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By Concerned Parent

I am asking this question: what is in place for a child with a visual disability but not a learning inability? This question is asked because of concern about a recent situation. A parent of a visually-impaired child was advice to remove the child from mainstream school because of challenges in the classroom and take the child to a special needs school where all their needs would be catered for. However, it was observed that this was far from the truth and now the child is not given the same opportunity as a “normal” child.

Upon enquiry about the matter, it was said the school is waiting on a report. The report is from an assessment that began in September 2017. Yet the child was sent home with a report and a book list for grade 6.

According to the Education Act every child, even a child with a disability, has a right to an education. But who is responsible for making sure the resources are made available for children with special needs to receive the information that they would need to allow them to be able to undergo external exams like CPEA, CSEC, CAPE and so on?

Why does a child with a disability is not given the same opportunity as one without? Why should a parent with a visually impaired child have to pay an extra helper for that child to access an education and what about parents who do not have the resources to pay for such?

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No child should have to be left out or left behind because of a disability.

How can each disabled child get an education opportunity so that they will be of benefit to society?

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2 replies on “What’s in place for visually-impaired students”

  1. All children with disabilities are disadvantaged in a society where everyone, young and old, with a disability is marginalized or mocked, as are their counterparts in backward countries around the world.

    Try maneuvering around Kingstown in a walker or wheelchair. Impossible.

  2. I share your feelings on this topic. I have been observing the plight of people with disabilities in our society and sadly we are failing them. Despite the gains on education we have not made much progress in educating people with disabilities/ challenges. I cannot call this an education revolution. I see what happens elsewhere. We need to make changes from the way we design and build our schools and communities to the teaching expertise and tools to support systems before we can be satisfied. We are failing ourselves.

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