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Car crash
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The man who died when an SUV reportedly crashed into a parked vehicle in Fountain, on Sunday, has been identified as Owanie Haynes, 27, of Arnos Vale.

Haynes was a passenger in the vehicle, RL163, a blue Toyota Rav4 which was driven by Xarie Brereton, 26, of Sion Hill, police say.

He died at the scene and the driver and other occupants of the vehicle — Elton Andrews, 26, of Sion Hill and T.J. Castello, a 13-year-old student — were taken to hospital.

The vehicle crashed into PT 8383, a car.

The accident occurred shortly before 1 p.m.

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Police are investigating.

3 replies on “Road fatality victim identified”

  1. I am not blaming the Police Force for this accident. However, I have said many times the reason for the recklessness, fatalities and high levels of violent crimes is because there are two few Police Officers on our streets especially in the suburbs and the rural areas.

    The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force must decentralize in order to remain relevant and effective. Most criminal activities are connected to our roadways in one way or another. Absence of our Police Officers on the streets result in reckleness and many young lives.

  2. 1200 police officers to 110 000 people in a 150 sq miles area. Is that something to brag about? While on the ground people are complaining that there is insufficient and inadequate policing. Papa and he wife mus day droughting deaders and drinking devil soup in lugzary a Saudi Arabia, far removed from the problems of SVG. Ah wanda watt it cast d state to mek dat?
    Papa security detail alone consists of more than 50 agents. $$$$

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