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A firetruck responds to a call in Kingstown in November 2014. The government is buying fire trucks for Georgetown and the leeward side of St. Vincent. (Photo: Ashford Peters/Facebook)
A firetruck responds to a call in Kingstown in November 2014. The government is buying fire trucks for Georgetown and the leeward side of St. Vincent. (Photo: Ashford Peters/Facebook)
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The government will purchase a fire truck each to serve the Georgetown and North Leeward areas.

“I was very concerned that a conurbation like Georgetown didn’t have a fire truck and the same thing down on the leeward side,” Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves told a press conference last week.

“And I told you that we are going to buy two. Well, they are supposed to be here at the end of November. They cost US$600,000,” he said, adding that the vehicles will arrive at the end of November.

“They were assessed to be by the people from fire, the technical people, that they will be useful,” the prime minister said.

Currently, a fire truck is dispatched from Kingstown to respond to a blaze anywhere in St. Vincent, where the distances from Kingstown are at times in excess of 20 miles.

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Gonsalves said:

“Sometimes you have some very small fires — house, where even by the time the big fire tender comes from town, the place burn down. A lot of small houses and the like. So this is what we have purchased to help to strengthen that.”

He said this was being done in consultation with Central Water and Sewerage Authority to ensure there are proper facilities for the hydrants “and upping our game in that regard”.

8 replies on “Gov’t to purchase fire trucks for G’town, Leeward”

  1. This is a highly commendable effort by the Government. Kudos to the PM and his team.

    In the absence of fire hydrants in some areas however, we need to buy or hire two water trucks to support these fire tenders. This will prevent the tenders from leaving the the scene of the fire thus giving the fire an opportunity to reignite and spread. The water trucks will replenish the fire truck while on scene, which will make it easier to suppress or extinguish the fire.

    With all that said. I still believe we are to get rid of personal income tax and reform the tax structure.

  2. Eighteen years too late for those who have lost their homes already.

    The fire truck in Kingstown is falling apart and is not roadworthy. The firemen in Kingstown have never been known to put out a house fire within their own districts never mind Georgetown. Leaking hose, incompetent operators, and the truck even known to arrive with empty water tanks.

    The regime and dynasty is panicking and trying to fulfil social needs and requirements hoping in doing so they will not be given the boot.

    1. Because Al stand pipes cannot produce the volume because of the supply pipe size. Have you got no common sense? Do you just say things without using your brain to work out theory and practice first?

      1. oh im sorry the common individual knows this lol……..1st . i asked and didnt say they should do it . 2nd I dont proclaim to be an expert in any or every field or discussion . 3rd maybe if you had a brain you understand the difference in someone asking an honest question and someone making a factual statement .
        also base on what you said does that mean that pipes cant get dug up and replace to supply the proper requirements .

  3. I remember that many years ago one was stationed in places like Barrouallie. So if the traffic lights are recommissioned am I to congratulate the government also. They were there about 20 years ago.

  4. Two more houses completely lost to fire in the last week, they couldn’t start the truck and ended up police and public push starting it.

    There should be at least eight trucks stationed at at intervals in prominent parts of the country.

    It has been said before the firemen have no interest in their job, playing dominoes when they should be washing and polishing the truck every day. The truck should also be started daily to ensure it’s in working order.

    Labour love does not include a fire service that works.

    When this new truck is located at Georgetown it will also have to service Kingstown and all the Leeward coast because the Kingstown firetruck does not work, and neither do the firemen.

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