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The police officers pose with Commissioner of Police Colin John.
The police officers pose with Commissioner of Police Colin John.

Sixteen members of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force on Monday celebrated 25 years of service to St. Vincent and the Grenadines as police officers. 

The officers are Assistant Superintendents of Police, Juliana Charles and Hezron Ballantyne; Lieutenant Enos Hamlet; Sub-Lieutenant William Theobalds; Station Sergeant Brenton Smith; Petty Officer Kenlet Francis; Sergeants 608 Hanif Johnson, 111 Daniel Robertson, 554 Dorothy Walker, 358 Loraine John, 366 Rohan Giles; and Corporals 374 Phillip King, 367 Nelecia Kirby, 532 Verrol Thomas, 276 Maurice Cupid and, 350 Derek Humphrey 

“The jubilant officers are celebrating this important milestone in their career under the theme ‘25 years of service, forging ahead with persistence – transforming the organization for all’,” the Police Public Relations Department said in a press release. 

As part of the celebratory activities, the officers attended a church service at the Hope for Life Restoration Ministries in Arnos Vale on Sunday to offer thanks to God for his favour and mercies on their lives throughout their careers. 

Commissioner of Police, Colin John also attended the church service.

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Later today, the officers will participate in a social event at Prestige Restaurant to celebrate the occasion among themselves.

“Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John, the gazetted officer’s corps and rank and file officer of the Police Force extends congratulations to the members of Course #13 on achieving 25 years of service as police officers and wish them a successful and productive career,” the release said. 

2 replies on “16 police officers celebrate 25 years of service”

  1. Agustus Carr says:

    Congratulations my brothers and sisters. I remember those eight (8) Long months of training. We were the first batch of Police Officers to have ever completed a full military basic course as part of our initial training. Superintendent Latchman was probably preparing us for war. He predicted the state of crime in St. Vincent far better than his leaders. We would have never had such a high violent crime rate if he was Commissioner of Police. God save his sole.

    I see two Assistant Superintendents but at least one of you should have become an Assistant Commissioner. We need brains not butter. Brenton Smith got a rotten deal despite his impressive credentials. Unfortunately, politics plays a big part in who gets promoted. Despite this I urge you to love your country then your self, even when some politicians believe they are the only ones with an entitlement to Vincy land.

    I live by this motto, God, Country, Self. Continue to be resolute and unselfish in your pursuit of Justice. Always treat people fairly, respect human dignity and you will never have a problem solving a crime or getting your jobs done. Those are the principles I live by as a serving police officer.

    I have seen a remarkable turn around in the level of violent crimes at home partly attributed to more robust policing. Unfortunately, Aggressive policing alone cannot prevent crimes. We need to adopt these two policing models to succeed. A community policing model and a problem oriented policing model. These models supported by a very well articulated youth developmental strategy, modern technology and a properly structured training program will turn things around. A fully accredited college of Policing is long overdue.

    I wish you another 15 years of quality and unselfish policing and a Stress free day.

    God Bless.

  2. Stephen Huggins says:

    CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to our successful, enduring, S.V.G. law-enforcement officers – – – on this momentous milestone in your peace-keeping careers and, most especially, for your national service to this beloved Caribbean mini-State, the real Home of the Blessed.
    May the Almighty ONE keep you SAFE, effective and efficient in these unprecedented troublous times in the 21st Century. Be strong and of a good courage, my fellow nationals.
    Let us ALL support and respect the Royal SVG Police Force. Cheerio.
    In True National Development,

    Steve Huggins.
    Teacher, Sports Coach, and
    Youth Development Worker.

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