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A marijuana plant in St. Vincent. (iWN file photo)
A marijuana plant in St. Vincent. (iWN file photo)
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The Ministry of Agriculture has listed “over 50 years of experience in cannabis cultivation” as #1 among the “Top 30 reasons to invest in Saint Vincent and Grenadines”.

The number one reason is the “tropical climate ideal for extra low-cost ‘outdoor’ cannabis production”, according to a Nov. 5 press release the Saboto Caesar-led ministry issued to the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States.

The rubric of the release was “Medicinal Cannabis: St. Vincent and the Grenadines poised to become leading producer”.

The release says St. Vincent and the Grenadines “is on the brink of becoming a globally leading producer of organically certified medicinal cannabis, rivalling any other producer in the entire Western Hemisphere.”

The Vincentian parliament is expected to approve, on Nov. 20, three pieces of legislation related to the establishment of a medical marijuana industry in SVG.

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The release said the expected passing of the legislation will ensure that “tightly regulated guidelines” position the nation as a powerful Caribbean hub for global medicinal cannabis innovation.

“SVG Minister of Agriculture, Industry, Fisheries, Forestry, Labour and Rural Transformation Hon. Saboto Caesar said the industry had the potential to positively transform rural livelihoods and communities while changing the lives of patients who suffer from medical conditions that are unresponsive to other treatments,” the release said.

It quoted Caesar as saying: “The production of cannabis for medicinal purposes provides an excellent opportunity for Small Island States to further diversify possibilities for farmers to secure sustainable livelihoods.”

Saboto Caesar
Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar. (iWN file photo)

The minister is reported as saying that “the Government would have more to say with the passing of legislation later this month, but was now putting the world’s investors on notice for the top thirty benefits for investing in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Engrained in Vincentian history, from the rich volcanic soils to the warm tropical climate, SVG presents the perfect opportunity for cannabis investment. These are, arguably, the top 30 competitive advantages,” the release said.

Marijuana was also number three on the list, which said the country has “More than 2000 traditional cannabis farmers”.

Marijuana featured several times more on the list, which also noted the significant investment in the education of the nation’s citizens, amidst the government’s celebrated education revolution, which among other things, aims to have an average of one university graduate per household by 2020.

The list, which in fact gave 33 reasons, said unique strains of domestically produced cannabis are available for scientific research and development (#22).

It also said the country has a “well-staffed and trained ‘Modern Cannabis Authority’ to ensure effective/efficient regulations” (#27), although this authority is expected to come into effect after the passage of the law.

Points #29, 30, and 32 on the list also spoke directly to the cannabis industry while others hinted at it.

The full list is published below:

  1. Tropical climate ideal for extra low-cost ‘outdoor’ cannabis production.
  2. Over 50 years of experience in cannabis cultivation.
  3. More than 2000 traditional cannabis farmers.
  4. Decades of experience in high-quality agriculture commercial production and export.
  5. Availability of arable lands.
  6. Rich volcanic soil suitable for producing high quality agriculture products
  7. International air and sea port connections.
  8. Significant investment in education thus creating a working age population that is ready to embrace and support development of this type.
  9. Highly trained workers in modern agricultural technology.
  10. 365 days of efficient water supply.
  11. An exotic tourism location, with 32 islands and cays, and over a quarter million cruise ship passenger visits forecasted for 2019.
  12. Multimillion-dollar state investments in green energy:
  13. 10-Megawatt Geothermal Plant
  14. Solar Energy
  15. Hydro Energy.
  16. Experience in certification of Fairtrade, HACCP, ISO’s, Global GAP and EurepGAP existing.
  17. Certification in GMP, FSMA, BRC, GPP and GAP by May 2019.
  18. Movement toward 100% organic production in agriculture, which begun with a total ban on all glyphosate products including ‘Round Up’, Glyphos and ‘Touchdown.’
  19. A stable Investment environment.
  20. Stable currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar pegged to the USD.
  21. Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
  22. Unique strains of domestically produced Cannabis available for scientific research and development.
  23. A history of, and continuous full compliance will all International narcotics treaties and conventions.
  24. Simple guidelines for licensing, monitoring, production and export.
  25. Well-crafted legislation aimed at providing full accountability: unique opportunities for investment and draws on recent changes in the global cannabis industry.
  26. Fiscal incentives to reduce startup cost for investors.
  27. Well-staffed and trained ‘Modern Cannabis Authority’ to ensure effective/efficient regulations.
  28. Opportunities to invest in other non-cannabis sectors such as tropical agriculture, tourism and other emerging markets.
  29. Medicinal cannabis healthcare products and services would be accessible in SVG.
  30. Cannabis is likely to be VAT exempted since it is an agricultural commodity.
  31. An established national bio-pesticide, bio-fertilizer production platform to support organic cannabis production.
  32. At least 10% of all cannabis raw material for processing must be bought from traditional farmers.
  33. St. Vincent and the Grenadines maintains a politically stable environment.

