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An internet photo of a male in handcuffs.
An internet photo of a male in handcuffs.
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Two men are scheduled to return to court today on charges related to the Aug. 17 robbery, in Villa, of two US-based Vincentians.

Deron Bristol, 23, and Timothy Nickie, 17, both labourers, of Glen, were denied bail when they appeared before Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

They are charged that on Aug. 5, 2018, at Villa, being armed with a gun, they robbed Olivia Kirby, 54, of the United States of a green leather wallet valued US$100, a white iPhone 8 plus, value US$800, and at the time of so doing and in order to do so, put Kirby in fear and subject to force.

The men were also charged that on the same date and place, being armed with a gun, they robbed Christa Gumbs, of the United States, of a red wallet, value US$120, a makeup set, value US$200, a bag, value US$350, and US$120 in cash; and at the time of so doing and in order to do so, put Gumbs in fear and subject to force.

They were not required to plea to the indictable charges.

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The prosecution objected to bail on the grounds that police were continuing investigations into other reported crimes and it was feared that if released on bail, the men could hamper the investigations.

They men were remanded into custody.

Separately, Nickie became the third person, joining two 16-year-old youths, on charges in connection with the Aug. 17 recent abduction of four young women at Villa and a burglary at Ratho Mill.

4 replies on “Men charged with robbery of US-based Vincies ”

  1. Bunch of careless youths, sole intention is to commit crime, the cell awaits them. Mr Magistrate, spare none, strong message must be sent. Kudos to the RSVGPF, plans reaping benefit.

  2. Professor King says:

    These teens don’t know what is hard work. Even though the economic climate is hard in SVG, it seems that these youths don’t want to work hard, and don’t want to be content with basic needs provision. They want easy and quick wealth, even through unscrupulous means. I remember asking two young men idling on the block, to work as labourers for a fortnight, and they almost laughed at the idea. No, man, youth man won’t push concrete. Youth man won’t even go and work the lands to grow vegetables and provisions. I believe strongly that the lazy attitude of some of our youths is owed to the mass-cultural infusion which took flight in the 1990s. Now, the youth culture is to become “gettho”, hustle a fast living, without bursting a sweat. Men in society need to teach these youths how to function as men: teach them discipline, the desire for hard work, the glory of honest labor and success.

  3. Mica country Montreal, Quebec Canada says:

    The youths want easy dallars . They don’t want their hands fingers get dirty in mud or anything consider messy so the best ulternative is to robb others from their hard sweat labour . Mr, and Mrs Judges send all of them to prison once they found guilty of any crimes committed. Let them learn how to labour. Too many youth idlying on the block Sun rise to Sun down.

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