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Police investigation
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Police said late Monday that they have one man in custody in connection with the beating of an allegedly gay man, which was recorded on video and circulated via social media.

The beating took place in South Rivers on Sunday.

Police said on Monday that their investigation continues and solicited the assistance of members of the public.  

Police said the persons who have information that can assist in the investigation are asked to contact the Commissioner of Police at telephone number(s) 1784-456-1102/457-1211 or the Divisional Commander in-charge of the Eastern Division at telephone number 1784-458-6229.

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5 replies on “Man in custody for beating ‘gay’ man”

  1. I hope they get them ALL….THE HOLIEST DAY OF THE YEAR…..I’m sure the victim has a better understanding of what Jesus may have felt like when he was being beaten before his crucifixion…..

  2. Fed up Christian says:

    “I’m sure the Victim has a better understanding of what Jesus May have felt” seriously don’t liken homosexuals to Christ please, Jesus wasn’t a homosexual so the feeling would be much different, while I don’t condone the beating, homosexuals need to know that we as a godly nation won’t and shouldn’t tolerate their nasty and vile behavior. They should go and read the Bible.

  3. Edna Ashton says:

    Fed up Christian you need to have a better understanding and keep an open mind.I was a midwife for 20 years.I have seen babies born where Doctors and Parents cannot determine what sex they are.When hormones come in to play these children are very confused to the brink of sucicide.This is where Jesus needs to step in and save them instead of critiquing them.God Help and Bless them.

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