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Commissioner of Police Colin John says investigators have “cogent information” about the identity of the persons who let off a barrage of gunfire in Paul’s Avenue midnight Saturday, killing one man and injuring three others.

“In fact, we went in search of them yesterday. It is just a matter of time before we arrest those persons. We are also asking the public to assist us with whatever information or whatever evidence we can really [use to] secure a conviction in this matter and other matters,” he said on Boom FM on Monday.

Police say that about 12:25 a.m. on Sunday, at Paul’s Avenue, three unidentified assailants shot four men.

Len Stowe, a 42-year-old pushcart operator, originally of Bequia, died while Farax Prescott, 40, Sinbino King, 48, and Errol Hector a 17-year-old college student are in hospital in a stable conditions.

John also said a woman was shot in Ottley Hall Sunday night. He added that she gave the name of her assailant and police are on the search for him.

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The Police Public Relations and Complaints Department said in its regular bulletin on Tuesday that police are investigating a report of attempted murder made upon a 23-year-old security guard of Ottley Hall, on Oct. 15, by Lara Carter, a 26-year- old labourer of Ottley Hall.

Police say Carter allegedly shot the virtual complainant in both legs with a gun about 9:03 p.m. at Ottley Hall.

Lara Carter Bennisha Baptiste
Lara Carter, left, and Bennisha Baptiste. (iWN file photos)

The virtual complainant is said to be Benisha Baptiste, a woman with whom Carter had a relationship and a child who died this year and with whom Carter was jointly charged with gun-related offences earlier this year.

In his call to the radio station, John also said that police are still searching for a Union Island man, alias “Bad Boy”, in connection with a recent shooting on the southern Grenadine island.

“We are asking him, if he is listening or if someone who knows him is listening, to give up himself. We have sent out bulletins as regards him and would really prefer for him to give up himself. The police are utilising resources in search of him and would really prefer to divert these resources in a different way.”

Meanwhile, John said that the fact that the homicide count so far this year — 25 — is lower than the corresponding period last year is no consolation to the relatives of persons who have been killed.

“One death is one too many and you cannot go to the relatives of the persons and tell them well, okay, we reduced the murders by 2 per cent or five per cent or whatever when they have a relative who was killed in the process,” John said.

“So we have to pull out all the stops, we have to make sure the police step up on their duty, consolidate on their strong areas and really work on the areas that we are not doing too well.

“We also have to make sure that we build a strong relationship with the public and encourage them to assist them in the crime-fighting effort because at the end of the day, it’s all in our efforts to make St. Vincent and the Grenadines safe,” he said.

Police are soliciting the assistance of the public in reporting any information that will aid in the successful prosecution of the assailants in these matters.

The public is advised to contact the ACP in charge of Crimes at 1784-456-1339 or the ASP in-charge of C.I.D at 1784 456-1810, in respect of any information.

4 replies on “Police have ‘cogent information’ about Paul Lot shooters”

  1. Many of these murders would be quickly solved if eyewitnesses and others cooperated with the police. They usually do not do so for various reasons: fear of retribution from the assailant(s) or those closely associated with them; personal involvement in the crime; shame about labelled a snitch; and a well founded believe that the police will not be able to protect them from retribution.

    What we need is a high value reward system for information leading the the arrest and conviction of a murder suspect — at least $EC 25,000 — and/or an effective informant protection system.

    As far as the murder rate this year is concerned, it is indeed below the level of the last two years at this point, something that must be giving the leader of the official opposition, Godwin Friday, sleepless nights because he has staked the entire credibility of his NDP on a murder rate of over 40 this year.

  2. When criminals are considered armed and dangerous, there should be no time speared to get them into custody. A canine unit should be considered; it will cut down on the running around.
    Meanwhile, I like the assurance coming from the Commissioner. Great job reaching out to the public.

  3. Go and search and stop give notice of information to the public or you all will never find who the criminals are, although you find a criminal advice for police stop sell you all self out and be undercover

  4. There is a problem b with b the criminal justice system in St Vincent. Belleisle act like a revolving doors for ciminals. They go in and they come out. That’s what it folks they come out hardcore.

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