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Eugene Noel, who was in December 2018 ordered to serve 30 years of his 40-year sentence for raping a 12-year-old girl, gave the advise in the prison debate competition this week. (iWN file photo)
Eugene Noel, who was in December 2018 ordered to serve 30 years of his 40-year sentence for raping a 12-year-old girl, gave the advise in the prison debate competition this week. (iWN file photo)
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The former police officer who was, last month, found guilty of having sex with a 12-year-old girl to whom he had given a ring and a cellphone was, on Friday, sentenced to 45 years in jail.

However, Eugene Noel, 32, will only serve 30 years of that sentence, as some of the sentences will run concurrently.

Justice Brian Cottle handed down the sentences at the High Court, in Kingstown, during a sentencing hearing in which Noel challenged his conviction and accused the jury of not considering all the facts in the case.

He continued to deny the girl’s claim and told the court of his practices during sex, saying that they differ significantly from the girl’s account.

Noel also used the sentencing hearing to attack the media, saying that media reports after his conviction had referred to past accusations against him of similar nature.

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“These things can cause great public alarm,” he said, adding that that had been the case with the Morgans, three members of a religious family who were jailed this year for dousing a man with hot liquid in 2016.

Noel told the court that he does not think that he should have been charged for the offences which the crown successfully argued that he committed on Jan. 13, Feb. 3 and Feb. 14, 2014 — when he was no longer a police officer.

A nine-member jury returned a guilty verdict in November.

The trial saw the use of a provision under the Witness Special Measures Act which prevented Noel, who represented himself, from cross-examining the virtual complainant directly.

Instead, the cross examination was done by a lawyer hired by the state to perform this duty on his behalf.

The court heard that Eugene was involved in a “relationship” with the child, a secondary school student, who he befriended after meeting her on the street.

Evidence led by the prosecution showed that the man boarded the same bus as the girl and kissed her during the journey after that first encounter.

He placed a ring on her finger and went to her school the first day of the following school term.

On that day, Jan. 13, 2014, he took the girl to the restroom of a nearby restaurant and had unprotected sex with her — her first sexual encounter.

Sometime after, he went back to the school and attempted to take the girl to the restroom of the same restaurant but the child refused.

He took away the ring from the child and gave her a cellular phone to remain in contact with him.

He had sex with the girl three times on Feb. 3, 2014 — his birthday — when he invited her to spend the day with him at a house.

He had sex with the girl twice on Feb. 14, also at a house.

Police nabbed Noel after he turned up to the girl’s school in response to a letter that the school’s principal had given the child to take home to her parents.

The child had read and had told Noel about the letter, which was summoning the girl’s parents to explain her absence to school authorities.

However, when Noel turned up for the meeting with the principal, the school official became suspicious and ordered him to leave the premises.

The police were contacted and Noel was later arrested.

The girl told the police that she believed that she was in a relationship with Noel.

In handing down the sentence, Justice Cottle said the facts of the case put Noel’s crimes at such a level that he would begin with a notional sentence of 20 years on the first count of the indictment.

Justice Cottle said he would not add any time for the aggravating factors and would not deduct any for the mitigating.

For the sex act committed on Feb. 3, 2014, he sentenced the man to five years on each count to run concurrently, but consecutive to the 20 years.

For the sex acts on Feb. 14, Justice Cottle sentenced Noel to five years on each count, to run concurrently, but consecutive to the other jail terms.

As he was being escorted to prison, Noel told iWitness News that he will appeal his sentence and apply for “a stay of conviction and sentencing”.

Noel was one of several persons sentenced Friday for unlawful sex with girls under the age of 13.

The sentences handed down in the other cases ranged from two to 15 years.

18 replies on “Former cop to serve 30 years for sex with 12-y-o”

  1. Let justice be done I’m hoping this girl is being taken care of by the authorities. And by the way what is the age of consent in SVG ?I know in some islands it’s sixteen and some eighteen.

  2. Pete the girl is just as guilty, she is greedy that’s why. She was probably sexully active a long time ago. I am not condoning behavior but where were the parents in all this?

    1. Promiscuous Diva says:

      Anita, you’re seriously going to share the blame for this heinous act jack-jack with a 12 year old?? She’s just as guilty as the 30+ year old ex POLICE OFFICER?!?! Wtf I hearing here??? She’s 12!!!! You sound as ignorant and irresponsible as Richard Browne when he blamed the apparent promiscuity of a child to be the resonance she was violated… pray God you have no nieces or daughters of this age group #justsad

    2. It’s a good thing legally and morally, the sexual activities of a 12 year old girl has no bearing on these types of matters.

