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Eunice Dowers has been denied bail and returns to court on May 23. (iWN photo)
Eunice Dowers has been denied bail and returns to court on May 23. (iWN photo)
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The Nigerian woman facing theft and unlawful use of credit card charges had a thumb drive in her vagina in prison.

In objecting to bail for the woman, Eunice Dowers, Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche hinted at the body cavity in which the woman hid the data-storage device.

His comments came as he rebutted a claim by Jemalie John, the woman’s lawyer at the Serious Offences Court, in Kingstown, on Wednesday, that she had co-operated with police.

“It is not true that the accused has been cooperative,” Delplesche told the court.

“A particular item came from a particular place in the human anatomy that only a female has, when she went to prison,” Delplesche told the court.

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He told Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne that he would give her the details in private.

A source close to the investigation later told iWitness News that a thumb drive fell from Dowers’s vagina when she was taken to prison after being denied bail initially.

She reportedly told authorities that she had hid the device there for two weeks.

Dowers, née Armachi, 25, was nabbed at the Argyle International Airport on Feb. 17, as she was preparing to leave St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

iWitness News understands that she had purchased two different tickets to leave the country.

She was arraigned on Feb. 20, on charges that between Sept. 4 and 8, 2018 at Kingstown, with intent to defraud the First Caribbean International Bank, she was obtaining service by representing, without the consent of Bertille DaSilva, 90, of Indian Bay, that she was a holder of a credit card issued to him.

DaSIlva is manager of Star Garage, where Dowers worked until recently.

She was further charged that between the same dates, she took a credit card from DaSilva’s possession, without his consent.

The prosecution is alleging that between those same dates, she stole $1,200.37 and $271.64 from DaSilva.

On Wednesday, the chief magistrate denied Dowers Bail, saying she considered the accused woman a flight risk and ordered her to return to court on May 23, 2019.

Dowers is married to a Vincentian and has been living in SVG for eight years, according to her lawyer., but he provided no evidence to support his residency claim.

Dowers made headlines on Feb. 8 after a Feb. 6 violent lunchtime brawl with her co-worker, Marlon Stephenson at her then workplace, Star Garage.

12 replies on “Nigerian woman had thumb drive in vagina in jail”

  1. Being disrespectful to her co workers, stealing from the manager,hiding an electronic device in her crevice while incaracted..tries to flee the country and purchases two plane tickets lmao who in the world hired this woman to work at star garage?

  2. If she has been living here for eight years and is 25 years old then that means she came here as a 17th a old student. Why are the medical colleges whose primary enrollers are non nationals allowing persons who are under the age of 18 matriculate. Let them defer for a year until the minimum age is obtained before commencing to read for their medical programme. A 17 year old should be under their parents’ roof or in a dormitory supervised by a matron who can continue to mold and supervise them as they continue to navigate the world. I think this is irresponsibility on the part of the colleges.

    1. I must differ an disagree with u caz in today’s world things are changing wen u travel abroad your kids are off to boarding school on their own by the tender age of ten or younger where your parents are not in close proximity an the school basically looks after them so can’t blame the school system hun if it’s affordable an the school system permits it then u get on with it this is today’s world we living in it’s sad buts it’s the truth an it’s reality

  3. This case brings to mind an incident from a few years ago. I had been to a coffee shop in the city center. When I left there I stood on the square in front. I was approached by a Nigerian young man. I thought that he looked like a student. He told me that he was a student on his way to Paris and if I knew of a hostel or cheap hotel where he could spend the night. I knew there was a hostel close by and went with him there. Unfortunately for him, it was full. He then asked if he could stay the night at my place. I said yes but it would cost him the hotel fee. He agreed. I live in the city center so we quickly walked to my home. Later my girlfriend at the time came. She became upset that I would trust a stranger to sleep overnight. So I apologized to the guy, gave him back his money and pointed the way to the train station from my house. He left. When I awoke in the morning and was preparing to go jogging I noticed I was missing a pair of running shoes I had recently bought three different colored pairs; only two pairs were in a shoe-rack in the hallway. I turned the house inside out to no avail. This all happened so quickly, I couldn’t believe it at first. Needless to say, my girl was totally pissed off, she questioned my judgment and there was a blizzard in my bedroom the following day. Since then I have learned about very many sneaky things Nigerians are known for. This sounds corny but, those people are not to be trusted even for tenth of a second.

    1. If vincentions want to see what fraud look like and don’t earn anything ,they going the right way.

  4. What is so funny is that in the land if my ancestors, grown folk have been so broken and conditioned that they can’t even just say that the accused had concealed a USB key in her vagina as if by saying “vagina” that they’d be struck by lightning……

  5. That’s because SVG’s are disfunctional and retarded in Canada and USA they don’t trust Vinny’s these people I have recently learned are bad mind and can’t be trusted and naturally inclined to be thieves and drug dealers… UPSET reader of course you are and should be but one person’s criminality IF proven should not incriminate an entire nation because that would be SVG harbour one if the biggest thieve in the history of politics voted in by a tribe of dunces who believe a kick in the buttocks is a good thing and plenty long for the good ole days of colonialism when things were much better… Boy for the lack of knowledge how my people suffer and that’s biblical talk. Peace

  6. Y’all so quick to call her a Nigerian but failed to mention she is also a Vincentian by marriage and by naturalization( she stayed there 8 years), she married a Vincentian a[…].y’all just love to talk Nigerians down. It’s bad honestly coz there are many many good ones even way better than your locals

  7. I agree with UFY, she is a Vincentian. Those who advocate for Citizens By Investment (CBI) will invite persons throughout the world to become Vincentians and regardless of where a person is born through nor fault of his or her own does no determine how he or she will behave. The lady is just another Vincentian who [alledgedly] violated the law and attempted to beat the system. In my opinion it’s inappropriate to paint the citizens of Nigeria with a broad brush because of a person who has sworn allegiance to another country. The question could very well be asked, is she a product of the environment? She has been living in SVG and has met the requirements to be come a citizen and is a citizen of SVG. Now, under the laws of SVG I think she does not have to prove her innocence, the government has to prove her guilt. The court of public opinion far too often is made up of those who are perfect and better than others; let justice takes it course.

  8. Funny, every commonwealth citizen can immigrate to other parts of the commonwealth easily but you can’t get into the UK easily. Wat a lala.

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