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St. Vincent Brewery Ltd. has announced that the captivating and exciting Hairoun Traveller promotion is back.

This is the first of several consumer centred campaigns listed for this year and Hairoun drinkers can look forward to receiving innovative and exciting rewards for their loyalty and support throughout the years, the company said.

Hairoun Traveller is a consumer focused promotion that will reward our drinkers as they enjoy our nation’s number one and favourite beer and at the same time encourages them to travel around our beautiful and beloved islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Consumers within the legal drinking age will collect their Hairoun Passport free of charge at the St. Vincent Brewery Ltd., in Campden Park, or any of our sales truck drivers, participating outlets and our mobile immigration office in Kingstown.

Consumers will purchase Hairoun beer ($3 for $10) at any of the 105 participating outlets throughout SVG.

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A unique numbered stamp will be placed in the consumer passport by the outlet operator.

The unique stamp of each outlet will only be accounted for once.

Each stamp counted must be form different outlets.

The consumers are free to surrender their passport at any of the 10 attractive prizes desirable. The first five persons who surrender their passport with one hundred stamps and four visa stamps will enter final challenge and compete to claim the grand prize.

The prizes are as follows as per stamps:

10. Hairoun Six Pack

20. Hairoun Bluetooth headphone

30. Hairoun Polo Shirt

40. Hairoun Jacket

50. $200. 00 gas voucher

60. 3 cases Hairoun + Cooler

70. $500.00 super market shopping voucher (Massey Stores Ltd)

80. Assorted Drinks Hamper + portable cooler

90. 10 cases Hairoun Beer & Portable Cooler

100. Stamps plus 4 visa stamps: Grand prize trip for 2 to Miami or $10,000.00 cash

The prizes are redeemable at St. Vincent Brewery Ltd in Campden Park, the company’s sales trucks in the various routes and our mobile immigration office in Kingstown while stocks last.

This campaign will create an opportunity for our consumers to explore and enjoy the varied community life in SVG travelling around our beautiful country and capturing those great moments, all while enjoying our very own Hairoun Beer.

“I am very excited about this promotion; it is an innovative and unique promotion that encourages persons to get to know St. Vincent and the Grenadines better and at the same time get rewarded for doing so,”  Sales & Marketing Manager, Lamont Medica said  The promotion ends on April 30.

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