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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves speaking at the convention on Dec. 9. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves speaking at the convention on Dec. 9. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says he has heard a tape of a Vincentian man trying to contract someone to kill him.

Gonsalves, however, did not say, whether any charges were ever brought against the man, whose voice he said he recognised.

On Dec. 9 at Campden Park, the prime minister told the 23rd annual convention of the Unity Labour Party of the plot.

Gonsalves has over the years spoken publicly, including in Parliament, about what he said were plots to assassinate him.

He, however, told party supporters that he had never before spoken publicly about the assassination plot that he revealed to ULP supporters at the convention, where he would be re-elected as leader of the ULP.

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“The other day, some NDP people on radio were celebrating a man who has been to jail in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for all sorts of thing,” he said.

“You know, they start this thing over 10 years go. There is this fella who the NDP wants to proclaim as some kind of a gorgon. The security forces come to me one day with an allied agency from overseas. They said that so and so was recruiting a Puerto Rican to kill you.  And the person who was doing it was a man from the Dominican Republic whom the security agency overseas was tracking because he had been in jail in New Jersey and had been deported to the Dominican Republic.”

Gonsalves said he told both police in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the overseas agency that they watch too many spy movies.

“They said, ‘Prime Minister, we are serious.’ And the agency from overseas played a recording and I heard the voice of the man from St. Vincent telling the man from the Dominican Republic, ‘Yes I hear about that man from Puerto Rico. I heard that he does do a clean job. I want him to do a clean job on Ralph,’” Gonsalves said.

“They are getting desperate,” Gonsalves said. “You see, it not easy to be in opposition for 18 years and they going to be there for 20 and then for another five you know,” Gonsalves said to cheers.

Gonsalves made the revelation as he spoke about information he said he collected during a recent trip to England about people who want to buy SVG citizenship and passports.

He said these persons are financing an on-going campaign to get rid of the ULP.

“It is now no longer an issue that they want to get rid of Ralph and the ULP in order to get St. Vincent passport and citizenship to sell. They still want that. But they say they want my scalp. It is now a personal matter because the ULP stop them from winning in 2001, and we stopped them and SCL in 2010 and in 2018.

“So, I spoke to people who spoke to the people in SCL and spoke to the people who want to sell our passports and they say that the main man say that in relation to Ralph now it’s personal. Well, I have long suspected that. Long suspected that. Well, they will get another chance again and there are some people, some financiers of the NDP, some crazies in the NDP, some fanatics, they want not just to remove Ralph. They looking for anything anywhere, they want to jail Ralph and I am telling you some even want to kill Ralph. I am not saying that lightly.”

He said that the people would not allow the NDP to beat him in an election.

“Yuh cyar jail me because I ain’t doing anything wrong. In any case, you can’t jail me, is a court will have to jail me.  And since ah ain’t doing nothing wrong, illegal, you ain’t going get no chance. You can dream. But, I am mortal and yuh could get me,” the prime minister said.

9 replies on “Gonsalves says he heard tape of man plotting to kill him”

  1. Where did he hear this tape? Why isn’t he making it public? Every few years he tells us such stories. Is this why he has a massive security detail that requires tens of thousands of tax-payer’s money? His son also has several security nearby at all times, everywhere he goes. Maybe the royal family uses so much tax-payer’s money for security just to make them look more important than they are. It is as if our PM is Elvis Presley and require the protection from all the crazed females wanting to get hold of him, maybe he wants to think it is so.
    Many people are dumb enough to think, when they see all the security, “Wow, That man must be important!” Instead they should think, “Wow, That man thinks he is important and spends alot of tax-payer’s money on himself.”

    He’s a legend in his own mind!

  2. He says he recognized the voice. Those of us that heard the sex tape of a politician soliciting sex from a young woman, just before the last election, also recognized the voice. That tape was dismissed by the Prime Minister and the Opposition ignored it as something they thought irrelevant, Why is this tape, this time relevant? It sounds to me that a certain Prime Minister knows his time is up and is concocting anything to make himself look better and the opposition to look worse.

  3. The fact is that many leaders around the world receive death threats every day, some more than others.

    The fact is that many Vincentians receive death threats on a regular or occasional basis as in, “I’m going to kill your c*nt.” Such threats were taken seriously by the police decades ago but are never investigated let alone charged and prosecuted these days unless they are made against high ranking persons.

    The only factually unimpeachable statement in this news item is that the ULP will be re-elected in both 2020 and 2025, not because they deserve or have earned re-election but because the NDP doesn’t have the leadership, candidates, policies, work ethic, or financial war chest needed to propel the party to power.

  4. Stephen Huggins says:

    shameless partisan pandering to win by spurious ‘victim-hood’ ??

    Are ARROGANT, HUBRISTIC unsubtantiated wanna-be ACCUSATIONS and seeming SLANDER a certainty sign of increasing mal-SENILITY ?

