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Police are investigating a report of burglary at St. Joseph Convent Marriaqua between April and Nov. 19, 2018.

Police said on Tuesday that preliminary investigations have revealed that some unknown person(s) entered the St. Joseph Convent Marriaqua as trespasser(s) and stole 78 Acer laptops.

The value of the computers, which belong to the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is unknown.

Police are soliciting the assistance of the public to provide information that can aid with their investigation.

Person(s) with information are asked to contact the ACP in charge of Crime at 1784-456-1339 or officer in charge the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at 1784-456-1810 or the Mesopotamia Police Station at 1784-485-5229 or any police officer. “Your information will be treated confidentially,” the Police Public Relations Department said in a statement.

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10 replies on “78 laptops stolen from Mespo Convent”

  1. If this incident does not sound very fishy to anyone then i have a castle in France to sell to them. How can someone not see the removal of 78 laptops? How easy is it to store 78 laptops for any period of time without anyone seeing them? Doesn’t the government have a more secure place to store them? Couldn’t the government afford a security guard? They can afford 78 computers but not a security guard to guard them?

    1. You are correct to smell rotting fish. A lot of high level theft like this in SVG is carefully organized and committed by otherwise employed insiders, more evidence that the NDP is out to lunch in claiming that unemployment is the main cause of crime, defaming all unemployed people in the process.

  2. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Investigative perspective.

    Except the Convent was on an extremely long break, ‘…Something Seems Amiss.’
    It appears rather unlikely that ‘…78 Computers would have mysteriously disappeared without a trace or detection.’

    Moreover, it would have been impossible not to have missed computers disappearing in the months of;

    ‘…April; …May; …June; …July; …August; …September; …October, and up to November 17.’

    It therefore begs the question; ‘…Is it to be believed that;

    (a) ‘…the Convent had 78 Laptop Computers;

    (b) …that in April 2018 the institution was broken into; nothing was missing and nothing reported; and

    (c) …the computers were only observed missing/stolen on Monday, November 19, 2018?’

    There may be no immediate answers.

    This Editor/reporter is known to pay particular attention to details and reports on that which is officially
    released or personally viewed. Sure he may not have been so gravely misinformed.

    Consequently, there may be no reasons not to have interrogated; (i) ‘…the Principal; (ii) …the IT teacher; and (iii) …Lab technician (if so assigned).’

    This would have been ‘…extended to teachers who may have been assigned supervision of the Computers ,if used by students in Classrooms, as well as students. Something might be missing.


  3. I feel sad and heartbroken for the people of SVG. Each day spells more misery for them. When will it end? When will people catch a break? That will be when we are rid of the ULP government and the hellspawn gluttonous beast Ralph Gonsalves. The impotent heartless-mindless-communist demon wants to destroy SVG. GOD help us this is not fair.

  4. If the laptops were for the use of the students in Convent then they were in the right place. What is truly fishy is that the theft took place over a long period – April to November. Someone would have noticed the theft long before November unless the thief is the same person who was watching over the laptops. This has nothing to do with the government. It has everything to do with the thief.

  5. Annis Oatelia Creese says:

    So the last time the laptops were used was in April. They were not used in May or June although students were at school. When the students returned in September to Nov19th they were not used. The laptops are under used. Also, these laptops should have been, if not in a lab, in a locked room. In any case the laptops should have been programmed so that ONLY the students or the teachers could use them. Therefore, if they were stolen, an ordinary person could not log on to use them. Then again, criminals don’t care whom they hurt; even if it is children!

    1. Annis Oatelia Creese says:

      These laptops should be easy to find. They are in people’s homes, bought for very little. They will be found if an investigation is undertaken.

      1. Will those who bought these stolen goods be charged as well? Every one of them would have to know the computers were stolen but are even worse than the thief for buying them.

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