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Evita Dublin's decomposing body was found, wearing only her underwear. (iWN photo)
Evita Dublin’s decomposing body was found, wearing only her underwear. (iWN photo)
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There is no evidence of foul play in the death of the 76-year-old Byera woman whose decomposing body was found wedged between two trees last Wednesday, two days after she was last seen alive.

Police, in their regular bulletin, said on Monday that a post mortem concluded that Evita Dublin died as a result of positional asphyxia.

Positional asphyxia, also known as postural asphyxia, is a form of asphyxia, which occurs when someone’s position prevents the person from breathing adequately, Wikipedia says.

A person accidentally falling into a narrow space and remaining in an upside-down position with no timely recovery may experience positional or postural asphyxia.

The police further said the autopsy found no signs of rape or any physical injuries indicating that there was foul play involved.

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There was speculation, including by Dublin’s oldest son, Freddie Dublin, who found her body during a search, that his mother had been raped and killed.

He came to the conclusion based on the fact that the woman was wearing only her underwear and her dress seemed to have been ripped off when her body was found.

5 replies on “No evidence of foul play in death of Byera woman”

  1. So I’m assuming that they have concluded that this 76 years old mom and grandma climbed the tree ripped off her clothes and decided to die only in her underwear. What a joke.

  2. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Though there may have been no ‘…physical evidence of foul play,’
    it is still baffling as to her ‘…mode of dress and the seemingly
    ‘…wedged position between two trees'[ IWN: August 2018].

    What if someone had ‘…wedged’ her between the trunks of the trees?

    Even as the pathologist has found no evidence suggestive of foul play,
    the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is empowered to order a full
    Coroner’s inquest into the death.

    The circumstances surrounding her death are likely to be revealed.

    Family members might wish to consider this course.before a ‘…Warrant
    to Bury (Where Inquest is Unnecessary) is issued by the Coroner.

  3. Ricardo Francis says:

    Here are some of my concerns on this issue:

    1. Was a forensic pathological examination performed to make these determinations?;

    2. Do we have the required legislation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to make pathological determinations?;

    3. Do we have a trained forensic pathologist in the nation’s employ?;

    4. In situations of this nature, three forensic pathological reports should and must be ordered;

    5. Was the determination of her death made to satisfy a political agenda?

    6. This was a woman of the fields, the mountains, the lands, a salt of the earth person and knew that particular area where she was found;

    7. Did she witness something that she should not have seen?;

    8. Did she know something that she should not have known?;

    9. How far was she found from the Roads? The Mountain William Estate Property? The Residence of Ralph Gonsalves in Gorse? from her home?;

    10. Did she die to prevent her from speaking, the TRUTH?;

    11. How decomposed was her body?;

    12. How do you explain the position in which she was found?:

    13. How do you explain the removal of her clothes?; and

    14. Are their any eye witnesses to what happened to her?

    Peter Gonsalves and Eric Hadley are two persons who were mudered in this area. Peter Gonsalves, the paternal uncle of Ralph Gonsalves was murdered in the 1940s. Eric Hadley, a former and late owner of the Mount William Estate was mudered in the 1930s.

    I am of the view that there are other murders and people buried in this area, historically. A former estate manager, an old army colonel, is buried on the hill over looking Byera. There is a lot of history in this particular area.

    Ricardo Francis, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Waiting and in the Making

  4. This is a joke. What is happening with St. Vincent justice system. People need to come together and do something and don’t let this go like that.

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