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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says he does not share the view that the “average” Vincentian is not interested in the nation’s foreign policy.

“The only way you can have a meaningful democratic foreign policy is to put it to the people and let the people in their election of a government, by that fact, endorse the manifesto, and thus, in this case, the foreign policy so that when others snipe from the sidelines and want to surrender the independence and sovereignty of our country to every force external to our country and we reproach them, we report them on behalf of the people because democracies deliver governments which are responsible to the people and responsive to them,” he said.

The prime minister was speaking Monday at the biennial consultation, in Kingstown, of the nation’s heads of missions and consulates.

“We do not share the view that the peasant farmer in the hillsides or the fisherman in Clare Valley or Calliaqua or the construction worker in Sharpes or the teacher or the public servant or the mothers who are staying home, the women who traverse this land in one occupation or the other, it is a lie that they are not interested in foreign policy.

“They are interested in it if it is explained to them and there is a linkage, a joinder between their own interest and the foreign policy which is being pursued,” Gonsalves said.

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His comments came as he outlined the foreign policy position of his Unity Labour Party administration, as stated in its manifesto for the December 2015 general elections.

Gonsalves said that the election of his party on that manifesto gives his government the moral authority for the foreign policy positions it has adopted.

10 replies on “People would understand foreign policy if its explained — PM”

  1. According to Wikipedia: A country’s foreign policy, also called foreign relations or foreign affairs policy, consists of self-interest strategies chosen by the state to safeguard its national interests and to achieve goals within its international relations milieu. The approaches are strategically employed to interact with other countries. ( the PM failed to say what exactly his foreign policy is. And, according to this definition, his actions don’t fit that description. What are the benefits to the people of SVG with all these “strategic” moves that you are making? The only thing I can see is that you are making a lot of friends overseas.

  2. Wow! You finally got it. “They are interested in it if it is explained to them and there is a linkage, a joinder between their own interest and the foreign policy which is being pursued.”

    Now Mr. PM, with that understanding coupled with the (CCJ) “strategic plan for the 2019-2023, which includes a renewed focus on PUBLIC EDUCATION” could be a promising beginning in the rejuvenation of more positive consciousness and TRUST amongst our SVG people.

    Yes; correctly so>>>”people will understand foreign policy if it’s explained” to them. To suppress information is by no means a way to build trust, thereby depriving nationals their entitlement to the dignity and respect; that which will eventually be reciprocated culturally.

  3. He has surrendered the independence and sovereignty of our country every time an amount of money or kind are accepted for our vote at the UN.

    He surrendered the independence and sovereignty of our country when he joined us at the hip to Cuba.

    He surrendered the independence and sovereignty of our country when he joined us at the hip to Venezuela.

    He surrendered the independence and sovereignty of our country when he took us into ALBA without asking the people first.

    He surrendered the independence and sovereignty of our country when he started a family dynasty that now hold all the most relevant government positions and ministries.

    He surrendered the independence and sovereignty of our country when the alleged voting irregularities were blocked in the Courts for adjudication.

    Democracy is dead in SVG.

  4. He! He! He! and that’s nothing to laugh about. Can anyone else tell us how else he surrendered the independence and sovereignty of our country.

  5. Has Ralph Gonsalves forgotten that he and his gang had promised us a “FREEDOM OF INFORMATION BILL”? Have we too forgotten the same? This well needed “FREEDOM OF INFORMATION BILL” has remained on some dusty shelf in the Parliament building for near on eighteen years and has never been passed into law, perhaps because we might know how to use and read it and no doubt may ask embarrassing questions of his regime.

    So while Ralph Gonsalves and Nicolás Maduro the Venezuelan president along with their Cuban counterpart makes their way to the Nicaraguan capital Managua to preach openness in Government, freedom and solidarity at their 17th Ordinary Meeting of the Political Council, of their Bolivarian Alliance, we here in SVG continue to endure the yoke of repression, political state craft, subjugation and stinking poverty, just like the Venezuelan people and so much of South America.

    According to the UN more than three million Venezuelans have now fled poverty, hunger, and crime in their country since 2015, in one of the biggest migrations in the world today. What will it take for us to begin our trek?

    Indeed, Peru is now the largest refugee hosting country in Latin America, with 126,997 asylum applications since 2014. The mass registration of Venezuelans are also present in Colombia, supported by UNHCR and IOM with 442,462 individuals registered recently.

    These hypocritical groupings of (ALBA) can only talk the talk but can never walk the walk. Moreover they only bring us and others nothing but poverty and oppression, never wealth nor freedom. They are forever issuing their bellicose rhetoric against the USA, as their citizen’s vote with their feet, whenever and wherever they can, legging it to the same USA, as we ourselves also do given the chance.

  6. Ralph, given that people would understand if things are explained to them, I would kindly appreciate it if you can explain the sad state of the economy of my beloved St. Vincent and the Grenadines. While you are at it, can you also explain the levels of crime too? Also explain to us why it is that your children and those of your party’s leadership the only ones suitably qualified for the finest jobs the nation has to offer. Are those positions even gazettes?

    1. Larwood, do you really think for one moment he will ever answer your question, or even care about you and your question? He is a law unto himself, does whatever he wants to do whenever he wants to do it. Blatantly pushes his own to the forefront with no regard to others, who are perhaps better qualified.

      Crime is much worse than they report, for the sake of damaging our massive tourist industry they fail to disclose most of the rape and sexual offence crimes.

      The gazette is only printed so as they have something to wrap the salt-fish in.

  7. We are one christian nation under Jehovah’ God All the nation or countries that worshipp jesus christ Jehovah the living God the ten tribes of Israel scattered around the world by our heavenly Father one nation under God that is that christian motto Mr prime minister why do you seek to destory this christian country and everything our forefathers put in place why do you seek to destory us this part of the body of Christ by you bring in of the Heathen and mixing us and joining the christian country with the Heathen nation through your foreign policy to accept their Godless ways wake up christian this man is for Evil and not for your good

    Salvation is for your soul the price is paid it is your Free take it and put your name in the lamb book of life while you can do it now secure your eternity for your soul the free choice is yours

    1. That’s quite simple to answer, because he is a Marxist-Leninist monster, that is a none believer, Marx believed it is OK to lie if it furthers the march to a Marxist state.

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