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Gem Star 2

MV Gem Star 2. (Photo: Sudhai Hazell via LiteFm Bequia/Facebook)

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Ferry service to the Southern Grenadines is expected to be bolstered soon with the commissioning of the MV Gem Star 2.

The vessel, which arrived in Kingstown on Thursday, replaces MV Gem Star, which was destroyed by fire in Kingstown in April.

The new vessel is 56 metres (184 feet) long and has a beam of 12 metres (39 feet).

It was built in 1977 and runs at a maximum speed of 16.6 knots.

The owners are yet to make an announcement about when it will begin servicing the Kingstown-Southern Grenadines route.

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3 replies on “New Gem Star vessel arrives in Kingstown”

  1. One thing is missing is a lack of procedures for accident preparedness, similar to an aircraft trip is missing on these voyages. Disaster preparedness is lacking on all Grenadines trip. Not even the basic is shown on a voyage to the grenadines. We take it for granted that accident will never happen .

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