    IF my high school teacher, Ralph Everard Gonsalves has ANY EVIDENCE that anyone, someone, some group or junta, a political party, or the duly appointed/elected official QUEEN’S LOYAL OPPOSITION in the SVG House of Assembly, parliament, or any part or the whole of the official OPPOSITION PARTY, THE NDP, have planned, contracted or even attempted to ASSASSINATE HIM – – – then he MUST GO TO THE SVG Royal POLICE Department AND FILE A REPORT.
    So-called ‘Comrade’ Ralph, the notorious “RED WOLF” MARXIST-LENINIST ‘scientific socialist’ PROPONENT MUST SIMILARLY INFORM the “New Jersey” law-enforcement authorities and the US Federal Bureau of Investigations, along with the “Dominican Republic” and other similarly related Police Agencies, and approach also the International Police Organizationn (INTERPOL) of these SERIOUS THREATS, PLANS, MOVEMENT, AND/OR CONSPIRACIES – – – so that they can TAKE LEGAL, INVESTIGATIVE, mitigating or CORRECTIVE-PUNITIVE ACTIONS.
    Is Ralphie so totally, abysmally, devoid of popular or political support THAT HE MUST TIRESOME RESORT TO SUCH SPECIOUS, TAWDRY, OVER-WORKED political ACCUSATIONS – – – or what OPPORTUNISTICALLY APPEAR TO BE SUCH?
    MARXIST-LENINISTS also RESORT TO political PURGES. Note the scant remnants of the initial and earlier LEADERSHIP OF THE LABOUR PARTY – – – where did Vincent Beache, Michael Browne, and all the sundry others of 1994, 1998, 2001, and LATER, dissappear to? WHY were they unceremoniously, assiduously shunted aside? WHO DOES THAT LEAVE?
    They are still LUCKY. In COMMUNIST CUBA, the power-hungry CASTRO, purged with DEATH and ungrateful EXILE.
    In only ONE case did there seem to be some ‘smoke only’ to such opportunistic RANTINGS by the SORELY SPENT FORCE THAT WAS RALPH. A former Secretary of the SVG Police Welfare Association mentioned some such shenanigans in which he or others were somehow implicated.
    These other supposed cases are but shameless wild accusations without any foundation – – – to almost criminally accuse one’s political opponents – – – in order to unbelievably garner sympathy by falsely painting oneself as a victim.
    Proffer the EVIDENCE, comrade ralph.
    This cairn stand the test of REASON, LOGIC or RATIONAL DISCOURSE, former lecturer.
    It couldn’t even pass a Bishop’s College, Georgetown, TEST.
    Make the official reports AND/OR provide the EVIDENCE – – – or ZIP IT !! Enough IS enough.
    Time for ralph gonsalves to RESPECT SVG folk.
    JUSTIFY YOUR HYSTERICAL ACCUSATIONS OF CRIMINALITY ON THE PART OF SUPPOSED ‘ENEMIES’ , communist cadre and lawyer – “officer of the court ”
    Your STORY doesn’t hold water. It is PURE, UNADULTERATED FICTION – – – until you justify and support it with material facts.

    Yours-In-National Development

    Steve Huggins
    Paralegal, Legal Assistant,
    Case Examiner, Private Investigator.
    Amateur Local Historian.

  5. Firstly, who can believe anything this man tells us? He has in the past unashamedly declared to us that he sometimes tells lies? So is this yet another one of them?

    Secondly, if there was for sure a credible threat to kill, and if we are to believe it, why is the recording not being made available to the public for us all to hear?

    And thirdly, if indeed there is such a recording of this so-called threat to kill, then the party making the recording being the security as we are told, would know full well who had made such a threat. Moreover, the same would be a gross criminal offence to which that person could be the subject of an arrest, so why is the criminal not arrested?

    No! I do not believe any word of it. It all looks like the usual cry for sympathy from one who is much accustomed to playing us!

  6. So Ralph who suing left right and centre for character assassination recognised who wants to assassinate him and took no action???… kmt …
    So the other absurdity is that Vincentians should accept the wickedness of the ULP because the NDP doesn’t have an equally charismatic leader? Are all leadership styles the same? Who in the ULP make up the party but Ralph and Camillo? So if my husband is abusive I shouldn’t leave him because no better man out there??? You people are sick…

    1. I was thinking the same thing. How is it possible that Gonsalves who regularly sues SVG people will let this one slide. Come like he empathizes with the would-be assassins. How stupid does he think we are?

  7. It’s easy to u understand why this information was released where it was. The meeting consisted largely of gullible people who would not ask serious questions but who would swallow everything said. If it was released to the entire public it would be quickly dismissed as unlikely.

  8. Gonsalves your antics are looking more and more like one of those South American dictators (Chavez, Maduro, Videla, Pinochet and the Brazilian one I don’t remember his name right now.)

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