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A former winner of the Miss SVG pageant was raped at her home during the early hours of last Wednesday, Feb. 13, a well-placed source has told iWitness News.

The beauty pageant winner was violated at gunpoint during a one-hour ordeal, the source said.

The assailant is said to have worn a mask during the crime.

He threatened to return and kill her and the children who live in the house if she identified him to authorities.

The children are said to have been asleep in the house during the crime.

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Police are investigating, the source said.

6 replies on “Former Ms SVG raped at gunpoint”

  1. Annis Oatelia Creese says:

    Please identify this criminal, and do it QUICKLY. Get him into custody so he wont come back or go forward to another victim. Find a Male to stay with you while he is being sought to be arrested.

  2. This individual’s action should not be overlooked though he wants to instill fear. My heart goes out the the survivor and her family. I hope DNA is at work.

  3. It’s an awful fact that rape and other sexual assaults happen every day in every town and city, particularly, though not exclusively, to women and girls. We should try not to look shocked and panic. We must Realise that someone the victim has trusted enough in someone to get help. Unfortunately it’s one of these daily occurrences that has happened a lot of victims don’t come forward either through fear or being stigmatised. This young lady should be applauded for coming forward and the authorities should do their utmost to bring the perpetrator to justice!

    Recently retired Metropolitan police Officer on holiday visiting family.

    1. Rape may happen everywhere and every day, it just happens far more in SVG than in most all other places. We have a government that does not exhibit enough concern and a part of that government, the police, do not see rape as a very serious crime, unless it occurs to them possibly.

  4. Kenton, aren’t you taking this reporting of the facts a bit too far sometimes? I think that you have to take people’s rights to privacy into account in your reporting about private citizens. Or does a having “Miss” title means that you are holding a public office?

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