      Whether she was/is, she is 12 year old CHILD WHO CANNOT GIVE CONSENT!!!!

  3. Abujah Selassie says:

    It takes a village to raise a child. I’m wondering where this pedophile was raised.
    These criminals need to be sentenced with hard labour. Give them stone to pond, let them clean the rivers and beaches, clear gutters .Grave yards and cemetery should be we maintain by these criminals . Then feed them with a long spoon.
    Also give them vinegar to drink.
    These criminals should not be sustained by tax payers money.let them work for their sustainance.

  4. julius carter says:

    If it was not for the school no one would of known…… I believe she was sexually active … and that first time something is a lie… all in all she is under the age of 13 and a student…. which is where this man went wrong…. having sex with a minor is an offense no matter how u put it…. if she give to you or if to take it From her…. she can’t give consent…. so in this case he is guilty yes… but 30 years I believe in my opinion it’s a very much harsh sentence…..

  5. Anita, if that your real name, you are insensitive and you are probably a child molester, too. You are blaming the victim – a minor who is not of the age of consent? You’re saying ,”she was probably sexully active a long time ago.” Why are you trying to tanish the helpless child character? Shame on you Anita and you should be investigated as a child rapist.

  6. Anita Byron, what is the 13 year old child guilty of? The man is old enough to be the child’s father. There is no excuse for his crimes. Even if the child had stripped naked, laid down and offered herself to him, he is the adult, obviously with legs that he could use to walk away.
    Good question about the parents whereabouts, but we never know what goes on in families if we are not there witnessing.
    No matter the circumstances, he is an adult, she is a child. He is a sexual predator who should be separated from the people. His crimes should be publicized so even after he finishes his sentence, if he does, the community will not forget the creep.
    His sentence is not long enough. l hope he finds a wife in jail.

  7. Anita, shame on you.I think this man is related to you that’s why you are saying these things.
    The poor child was in no frame of mind to handle that situation.Why people like you always blame the victim? How can you accept those behaviour !?

  8. It is so horrible when these acts happen. This man is reaping what he sowed. Galatians 6:7, 8. He foolishly gave in to his weakness and is now suffering the consequence. May other men and women who take advantage of children by molesting them be WARNED by this occurrence. Men and women, fight any wrong desire you may have of wanting to molest children. Protect our children! DON’T abuse them sexually or in any other way. Children are precious gifts from God. Psalm 127:3, 4. Treat them well.

  9. I read some of your comments and I hereby declare that there is no relationship between Anita and the perpetrator of the crime. Some of you took the issue out of context. I am in no way condoning Mr.Noel ‘a behavior as I said given she is below the age of concent he took advantage of her.

    I asked the broader questions as to what extent greed, poverty lack of parental supervision, ,societal normalization and acceptance of such behaviors have a bearing on such conduct . For a very long time and I am not saying this is right, but there has always been a disconnect between dating ages in St Vincent. I am sure some of you are aware of the age gaps between some men who have children with younger females especially when the rich versus the poor is involved.

    I am not insensitive as a woman, I for one can write a long list of men who solicited me from the time of was 12 years in GHS. Did I give in? The answer was no.I worked during my school vacation to earn some income. In so doing I kept my dignity.My advice to some of you who just commented for the sake of doing so to think outside the box.

  10. Let’s be real here, how many of you who are men here will walk away from a ton ton or the Jamaican call it punany if offered to you? I will like to be spying to see who will walk away.

  11. Living in the Last Days, we know that persons will be selfish and so, it is no surprise when some persons, especially men, take advantage of young girls to satisfy their improper sexual desire. 2 Timothy 3: 1-5. However, the Scriptures were NOT telling us to fulfill the negative parts of Bible prophecy. Why not choose to do the good that the Scriptures encourage us to. Psalm 37: 3. This includes looking after children’s welfare, protecting them from all harm. Like Jesus, and his Father, ( Mark 10: 13 – 16; Ecclesiastes 12: 1; John 20: 17 ) let us love children and prove it by protecting them from all forms of abuse – whether sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, or any other. By doing so, the Most High, who is the MOST PRECIOUS Person in the entire Universe, will be so pleased with us. 🙂 Isaiah 12: 2; Isaiah 26: 4; Psalm 83: 18; Revelation 4: 11. [ Please read ALL Scriptures. Thank you]

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