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SVG swim squad

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines sent a team of 34 swimmers and two coaches to the 28th annual OECS Swimming Championships in Antigua, from Nov. 8 to 10.

The SVG Swimming Federation said the country’s swimmers continue to improve “by almost every measure in competitive swimming.

“Our points standing continue to close in on the other islands. However, we do not have representation in all age categories and consequently are unable to obtain points in those age groups. We, therefore, are not yet competitive in the team scores part of the competition,” the federation said.

However, in the individual swimmer results, SVG continued to see terrific results. The highlights this year include:

  • 17 athletes brought home medals, compared to 13 medalists last year
  • SVG swimmers won 66 medals, which included 11 gold, 19 silver and 34 bronze medals, compared to 62 medals last year
  • SVG scored 955 points, surpassing the previous best of 807 last year
  • The girls age 10 & Under won gold in both of their relays (the 200 metre medley relay and the 200 metre freestyle relay). The team members were Kennice Greene, Kavern Dasilva, Jamie Joachim and Zariel Nelson.
  • Kavern Dasilva (girls age 9 to 10) won gold in the 50 metre backstroke while setting a new OECS record.

The federation said it saw some excellent swimming and some of SVG’s best results included:

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  • Shné Joachim, swimming in her last year of girls age 15 to 17, brought home 7 medals in her 8 races, including 3 golds, 3 silvers and 1 bronze.
  • Shane Cadogan, swimming in the boys age 15 to 17 category, won 2 gold medals.
  • Alex Joachim, swimming in the boys age 13 to 14, won 8 medals including 2 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze.
  • Zariel Nelson, swimming in her first year in the girls age 9 to 10, won 5 medals, including 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze.
  • Nikolas Sylvester, swimming in his final year in boys age 15 to 17, won 7 medals including 3 silvers and 4 bronze.
  • Kennice Greene, swimming in girls age 9 to 10, won 5 bronze medals.
  • Jamie Joachim (girls age 9 to 10) won 2 silver medals.
  • Hazen Dabriel won 2 silver and 2 bronze medals swimming in the boys age 8 and under category.
  • Eltonte Leonard swimming in his first year of the boys age 11 to 12, won 4 bronze medals.
  • The boys age 11 to 14 won silver medals in both their relays. The team members were Bryson George, Kanale Alleyne, Tristan Ballah, Tavonte Forde and Alexander Joachim.
  • Cruz Halbich (boys age 15 to 17) won 3 bronze medals.
  • Tavonte Ford (boys age 11 to 12) won 3 bronze medals.
  • Mya DeFreitas (girls age 11 to 12) and Bryson George (boys age 13 to 14) both won 2 bronze medals,
  • Tristan Ballah boys age 11 to 12) won a silver medal in the 100 meter Breaststroke.
  • Dennis Sutherland (boys age 8 and Under) won a bronze medal.

SVG Swimming Federation thanked coaches Kyle Dougan and Neiasha Alexander for their hard work.

“We note that six years ago, Shné and Alex Joachim were able to win SVG’s first medals at the OECS level. We now have 17 different medals winners. Without the coaches, parents and of course the dedicated youth athletes we would not be enjoying the level of successes we are enjoying,” the federation said.

The teams received assistance from the SVG National Lottery, FLOW, Scotiabank, CGM Gallagher and the SVG Olympic Committee.

8 replies on “SVG swimmers bring home 66 medals from OECS meet”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS !! excellent work and hope the gov. build a indoor gymnasium at Arnos vale that facilitates swimming , track and field , tennis , basketball , netball and an auditorium .
    It can host regional events and sports in the Caribbean .

    1. An exorbitant and unaffordable indoor facility in a tropical country? You really are living on a different planet than real human beings.

  2. Stephen Joachim says:

    We were just advised of the below message and apologise for our error in regard to Swimming history in SVG:

    Alex and Shne Joachim were NOT the first OECS medal winners. We have been told that as of 1996, SVG participated in the OECS championships and took medals home. We have also been advised that persons such as Steve Wallace, Nataki Alexander, Shalamar Lewis, Teran Franklyn (correct me if the name is misstated) and Shane Morris bringing home gold medals even into the early 2000s.

    We thank the person who brought the above to our attention. We are clearly not aware of much competitive Swimming before about 8 years ago and we hope that those with knowledge of the sports history will advise us. Again, our apologies for our error.

    Stephen Joachim
    SVG Swimming Federation

  3. Stephen Joachim says:

    We also omitted to mention that Eltonique Leonard won 4 medals in the girls 8 and Under age group. In addition, our boys 15 to 17 age won a bronze medal in a relay. Apologies for our omissions.

  4. Outstanding! Keep it up! Sports is the answer to many of life’s problems including mindless fighting and criminal activity.


    Warmest congratulations to the SVG Swimming Federation, President Stephen Joachim and his Central Executive Committee, Coaches Kyle Dougan and Neiasha Alexander, and all these wonderful swimmers on their fabulous performance and stellar achievements at the recent OECS Meet. Winning and great performances are fast becoming a regular habit with these SVG swimmers.
    I well remember that inaugural recruitment event at that hotel on the hill with the Grenadian coach years ago, and taking my young daughter along. The real nostalgia, and memories.
    Steve Huggins
    Accredited and Certified Coach.

  6. C ben-David… do you have one positive bone in your body? Why are you so negative, you rant and rave about everything in SVG… you must be a miserable sack’o…!T… get a life or go take a swim in Argyle sea.

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