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Wayne Hull with Principal teachers students
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The St. Vincent Grammar School is set to undertake a significant project that is expected to greatly impact the lives of its student body: the rehabilitation of its school library.

The winner for two consecutive years, of the Lions Club South Flow Public Speaking Competition, is the recipient of financial assistance from telecommunications company Flow.

Speaking at the handing over, Alfred John, principal of the SVGS expressed gratitude on behalf of the school.

John said they are “eternally grateful” for the expansion, as the library has been in a “dilapidated condition” for quite some time. He said that as a result, students have not been able to utilise the library for their maximum benefit.

In highlighting the timeliness of the donation, the principal said the rehabilitation will commence with the provision of furniture for the library and a more efficient air condition unit.

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He also added that the library rehabilitation is an ongoing project as there is a significant amount of work to be done, including the upgrading of the literature and more up to date technological equipment as the library is currently without a computer.

Stressing on the need for the student body to adopt the habit of reading, Head of English department at the school, Caron Bucchan emphasised the importance of acquiring updated materials and a computer for the library.

She said the main aim is to get books for the students to use during their stint at the all-boys institution.

Bucchan who noted that the boys are struggling with reading, gave the assurance that the funds will be put to good use.

Meanwhile, Flow’s Country Manager Wayne Hull, a Grammar School grudate, said that updating of the school library is a project which the company readily decided to play an integral role.

Hull stated that making the library more relevant to the students is paramount towards the school’s success.

Flow has been sponsors of the Lions Club South Public Speaking Competition for over 20 years. Last year’s winner is Laron Jones of the St. Vincent Grammar school.