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From left: Maria DeGrads, products executive; Andrea Liverpool, consumer sales manager; and Kimisha Horne, door to door sales manager.
From left: Maria DeGrads, products executive; Andrea Liverpool, consumer sales manager; and Kimisha Horne, door to door sales manager.
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Flow St. Vincent says it is leading the way when it comes to providing equal opportunities for women in the workplace. Women are currently out-pacing men at the telecommunications company, holding 60 per cent of the current leadership positions, the firm says.

As part of its activities to mark International Women’s Day (IWD), which is being celebrated today, Friday, under the theme of #balanceforbetter, Flow says it is proud to serve as a great example of how the company supports a balanced workplace that provides equal opportunity for men and women in all roles in the organisation.

Flow St. Vincent currently has seven women in various leadership positions. They are Nikala Williams, marketing and corporate communications manager, Andrea Liverpool, consumer sales manager, Garcia Cato, corporate sales manager, Shelly Ann Toney, finance manager, Alana Huggins, senior manager of global logistics, Maria DeGrads, product executive and Kimisha Horne, door to door sales manager.

“There are also many female team members in supporting and technical roles across the business,” the company said.

Toney Cato Huggins
From left: Shelly Ann Toney, finance manager; Garcia Cato, corporate sales manager; and Alana Huggins, senior manager of global logistics.

“Flow’s support for women extends beyond the workplace.  Vincentian women have also benefitted from the company’s investment in female sports across the islands, most notably, the National Netball Tournament.

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The company has been a platinum sponsor of this tournament for over six years.  “Flow has been proud to invest in Netball as a major constructive outlet for our young girls and women,” said Flow Country Manager, Wayne Hull.

Flow has also empowered women in the business community by engaging female entrepreneurs. One of these is Auldine Brown, owner of Stylin’ Chic Beauty Salon and developer of the local makeup line, Auldine’s. 

Flow has been working closely with Brown for several years on various initiatives and last year, she hosted a Women’s Empowerment Program on the Flow promenade for IWD 2018.

“I have had a relationship with Flow that has spanned over ten years and they have supported me in many ventures over the years, especially for local charities. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I would say Flow is a company that is for the people and the development of women,” Browne said.

Another local female trendsetter who has Flow’s support is Fashion Caribbean organiser Monique Arthur.

Nikala Williams
Nikala Williams, marketing and corporate communications manager.

Arthur is also the owner of the Oasis Spa and has partnered with Flow for several years. 

She stated: “Flow stepped up to support my dream of conducting Fashion Caribbean – the largest fashion show in St Vincent and the Grenadines – which incorporates elite designers from St. Vincent around the Caribbean.  From its inception, Flow has been a platinum sponsor and through their support I was able to showcase the many talents that reside here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.” Country Manager Hull added: “At Flow St. Vincent we, including the men, are all proud to recognise International Women’s Day, and we are delighted to continue to provide a work environment that is inclusive and enables women to excel in any chosen field within our organisation”.

2 replies on “Women in 60% of leadership positions at Flow St. Vincent”

  1. Wilma Patterson says:

    I am very happy to learned of my Vincentian sisters in their leadership roll. Keep up the good work Flow..Blessings!

  2. Thanks to flow for Recognition of our women and what percentage are given position in that Company.

    Can our Government state how many woman in HIGH POSITION in SVG base on their ability to out their assignments and not base on association are funky business?

    Can Minister of Gender and women affairs tell us what laws he introduced equally work and payments for women?.

    Can our Government state that they are going to respect our woman and refain from the Negative attacks coming from them?

    Can our Government state if they are happy with the high unemployment rate of women, sexual harassment of our young ladies , by men in positions in SVG, and why the public is not hearing from formation of police board on these issues. . Can it be because that Organization is rotten to it core of sexual exploitation and favors of there officers stationed in rural communities.
    . Minister of Genger do a check on police officers and you will astonishing how many children are father by them.. and nothing being done to curb this behavior.. when will this stop?

    Thank flow on stop light on women. Can SVG be nice to them too? You have the answer ” Becket” love is the answer”.

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