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The deceased, Shania Johnson.
The deceased, Shania Johnson.
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The Biabou woman whose body was found in Akers about 6:50 a.m. Sunday, two days after her family last saw her alive, was killed.

Commissioner of Police Colin John said that the findings of an autopsy conducted on the body of Shania Johnson, 19, are consistent with homicide.

He, however, did not say what precisely was the conclusion of the autopsy.

“I would not because that is evidence that would have to come out in court from the pathologist so I wouldn’t want to state that to the public.”

iWitness News understands that the woman died of manual strangulation.

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Johnson’s family raised the alarm last Saturday morning after she did not return home Friday night after a trip to Kingstown.

She was employed at the New Prospect Primary School under the Youth Empowerment Service programme and had gone into the city to collect her salary, her family said.

Johnson was the mother of a 10-month-old baby.

3 replies on “Woman found dead in Akers was killed — police”

  1. All the crime in such a small country should concern everybody. I believe I speak for most all people in the nation that the political establishment needs to take crime more seriously than it does at present. Instead of investments into all the Government Officials to live a priveledged lifestyle with multiple flights overseas at Liat prices as well as the luxury given to diplomats in New York, the money should be spent for a forensics lab and better training for our police. Of course, that should come after we purge the police oif all the corrupt officers that are probably involved in the disappearance and tampering of evidence. Yes! We have a long way to go but the key is that a certain politician needs to take crime more seriously. Not all of us have an army of bodyguards. Lately even the police and a Minister’s family have even been robbed.
    This beautiful young mother that contributed much to our nation by teaching our children will anger any patriotic soul. James H. is right.
    We want to be on the Security Council but we cannot even fix potholes in the road nor provide security to our best citizens in small villages.

    Simply disgraceful!

  2. I wonder if this is a case similar to one some years ago when a lady was killed in some forested area in Diamond. Does some relative know if she was meeting someone that Friday, perhaps a male friend? Was she strangled because she did not give in to a man’s request for sex? Did she have any argument or serious disagreement with a boyfriend or someone else in recent times? Did she ever report on someone stalking or threatening her? Really hope they find the killer and he gets a severe punishment for his wickedness!!!!!!!!!! Deepest sympathy to family members, relatives, and friends. Revelation 21:4, 5.

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