair, died on the beach in Rose Place, Kingstown, reportedly after an altercation with Knights.

John, in a written statement to the media, said: “On Saturday, August 18, 2018, officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) responded to a call that there was a man lying on the beach in Rose Place who appeared to be dead.

“On arrival on the scene, the police met a man who was later identified as Maxwell “Bad Money” Nash, 40-year-old fisherman of Chateaubelair, lying on the said beach with multiple stab wounds about his body.”

The district medical officer was summoned to the scene and pronounced Nash dead.

14 replies on “Mother of 6 dies after being stabbed in Kingstown; suspect in custody”

  1. Mr. Chance, do you actually read these articles before you publish them? E.g. you start with: “A 48-year-old mother of six died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital Wednesday morning, moments after being stabbed at Lower Bay Street, Kingstown.” and you end with: “On arrival on the scene, the police met a man who was later identified as Maxwell “Bad Money” Nash, 40-year-old fisherman of Chateaubelair, lying on the said beach with multiple stab wounds about his body. The district medical officer was summoned to the scene and pronounced Nash dead.” An entirely different story which you had already covered in another article.
    And, of course the cops are not going to share information about an ongoing investigation with you. And, How could the woman be on duty if she was at bottom-town on her way home at the time of the incident. And on and on.
    You know, quality is better than quantity. Take your time and get it right. I am not trying to bust your balls. I make mistakes too but I don’t publish a newspaper.

    1. Kumbiyah my Lord. Kumbiyah.

      I’m glad someone else said it too because I am often ridiculed when I address all that you have there in previous posts. Same stories rehashed 7 times to add to new stories. Stories that are merged that will confuse readers and as to the “facts” of some of these stories smh…

      In a quest to be the first, a lot of these online publications, leave a lot to be desired.

      1. It is starting to look like tabloid news. I made a comment about the lack of sports-reporting and other relevant news. He didn’t publish that comment but the day after he had an article about sports. That was not the first time. Once I sent him an email about internet research, with sensitive content in it, and he promptly published it. SMH.

    2. Starting to look like tabloid news? To me, its been like this forever. Read that distasteful story on the Bishop that lacks so much on every front. I’m no journalist but common sense dictates…

      But hey, its his page so he’s free to post. We dont have to read lol

  2. Greater police presence are needed on our streets i.e. more patrol cars and men. Stricter enforcement is required against all forms of weapons be it knives, guns, cutlass, daggers etc. Additionally, the police, churches, non governmental organizations and the government needs to engage our communities and youth more frequently on social issues. Finally, a network of CCTV is required at strategic points across SVG and in the more vulnerable communities.

  3. There is no mention of what time it occured. It just says morning. The article states the poor woman died moments after being stabbed. There must be some record at the hospital of when she arrived. I think the time is important for readers to know because with the rise in crime in SVG many want to know when it is less safe to be out on the streets.
    As so many have stated and so many have denied that the escalation in crime goes up with the decline in our economy. Economics is not the only reason why our crime rate is getting worse, but it is the main reason, as it has always been the case from the beginning of time in every part of the world. If our government starts to lower the taxes, investors may start to invest in our economy to create an environment that discourages crime and instead encourages job creation. I wonder when our government will get a brain and the very stupid people will wake-up, those that say no one robs people because they want money, they do it for fun?
    Those that say these things give our government license to continue legally robbing us and making SVG an economic prison for those that cannot afford a very expensive Liat flight to go where things are better.

  4. I wonder if Julian Francis will tell us this older mother was a member of a gang or that she was involved in the drug trade. It is unusual how these government officials are silent when people of this mother’s position meet a violent death. All of those that have died in recent days do not seem to be gang members. Does the government still want us to believe that the streets of Saint Vincent are so very safe?

  5. Part of the problem is the economic situation coupled with the government lackadaisical approach to address the problem that is deeply routed in our lethargic criminal justice system. Belle Isle is a revolving door for criminala and at the current rate if incarceration, the capacity of the prison will be over exceeded resulting in a breeding ground for criminals.

    The government has to find some means of implementing capital punishment, the like like Lovelace who murdered the 12 year old child in Sion Hill should not be eating steak at taxpayers expense. He was convicted and should have been hanged a long time ago.

    We have the like of Compay Trimmingham sitting in jail. What will happen when Coco Collin David is realeased. He will certainly join the rank and file of others like himself? Folkso it will only get worse.

  6. A serious turn of events on the island…The tugs and criminal elements have become the ruling class… I described what was observed 6 years ago as a tinder box; the level of lawlessness and the lack of will to address what could have been viewed as nuisances,I.e, failure to enforce noise ordinances,wanton loitering, to name of few.
    The authorities and citizens have failed to realize that lawlessness is incramental,yet accumalative,validating to old adage: “You give them an inch,they will take a yard !”

  7. Some people have legal training, journalism expertise, political learning and everything else under the sun… there are too many C.Bens reading Kenton’s articles with the focus on using their own intellect to look for journalism flaws as opposed to focusing on the real issues… to tell you the truth the technique which Kenton uses to link similar stories does not confuse me at all.. it merely emphasises the issue i.e the number of similar crimes within a relatively short space of time. It also serves well for the reader who may not have read ‘older’ stories to get a glimpse of the climate of what’s happening…If this technique is not yet approved in the media circles well Kenton is on to something that may well make a good scholarly article, which of course will lend itself to good critiquing …
    P.S. I graduated with a 1st Class Hons in Media & Communications and don’t give a crap what flaws are found in my writing or more so my opinions…stick to legal and common sense you overly critical hypocrites …

  8. I too hold a BS in Communications and a BA with Honors in Film production. I have been featured in mainstream media outlets, been interviewed on television and magazines and have received awards for my work. I have traveled all over the world and read quite a lot. I even have a library at home. I gain nothing from personally from critiquing Mr. Chance. Nor do I need to.
    A proper Newspaper should be done with a certain level of professionalism. My only intent here is to contribute in a positive way. I read other Caribbean based newspapers and believe this is not one of the better ones. The trouble with many Vincentian is that they can’t handle criticism and their arguments a lot of the times is steeped in ignorance. I suppose now that I can expect a lot of hate mail.

  9. every news outlet an articles have flaws or messages one can critique , whether local international or foreign e.g. just take a look at CNN etc….given that they are also different levels as you continue to grow your professional standards in any job or trade ……both arguments have reasonable merits in their own perspective

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