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Shania Johnson

The female body found in Akers Sunday morning is that of 19-year-old Shania Johnson, who was last seen by her family Friday morning.

Police say Johnson’s mother identified her daughter’s body at the scene.

The body had some injuries to the face but no obvious punctures or fracture, a senior police officer told iWitness News Sunday afternoon.

The Biabou resident, who is a mother of a 10-month-old baby, was last seen on Friday when she left home to go to Kingstown to collect her salary and purchase items for her child.

Johnson was employed under the government’s Support for Education and Training programme and was assigned to the  New Prospect Primary School. 

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One of Johnson’s relative told iWitness News Saturday morning that her family became concerned when she did not return home Friday night. 

“… she left home to go to work since yesterday morning and was lost of contact in the afternoon,” one of Johnson’s cousins told iWitness News.

“Up to this hour, there’s no sign of her, no messages, no call, her phone is off.

“She has a young baby, so she wouldn’t go out or sleep out without her family (sic) knowledge. Apparently one of her family member called and she said a male picked up and said she’s dead, and hang up,” the relative said via WhatsApp.

12 replies on “19-y-o mother found dead in Akers”

    1. Police should pick you up for questioning seems like you have pertinent information in this matter. Stop passing judgment on the deceased, let her relatives moan her death in peace.

  1. Duke DeArment says:

    It makes a murder even more sad when the victim is a young, beautiful, responsible person that makes a positive contribution to society. Not to mention the fate of the small child. What sort of evil people commit such acts against good people? It really makes you angry that we have such sick people in our world society. Condolences to her relatives.

  2. David Benjamin, I dont know you and I dont care to, what I do care about is your far fetched opinion. You obviously have no idea who this young woman was and the events that led up to her very violent, horrific and untimely death so STFU and take a seat. Get your facts straight and come correct. Thank you.


  3. Obviously foul play is involved, she did not die a natural death. My condolences to the family, I am sick and tired of hearing may she RIP when our love ones are taken away in such an untimely and cloud manner.

  4. A young mother who was making positive strides for herself and her young baby. It is very heart wrenching to hear that her life was cut short.

    May her family find peace amidst their grief.

    Investigators, please leave no stone unturned in this matter. I pray that justice, if the case, will be swiftly served.

    May her young soul RIP. May her baby be comforted and cared for in the upcoming days, months and years.

    My heartfelt condolences to her loved ones.

  5. When ppl don’t have anything good to say about others why […] they don’t shut [,,,] up this was someone’s love one her mother is mourning the lost of her child, her child will never know his/her mother my heart goes out to her family especially to her kid smh I pray and hope that heartless person is apprehended soon so the family can get a bit of closure

  6. Mica country Montreal, Quebec Canada says:

    i am so angry how could someone do such evil act. This young girl blood and the cry of her young baby would hunt whosoever did such evil

  7. Vince lawyer what are the main hurdles that the prosecution and the criminal justice system have to overcome before a convicted criminal have a date with the hangman in St Vincent? Your perspective on why we man never again see the day when a capital punishment is executed in St Vincent.

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