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Police IT specialist, Corporal Syon Shoy, centre, explains the features of the new police ID. Also in photo are acting Commissioner of Police, Colin John, right, and Assistant Commissioner of Police, Richard Browne. (iWN photo)
Police IT specialist, Corporal Syon Shoy, centre, explains the features of the new police ID. Also in photo are acting Commissioner of Police, Colin John, right, and Assistant Commissioner of Police, Richard Browne. (iWN photo)
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Members of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force now have more secure and modern identification cards.

The cards were revealed to the media on Wednesday.

Acting Commissioner of Police Colin John said the public, from time to time, would complain that the police arrested them and never showed them an identification card.

“We are making the public aware that we, in fact, have an identification card.

“Also, previously, we had an identification card but the security features that are added to this one are very significant, so it is an upgrade on the previous identification card.”

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The police chief said police officers had complained that when transacting business, some establishments were reluctant to accept, and, in some cases, refused the police ID as a form of identification.

“We have spoken to the Chamber of Commerce and they have given us some advice as to how we can upgrade or enhance the police ID. We have done that and it is our hope that the members of the business fraternity would accept the police ID as a form of identification.”

Meanwhile, Corporal Syon Shoy, an information technology specialist, said security is paramount and a lot of things were taken into consideration in the design and production of the cards.

“This ID is similar to the national identification card or the driver’s licence and they have all of the features that you are looking for in the security.”

He said the card has an issue and expiry date, the name and rank of the police officer, the National Insurance Services number, voter’s number and national ID card number.

“So all of the information on the national identification card is on our police ID. … It is authentic and it is not easy to replicate,” Shoy said.

7 replies on “Police officers get modern ID cards”

  1. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Seemed you have ‘…missed the boat sailing to Bequia?

    There are many ‘…Police imposters’ around. They would give you the impression they are members
    of the Police Service.

    They may even ‘…defraud’ or ‘…rip off of your money.’
    Ed, please read story ‘…Fake Cop’ [IWN: October 10, 218].

    While ‘…it is not new’ that Police officers performing duties or enforcing the law in plainclothes shall
    have Identification Cards, in the age of information and technology, they shall make good use of
    such technology.

    It does not only make ‘…News Ed,’ but also ‘…good sense’ that citizens know what to look for, and/or
    make demands when their ‘…freedom of movement or restraint to their liberty or even their behavior,
    comes under police scrutiny.

    Here is why Ed. Assuming an officer has ‘…reasonable suspicion’ and decides to ‘…grab Ed to take to
    pen him up in the Kingstown Barrack’ for a suspected crime, Ed must know that he has the authority
    to pen him up.

    Therefore, Ed could demand to see his ID that Ed may not offer resistance to make his job more difficult
    as to feel the officer’s wrath.

    From experience, Ed, it has happened to a number of suspects, particularly when no ID was available, the suspect did not believe he was an officer.

    This is as simple as saying ‘A, B, C.’ Be careful and walk good Ed.

    1. Well reading the article I assumed that the police always had an ID, changing the security feature no the ID is not news. It only helps criminals break it faster.

  2. I am beginning to wander if we SVG nationals are the most critical to any initiative at the table of authority? Then is it possible that we are also the most difficult to please?

    We asked for improvement where security is concern and ‘here is a start’, a pilot; the implementation of “a more secure and modern identification cards” to ease the reluctant of the public in the hope of building a more cohesive and trusting relationship.

    Let’s not underestimate the heads of the Police Unit; that they will go through the procedure of providing IDs for all registered Officers and not provide directives as to how it should be used. At least it is a positive effort in establishing security which is an enhancement in bringing dignity and respect to all.

  3. Great move. A badge will complement the ID card nicely.

    I would like to appeal to the Government and people of SVG to properly fund the Police Force so we can root out these rouges and thugs who terrorize our people.

  4. Rawlston Pompey says:

    Well and sensibly said Elma Gabriel.

    Some day; …some where; and …somehow, Ed will learn.’
    However, for greater understanding, he shall first modernize his way of thinking.

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