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Eugene Noel on his way to prison to serve his 30-year sentence last December. (iWN photo)
Eugene Noel on his way to prison to serve his 30-year sentence last December. (iWN photo)
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The woman who raised Eugene Noel, 32, who was, on Friday, sentenced to 45 years in jail but ordered to serve 30 for sex with a 12-year-old girl, had recognised in him an attraction to underage girls.

At the sentencing at the High Court, Justice Brian Cottle noted that the social inquiry report says Noel’s aunt had encouraged him to seek help for his unnatural attraction.

“…she had concerns about what she thought was your propensity to be attracted to teenage girls and felt that it was abnormal. She encouraged you to seek counselling,” Justice Cottle said.

The social inquiry report said that after there were repeated reports in that regard, Noel’s aunt asked him to leave her home.

In mitigation, Noel, who represented himself in the trial, said that while growing up he made a lot of mistakes, adding that everyone makes mistakes.

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He told the court he grew up with his aunt, who he thought was his mother, until the day after he turned 12.

Noel’s aunt was not the only person who had recognised his interest in young girls.

Other members of his community, Dauphine, where he grew up, were also concerned by what they perceived as his attraction to school girls.

And that was long before in 2014, at age 28, Noel befriended the child, had sex with her in her uniform in a restroom of a restaurant and on two other occasions.

After having intercourse with the child, he placed a ring on her marriage finger and later gave her a cellphone.

“There were elements of grooming,” the judge said, as he noted those facts and further pointed out that Noel had sex with the child six times.

He said that while there was no violence, the psychological impact on the child would be difficult to foresee, adding that the child said she felt that he had taken advantage of her.

On Nov. 13, a nine-member jury unanimously found Noel guilty of six counts of unlawful sex with a girl under the age of 13.

2 replies on “Would-be sex offender had been urged to seek help”

  1. The last time I checked, I found that the scientific literature said that pedophilia is incurable except for chemical castration which some compulsive re-offenders have had based on their own request.

    The same has been said about homosexuality although a portion of homosexuals are able to revert to heterosexuality via psychological conditioning.

    It is also known that there are a higher proportion of homosexual pedophiles (nearly all male) than heterosexual ones (also mainly males).

    When it comes to sex and given the chance, most men are dogs! (woof-woof).

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