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Vandyke Sutherland was jailed for threatening to chop up his mother.
Vandyke Sutherland was jailed for threatening to chop up his mother.
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A Sandy Bay man has been jailed for two months for threatening to chop up his 60-year-old mother and sell her “old meat”.

Magistrate Bertie Pompey handed down the sentence on 29-year-old Vandyke Sutherland at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on Monday after finding him guilty of a charge that he used threatening language to his mother on April 28.

The court heard that on April 28, 2018, about 5 p.m., Vandyke’s mother, Kathrine Sutherland, was sitting a flight of steps at her home in the North Windward village.

Her son was sitting on a stone under a grape tree and when she looked in his direction, the man told his mother,  “Yo’ stinking mudder ***t, whey de f*** yuh watching me fah?”

He repeated the statement.

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The woman told the court that she felt bad after her son spoke in such a manner to her.

She, therefore, told him,  “Vandyke, ah me you really ah cuss? I leave you in the name of the Lord; only Jesus can change you”.

She said that she, too, repeated her statement to her son.

Vandyke then said, “You see all like you!” and went inside the house, returning soon after with a file and cutlass.

He proceeded to use the file to sharpen the cutlass.

“He tell me, ‘Ah go chop up you mudder c*** and who want old meat to buy, they would get it and even when your man come, I will chop up his mudder c*** too,” the mother told the court.

She said she was disturbed by her son’s threats so she filed a report with police.

The woman told the court it was not the first time that her son was using threatening language to her.

“Did you do him anything at all for him to threaten you?” asked prosecutor, Sergeant of Police Delroy Tittle.

The woman said no.

The magistrate then proceeded to ask the defendant if he had any questions for the virtual complainant.

“Nah. She me mother. No questions,” the man responded.

“Just waiting on the penalty… is like she pinning a bomb on me,” he further said.

He added:

“Me and my mother have this thing going on long. I was sharpening cutlass to go mountain on my grandmother land.  My mother start to argue over my grandmother land and I ignore she. She leave and gone ah road to bear up and say she ah pray pon me. How me go chop up me mother?  She no get no love for me.”

Asked by the prosecutor why, during cross-examination, he did not tell his mother that he didn’t threaten her, as alleged, Mr. Sutherland said:

“This is overbearing. And, yes, I cuss her already. On 28th April, me nah cuss she, me nah use those words to my mother.”

The magistrate found the man guilty, telling him, “You should be ashamed of yourself to say all these words to your mother — and you’re not even ashamed.

“This is how you treat your mother?” the magistrate further said.

8 replies on “Man threatens to chop up his mother, sell her ‘old meat’”

  1. 2 Timothy 3:13. They really going from worse to even worse. Hope when he comes out he does not carry out his evil threat. They should send him for psychiatric evaluation, though he might just be plain wicked. Who sensible person would want to kill his mother who caused his birth???????

  2. Rawlston Pompey says:


    ‘…April 28 to September 24, 2018!’

    If not in ‘…preventive custody,’ a pretty long time for sober
    reflection and restraint.

    Not sure what the Police did or did not do.

    Would be interesting to know.

    Behavior despicable; …language and attitude to mother –
    atrocious; …punishment- lenient.

    Parents (fathers/mothers) please be guided by the Holy
    Scripture ‘..Ephesians 6: 4.’

    Better to read it directly and quietly from a Bible.

    Never know what the devil may put in the head.or hand.

    1. Annis Oatelia Creese says:

      Bagga, maybe so, but he needs psychological or psychiatric help. His words were too terrible to the woman who gave him birth. Sometimes we don’t have the best circumstances; poverty, neglect, uncaring. However, each one must show empathy and be respectful to child and to parent.

  3. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Yes ‘CLP.’ Born right there in St. Vincent in a little village named ‘…Colonarie.’

    Though resident in Antigua and Barbuda, still keep abreast.
    As your pseudonym suggests, do not let your heart corrupt your mind.

    Editor Kenton Chance would be happy to know that you are also following as
    you have been doing at the Antiguan websites.

    Welcome to visit. Go to the ‘…Colonarie River;’ catch or buy some
    ‘…tri-tri.’ Make some ‘…tri-tri cakes.’

    A very tasty delicacy. Nice with hot pepper-green or grounded.
    You may also wish to try the ‘…manicou stew’ (opossum).

    However, when eating, mind what you might accidentally do to your fingers.

  4. Rawlston Pompey says:


    You have not contributed meaningfully to the discussion.

    Sure if you had placed your focus on the reporter’s
    account of what transpired at Court, you may have
    gleaned something.

    It is this simple;

    Reporter brought to his website visitors a very disturbing
    incident between ‘…son and mother,’

    His language, behavior and attitude were so outrageous,
    that she sough Police intervention.
    A son with a machete, filing away and using threatening
    language, what shall a mother do?

    The reporter gave two versions, ‘…his mother and himself.’

    The Magistrate believed his mother’s version.
    Accordingly, found him guilty and dished out a two month
    custodial on him.

    Not sure what was so hard to understand from the comment.

    Sure if you read the Scripture, you may understand that better
    than the comment you seemed to have trouble understanding.

    If you do, and do not understand, well there might be a
    problem that no one can take responsibility for.

    In all sincerity, terribly sorry for your troubles Ed.

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