7 replies on “50 years’ experience in weed is #2 reason to invest in SVG”

  1. It is plainly and flagrantly dishonest to state that the three Parliamentary Bills on cannabis use that are now before our parliament, deals entirely with “medical marijuana” as is stated here. Quote “The Vincentian parliament is expected to approve, on Nov. 20, three pieces of legislation related to the establishment of a medical marijuana industry in SVG.”

    This writer who is here promoting the extensive legal growing of Cannabis in SVG, clearly intends for us to ignore the fact, that our Government, has before Parliament a Bill that would permit cannabis use for a purpose other than medical use.

    The writer here quotes the government thus “SVG Minister of Agriculture, Industry, Fisheries, Forestry, Labour and Rural Transformation Hon. Saboto Caesar said the industry had the potential to positively transform rural livelihoods and communities while changing the lives of patients who suffer from medical conditions that are unresponsive to other treatments,” but the writer however negates to mention the other hidden consequences for our small society.

    Listen to Ron Coppola described what happen to his son and how Mental Illness Derailed the Career of a Promising Young Skateboarder. ( )

    While the recreational use of cannabis is not being overtly promoted in these Parliamentary Bills, one of the Bill however, the proposed bill for Cannabis use in religious worships, is in itself, easily foreseeably, could indeed singlehandedly have profoundly far reaching very bad consequences, on our small nation’s wellbeing as a whole.

    The Canadian Medical Association Journal in an article headed “Watching Canada’s experiment with legal cannabis” ( ) have flagged up many concerns they have for a society with the plentiful supply of home-grown Cannabis.Indeed, an Uncontrolled experiment in effect!

    And Professor Robin Murry well documented research at Kings College University London, have further made known the severe consequence of psychosis with the recreational use of cannabis on some individuals, according to their DNA and which should be of concern too, for those using Cannabis in Religious worships.

    It may also be noted too that “Compared to nonusers, cannabis users had about twice the risk of experiencing a serious complication known as diabetic ketoacidosis, a study of 450 patients in Colorado found” ( )

    My question is this; is our Government we so patently immoral, that they are so readily prepared to gamble with the nation’s health and wellbeing? ( )

  2. 1. Every one of these “advantages” apply to every other cash crop we have ever grown, all of which have disappeared because of competition from bigger and cheaper competitors.

    2. We have no environmental advantage — none — because marijuana can be cultivated around the world under a variety of conditions because it is such a hardy plant and mutates very quickly to adjust to different soil, rainfall, sunlight, and temperature conditions.

    3. The best quality medical marijuana is grown indoors where all of the above conditions can be minutely controlled to produce different strains for different medical conditions.

    4. All these points are moot because many countries are years ahead of us in production and development and we could never catch up.

    These propagandist government spokespersons need to go back to the drawing board. This nonsense won’t work.

  3. Not sure why you are bragging about 2000 farmers, when it is a Illegal crop and you would still lock them up…The only winner would be Black Sands in Canada

  4. Ricardo Francis says:

    When I am Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines i shall cancel and or repeal any and all legislation(s) to do with the legalization of Cannabis/marijuana in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.. It is a disaster waiting to happen and it is going to create a permanent economic and social underclass, in the name of Freedom. I love Freedom and Democracy, but this is not Freedom and Democracy, this is another form of mental slavery. The evidence is there to support its destruction as one writer pointed out in the commentaries in the above. There is also more evidence to demonstrate its destructiveness on society.

    Ricardo Francis, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Waiting and in the Making

  5. The hypocrisy is more than alarming … They waited until the bigger countries formulate how to grow and monopolize their marijuana..while still handing out hefty fine and sentences on our poor farmers … They still bring the planes to burn it down .. while the states states growing making millions a year …..they selling cigarettes which comes with a warning….it can kill but you allow it in the country destroying the lives of our people but the good weed you can’t get too tax so you keep oppressing the people…..Ayo wait just like with the bananas our sweet green gold to lick the assess of the bigger heads while you keep getting money in your pockets .. by waiting for them to tell you how you should grow and how much you will sell your weed for . The thing is they already experiment and develop their own strain in the lab …to get their people addicted.. so any weed shipping from us will be minimal and cheap cost . The tale of independence which is a travesty…we still being led by our hands not in shackles but by the presence of the watchful eyes of our former colonial masters. Too hell with that

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