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Accused murderer, Jerome Ollivierre.
Accused murderer, Jerome Ollivierre.
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A Mayreau man has been charged with the murder of security guard Rodney George, who was found dead at his workplace in Arnos Vale on Sept. 1.

The accused man, Jerome Ollivierre, a 36-year-old tour guide, is also charged with burglarising G.E.C. Auto Building/Tyre Shop at Arnos Vale.

He reportedly committed the crimes between Aug. 31 and Sept. 1, at Arnos Vale.

Rodney George
Security guard Rodney George was stabbed to death. (Photo: Facebook)

Police are alleging that Ollivierre killed George, a 50-year-old security guard, of Victoria Village, by stabbing him in his neck with an unknown object.

George, who worked with Professional Security Services, was killed while on duty and became the nation’s 23rd homicide victim this year.

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Ollivierre is also accused of stealing EC$2,170 in cash from the G.E.C building.

Ollivierre has been remanded in custody and is scheduled to reappear in court on Friday, Oct. 12.

3 replies on “Mayreau man charged with murder”

  1. Its time enough these securities have some sort of protection on them each company should be having license guns for they guards or they gonna keep loosing they lives its one of the most dangerous jobs and to be unarmed in our society is like a death sentance so please organization and firms plz make and effort to keep ur guards safe and gv them some sort of protection

    1. Most ordinary police are not armed. So how can you expect the government to allow untrained and low paid security guards to be armed. First, they would shoot themselves in the foot. Second, they would kill several innocent bystanders in an fruitless effort to stop some kind of criminal activity. It would be far better to equip well trained security personnel with even better trained attack dogs. Our people are more afraid of bad dogs than anything else in the world.

  2. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Armed or unarmed, the ‘…element of surprise,’ has been the critical factor for
    the criminals.

    A man with a firearm is no more safer than one without. The ‘…Crime Triangle’
    suggest this.

    The unsuspecting person (i) ,,,never know the intention of the criminal; (ii) …the
    unsuspecting never know that he/she is being identified as victim; and (iii) …there is
    the element of surprise.’

    The deceased was reportedly stabbed in the neck, suggesting a surprise attack from behind.

    While victims may have eerie feelings in some places, criminals often strike without warning.

    Were not a Minister’s wife, a female and male police officer, one going to work and the other
    going home (near to Stubbs Police Station) [IWN:September 25, 2018], recently robbed?

    They never knew that they were targeted.

    While one should be conscious, alert and know his/her surroundings, the possibility exists
    for sudden criminal attacks.

    Potential victims may not only look where they are going, but also look to see who is
    ‘…standing; …approaching; or …following.’ Where possible, run like hell to get away.

    Be on the alert; …Be conscious.


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